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  1. That Revenant was and is amazing. Yall over at DE better sign them before someone else does.
  2. suggestion. sell a base frame that each player can put a weapon in. after that goes through, have themed ones, 1 for each Tenno, Grineer, Curpus, Infeted, Orokin, Corrupted, Sentient. also enable for use in Dojos so people can design their own walk-in armories (have it that they go there to change equipment rather than the Armory spot that currently exists)
  3. Not sure which it would go under, but I just went to Loid to check my standing and prices. as I left him, the view stayed on the "corn cob" of a necralisk and even though I was moving around and saw myself moving on the map, I could not see anything else. had to exit the game.
  4. first, that is not a new thing...second, I mean, you shoot the guy and he is bleeding out waiting for you to decide if you will stab him so...yeah, them dying makes sense
  5. Still deciding on the name...first thought was "Pac-Man", but not sure...
  6. TYPE: Mission will Fail DESCRIPTION: The missions where we have to defeat enemies to uncover teh Hive protecting caches will not spawn proper enemies ("proper enemies" need red tag on them to count) REPRODUCTION: Attempt the mission. if enemies spawn with the red tag, congratulations! you can proceed with the mission. if not, you found the glitch and the mission WILL fail. EXPECTED RESULT: killing enemies should release the caches OBSERVED RESULT: the caches remain inaccessible and the mission fails REPRODUCTION RATE: not sure exactly, as i try not to go for thos
  7. First, great name... second, i tried plugging, unplugging and still persists. and everything should be set to stereo, but will check in a little.
  8. Does anyone else have this happen, that as you play, the game suddenly lags and your audio input switches to another source? Like, I was using my headphones and it kept going back and forth between the headphones and my speakers. With lag each swap.
  9. they have made the fix on pc, but it might have to go through Cert to make it to console.
  10. just pointing out ya wrote failed twice instead of "Fixed failed"...Swaz Du Lah.
  11. Has anyone else had audio issues? Only since this update have I had it where I will suddenly lag for nearly a full second and the screen freezes and I lose audio then the audio might go in and out. No other changes but the Deimos update. checked and everything is fully updated. happens with both my speakers (plugged into audio jack in the front) and wireless headset (USB in the back)
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