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  1. well I guess its farewell, all respect to DE for being the only developer to care about making good graphics optimized to let poor people play for this long
  2. what about the non-bug way of instantly getting affinity too quickly?
  3. These Garuda changes are nothing. Ult is still unacceptably slow for this quick game for doing this little and needing another charged skill to deal good damage... while other frames kill everything around almost instantly. And no fix for bugs on the targeting of 1 and 2 leaps?
  4. No fixes for Garuda? No fixes for Arbitration scaling to actually work as 'endgame' challenge as it was supposed to be instead of being the lowest scaling mission?
  5. No fix for Arbitration halved scaling?
  6. Please make a version for veterans that starts at much higher level or has much quicker scaling and stronger enemies. Powercreep has made lvl100 into easy. What you showed on the stream would be a challenge only for beginners or casual players. 'One life' means nothing with unkillable frames that we have. We need at least a single mission with a challenge that doesn't waste hours just to see levels that dont instantly die. Please watch this Timestamped 10:50. This is the state of Warframe - its so trivial that people have to use non-damage 'weapon' to create any challenge for themselves and need any minmaxing and teamplay.
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