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  1. Order of The Divine Phoenix - PC Moon Clan with focus in European servers is looking for new members - We have a very friendly and active community - 100% research - Lots of experienced players to guide and help you in the game - Large Clan discord server that is active - Built the drydock of course - Pretty dojo that is actively being improved on - Part of the Aetherium Alliance - Also we have a pretty emblem you can see below here Anyone above mr5+ is welcome to join and friends of members no requirements Please post your IGN, rank and region : Casual or Competitive below if your interested in joining the Family. Example: IGN: ImHeroic Rank: 24 Region: USA Reminder: Please leave your current clan before asking to join so we can send you the invite as soon as possible! You can also /w KuutioGamer ingame or message Kuutsa#7958 in discord
  2. the dry dock says out of space even though it shouldnt
  3. so i got 2 lohk requiem mods revealed from completing my 3 murmur circles and since you cant use 2 of the same mod i cant kill my lich so im stuck basically and hoping for this to be fixed can send a screenshots of it in a few hours when i can login if needed
  4. since the update it seems to take time before the dojo notices your in there usually 1-2 min before you can trade or do anything in there and if you go and visit the featured dojos it says a new room has been added or removed after going through 3-8 rooms or few minutes and kicks you out of there back to your own dojo without exeptions and you can also see your own clans glyph in their clans dojo flags
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