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  1. Also, the reason why I reposted is because I don't want the idea to lose attention. Im not on forums enough to care about rep.
  2. Alright, time to break down my request again. Pride flag color palette. Why? Pretty colors for everyone, for cheap. LGBTQ+ tenno get a nice treat during their holiday, Pride Month, the month that celebrates them. Why do I think DE would do this? Because they seem to be caring people, who want to show their audience that they're welcome. Also, ticker, a trans character, exists.
  3. LGBTQ+ players existing isn't political. Showing those players that they're welcome with a single, optional color palette isn't political. Unless you don't want them to be welcome, I suppose, but then you probably should look into playing another game.
  4. Itd be a nice way to show support for LGBTQ+ players. It keeps with holiday celebration palettes, as Pride is widely celebrated. Already have the colors? Color remix palettes for cheap are already a thing. The existence of LGBTQ+ players isn't political, and DE wouldn't be "making the game political" by deciding to show support. Please don't get nasty in the thread, I love this game and want to love the community, and I know that our Devs are great people, so my only reason for wanting this is it'd be nice to have a message from Dev to player saying that yes, even gay/trans/lesbian etc Ninjas can play free.
  5. Or any other pride flag, but the trans pride flag would be nice. Getting support from my favorite game during pride would just be cool.
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