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  1. Rlly?! I use dec dragon key because i want faster energy gain from adrenaline/rage, shieldgate is secondary... If this would ever be implemented... I`ll just hope it won`t.
  2. simple braindead solution for you all: make decaying dragon key remove shields completely... To be fair, you can only play after lvl 1000 relatively comfortable in solo if you use some completely broken sh*t (shieldgate among this list)
  3. I can`t use umbra or stance forma on dark split-sword. FFS... I don`t know how long this is a thing, but it is annoying AF. Also, is there any plans to make it split`able during missions?
  4. Can`t complete mission because all vents in corpus ship are invulnerable after activating heating.
  5. Pls, fix this. It seems, that dokrahm attachement doesn`t match with skin model.
  6. B4HEK

    MR 30 Test

    So, i completed it, in 12 tries... It was just horrible... Lotus wanted me to SURVIVE, but that`s not the problem... The problem is, there aren`t enough of oxygen if you try to complete it as excalibur... Any mob can be killed, the main thing is time to kill... 11 tries failed because of that. BUT... Octavia just cheesed that test with 100% life support. Now, there are 3 options: 1)Excalibur desperately needs rework. 2)I am screwed noob, who don`t know how to play as excal after 3000+ hours maining him. 3)MR30 test should be a little more opened to ALL frames, not only the invis
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