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  1. Are there any plans to change the rewards system in ESO: rotations / % chance of items / something new? What about increase %chance for getting Blazing Step Ephemera?
  2. Any chance to increase chance of Blazig Step Ephemera in ESO? Any chance to remoled drop rewards table or rotation system in ESO?
  3. OKAY. The time has come to express my lamentation. I have tried dropping this ephemera since the patch came out. I play there everyday. I started with 1 run per day to gain a reputation pool from syndicates. But for a month I increased playing nummbers of runs right after returning from work, i.e. from 16 to 23 - 24 with breaks. Epehemeras was introduced on March 8, 2019. Today we have September 27, 2019. Playing every day for 1 run on ESO, I've done 168 to August 23. After August 23 to this day, I calculated that on average I do 14 runs a day, for 34 days it gives 476 runs. There are 644 runes in total. If the full 8 waves are done after 20m I've already devoted over 214 hours. My question is this: what does it mean that I must earn this ephemera and when will be modifed drop system of ESO, so that can be droped in rationally possible time. Drop of all Ephemeras was modified why Blazing was not changed. Since the ARBITRATION mode has been modified and the acquisition of Seeding Step Ephemera is easily obtainable for the average mortal, it's time for the rewards and rotation system at ESO to be remodeled. I'm already tired of seeing change for a while: relic or ENDO. Even parts to Braton Vandal have stopped dropping. Even karma does not want to come back as I help some encountered players exp their weapons or focus believing that I will buy into the favor of RNG GOD. Is ther any chance to change drop rate or way to get it before releasing Railjack??
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