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  1. I would love to see abilities on focus tree get cheaper. If you didnt do eidolon hunting or could not efficiently hunt eidolons, it could take one upwards of 6 months to fully max out all 5 trees. Now for those that can efficiently farm focus and all that, please bear in mind not everyone has our knowledge, skill, or patience to farm the full amount of daily focus standing, or eidolon hunts even. I'm more or less speaking for some of my newer buddies that arent up to par for the long grind that is maxing out the focus tree.
  2. I am definitely aware of it. It is a really REALLY bad minigame. But it's got a novelty charm to it that makes it impossible to hate completely. Just saying I wanna back hand the hell out of my friends of the map with some of my new favorite frames. Like protea or wisp
  3. So me and some buddies are goofing off on frame fighter, and I noticed theres no new frames past garuda. How could we let such a travesty happen. The janky side scrolling beat em up with all its brokenness, has not had a character update in probably 2 years.... we need to correct this huge problem. Can DE fix this? Or shall the gimmick fighter mini game be forgotten about like The mighty seer or godly stugg
  4. So I'm here thinking since it's possible to add new mods and exilus slots to every weapon n such, could it be possible to add arrow modifier slots to bows, like have a special slot for mods like thunderbolt, which can make arrow have a small aoe, and add new mods that can make arrow ricochet like a kuva dragoon, or a mod that when an arrow hits a surface it fractures and can make bleed procs happen, kind of a cone effect rather than an aoe. Maybe add some arrow modifiers that can proc certain status effects or pierce sheilds to make bows corpus slayers. Something to maybe bring more versatility to bows to make them more used. Opinions everyone?
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