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  1. I was just in a T2 Relic run on Telesto, Saturn when another player's Synthesis target appeared. Appeared to be a ballista f sorts. I used the trap and started to scan it but did not have enough time to scan all 4 from the first trap. after that, the last blue target disappeared and all 4 of us had to keep trying to lay traps and scan. eventually another player was able to scan it, but no one knew why it happened in the first place. I was playing as Mirage Prime with Ignis Wraith, Athodai, Lesion, Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime, all Level 30.
  2. I got the email and claimed the items on Twitch yesterday, but not any stream items into my account as of yet EDIT - unlinked accounts and relinked then I received the items.
  3. Still deciding on the name...first thought was "Pac-Man", but not sure...
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