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  1. Sorry, my bad, but still, it is annoying. Also, why this is the only ability of xaku having helminth textures? What the hell?
  2. The following text contains a lot of curses and is not recommended for sensitive developers. I`ve been here since 2013, and i still can`t understand if DE wants for us to be power fantasy superheroes or just a bunch of weak babies. For example: every time something REALLY good is announced or even implemented in the game, everyone is praising DE for making us stronger and there are very little number of someone crying about "broken balance". Next time with new patch DE nerfs the [clem] out of almost anything useful which was implemented in previous patch or even deleting the whole sub
  3. DE, PLEASE! Remove Helminth textures from xata`s whisper, it is really annoying and i can`t understand why this is the only ability of xaku with helminth textures. https://ibb.co/PmW9D5w
  4. DE, please, if this would cost 200+ plat i still wish to buy it. Ability to use umbra`s tabard without his prime parts and scarf could be big improvement to our fashionframe.
  5. Could we get umbra`s tabard for use on any other frame without his prime parts and scarf? This could be a high improvement to the fashionframe.
  6. So, i understand, umbra is unique and all stuff, but could we get his tabard for use on any other frame without umbra`s prime parts and scarf? If this would cost 200+ plat i will absolutely buy it, because this could bring our glorious fashionframe to an absolutely new level.
  7. If DE let us to use some invisibility on frames, which doesn`t own it, i`ll put it on my excal (instead of useless javelin) and say that i won warframe...
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