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  1. nice hotfix...but can not login 😑😑😑
  2. My problem fixed today automatically...also I redownload and reinstall the the game...and did not fix the problem. Looks like their network problem.
  3. Update failed!The content servers are temporarily unavailable.The update will be restarted shortly.. Played last night without any issue...now can not update...faced this problem few days ago...but after few hours problem solved...whats going on ! tried launcher with administrator...but no fix, also vpn did not worked. I am in Asian server
  4. 50+ capture runs not a single new relic....the drop chance is fun -_- better keep re vaulted them again 😞
  5. Update failed!Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. Please restart Warframe to try again.The update will be restarted shortly..
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