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  1. Would you implement a cover system into Warframe so that players could take cover behind walls or debris? There are lots of places that would be perfect for a fight intense enough that you would need to seek cover. This would also allow more diversity in the ways people play the game, the more sneaky, stealthy players would use the cover to their advantage so they wouldn't be seen, and it would also help the more squishy Warframes stay alive longer.
  2. Hi! Will you be changing much of the Kuva Lich system? I think it would be great to see them do something unique, such as countering an attack from Excalibur when he hits them with the exalted blade by doing a finisher on him, redirecting the bullets from mesa's 4th back at her or other teammates, or trapping limbo in the rift with them for short amount of time - meaning no teammates could help for a few seconds. I think it would be great if they were really designed to fight you, having abilities that counter yours would make it feel like they are tailored to you and are really your enemy. Also you guys are great, 1,000,000 followers is well deserved. 😃
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