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  1. В 31.08.2020 в 03:01, (XBOX)Cash201293 сказал:

    Hydroid isn’t a bad frame. Hydroid is a caster frame that’s good for being a team player instead of the farming frame everyone use him for. I think Hydriod is good for keeping enemies knocked down & keeping out the fight rather than a damaging frame

     Right now, the only part of warframes which matters is their damage output, due to armor scaling and lack of ACTUAL oneshot-mitigating mechanics (despite of shields), therefore Hydroid is trash-tier warframe... Well, at least he`s not Yareli...

  2. 1 минуту назад, Virmare сказал:
    30 минут назад, ElT0mate сказал:

    I am with Virmare in everything he has said in his message. I think this is really a melee nerf and nerfing what people use because it is useful and it works to force them to use something else not the way.

    Most of the weapons in the game are useless after levels 60-80 and the only thing you can kill is with some primaries and secondaries, on the other hand, most melee still work so the way is to balance the weapons that do not work not to nerf those that do.

    I prefer to be without content for a while and that the next patches are of balance and quality of life of the game not simply nerf what is popular instead of fixing what is not because it is not functional.


    I am amused by people who say that DE is a prisoner of players, players are also prisoners of DE and its changes, but the two "sides" prefer to spit S#&$ at each other instead of sitting down and talking about how to improve the game.

    DE is supposed to be passionate about CREATING games and players PLAYING THEM, I guess we are in a society where the important thing is "I'm right, you're not right"

    It's sad to see when the two groups are supposed to want the same thing but one must be more right than the other, instead of learning from each other.

    At the end of the day we all like Warframes, some killing only with the Warframe, others with primaries, others with secondaries and others with melee.

    It's funny how when Railjack came out it was my favorite update (even being unplayable for many weeks), then they released the Corpus update where it literally is to take the Railjack from A to B and then do a mission on foot (like the usual ones...)

    And now comes this update of the sisters where literally the little variety of items is lost and that instead of fixing the things that fail, it makes the problem even bigger. (in the absence of seeing what the new companions and weapons do)

    From All of the Devstreams summed up info: "YOU MUST PLAY AS I SAY"

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    1 минуту назад, SneakyErvin сказал:
    7 минут назад, B4HEK сказал:

    it`s easier to make DDC remove shields and ability to use them at all.

    Yeah but that would make it unusable on frames that can actually maintain their shields even with key equipped, like Hildryn, Harrow, Mag and Volt.

    what about Lavos with pillage?

    (Don`t answer that)

  4. 1 минуту назад, Nox_Terminus сказал:
    4 часа назад, MescalineChef сказал:

    Why was this information not in the workshop? From the way this was written I assume the new robo doggos will have this old bug/feature on them which seems cool. However, why not just give us all the workshop information in one place? Why was just this one change left to the last minute? So that the thread will be overshadowed by Sisters of Parvos launch? Oh wait never mind you cant ever use this "bug" ever again even with the new doggos....What a massive change to not have in the developer workshop. Very disappointed with this presentation. Honestly I don't even care about the changes I was expecting these nerfs and rightly so if you want to bring melee down. I am however disgusted with how all of this information has been relayed to the community.  

    Because that would allow people to see the entire scope of the update in one post, and thus be able to formulate feedback on the full scope of said update. Can't have transparency, gotta divide it up.

    At this point i just laugh every update because i`m a Saitama in WF. Even the kick in the head with the leg after jump can kill a boss...

  5. 1 минуту назад, Jarriaga сказал:

    Any time DE patches an exploit or loophole they'll get praise from me.

    Any time DE add exploits or loopholes they'll get flak from me. Even more so when they fail to patch them in due time after they were pointed out.

    No exceptions. 

    Question for you then: 

    Is Life strike + Quick thinking\Adrenaline an exploit or a legitimate game mechanic to use?

  6. 2 минуты назад, Jarriaga сказал:

    Your argument goes both ways and I can absolutely make the same statement about the potential number of people who agreed but didn't flag it. To be fair, same can be said about people who agree with those who disagree with me but didn't flag it.

    But at least one is something you can directly measure. The other requires imagining what may potentially be there.

    The point is: Forums doesn`t cover an entire playerbase... It could be the 1% of all Warframe players who like this changes or the other way.

    But something tells me that first option is correct.

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  7. 4 минуты назад, (XBOX)Deathunited сказал:

    If they nerf things by popularity then do it smart and not make it ridiculous for players. People was already not happy with the first set of nerfs to melees. That was only 3. It replaceable but not you going in as a set to make melees harder to use. I thought we suppose to be powerful and choose our path of weapons? Not be forced to trash certain strong weapons that WAS strong.

    You don`t get it. 


    This means, any real diversity to the gameplay could be nerfed, because it doesn`t fit DE`s vision for the game.

  8. Только что, Ogarra_Remaellus сказал:

    Never knew this was a thing. Reading comments about how exalted and some melee weapons are now ruined. Laughing internally at how many people are going to be bad at the game because it’s no longer just pressing E. 

    People like E tactics because it doesn`t make you cripple your fingers while trying to aim some running mobs and trying not to run into grenade burst...

    Will that explanaition suffice?

  9. Только что, AJSATmacster1 сказал:

    They just need to make more interesting units or more specialized units that require more attention in a mission, and design missions around that in order to complete it. 

    DE's current idea of difficulty is more armor and health on enemies which isn't difficulty. 

    Invincibility phases aren`t difficulty too.

    If DE will ever make enmies faster than grineer manics and with access to parcour, THAT would be a real tought enemy, because you can`t kill what you can`t hit.

    But, later on, due to newbie players whining they would obliterate those new enemies... 

    Cycle closed.

  10. 2 минуты назад, Darkmega18 сказал:

    This forum community man, nothing but a bunch of complainers. You melee weapons deal 500% too much damage, and attack like a blur to the point of being unable to push the button without doing yourselves a RSI to actually make the combos come out, so now you'll only deal 400% too much damage. it's fine.

    Dude, idk how long have you been there, but in my experience from 8 years of this farming simulator, developers nerfs something useful, which was INTENDED to be used in first place, but later they become to think: "Ah sh*t! Our playerbase are essentially gods. Let`s make them freakin weaklings!"

    And those nerfs aren`t really affecting playerbase in bigger picture at all... 

    Oneshot is still oneshot.

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  11. 12 часов назад, fr4gb4ll сказал:

    just let the game automatically unequip all dragon keys after each mission done so the play has to go into the arsenal every time and put the damn thing in again

    Rlly?! I use dec dragon key because i want faster energy gain from adrenaline/rage, shieldgate is secondary... If this would ever be implemented... I`ll just hope it won`t.

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