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  1. So I've met this bug for the first time around 1-2 weeks ago. If I start a new bounty and it has a spy phase in it I can complete it with no problem for the first time.

    However if I capture a base after it without extracting and do the from there; if those bounties have a spy phase in them too the console becomes inaccesible. I've had this happen to me 4 times already, 3 were solo and 1 was in a group in which I wasn't the host.

    One more important thing is that when this happened all the spy phases had the console in the same location to hack so when I did the fresh bounty coming out from Fortuna I had the spy phase in Central Maintenance. Did the bounty, Captured Central Maintenance. Accepted another bounty from the guy there. If that new bounty has a spy phase in it and it is at the same location I can't interact with the console. Even if I fail the bounty if the next one has the spy phase in the same place the problem is still present. Basically I have to extract back to Fortuna to "reset" Orb Vallis. Sadly I don't know what happens if the 2nd spy phase is at a different location because for some reason it always spawned at the same location as the 1st.

    Sorry if I overexplained it and thanks for looking at this in advance.

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  2. There is a button in the codex that activates all conclave mods to be visible. I think the only conclave mods that appear in the codex by default are the ones you can obtain from sentients and can use in PvE as well. For example the holster speed mods and the passive reload mods. 

  3. I can hardly understand people who are complaining about the options. T4 missions are in the endgame part of Warframe. It was already a big thing that you can actually buy these keys, play the missions without any farming. This game's rewarding system IS about farming. There are things of course, that I disagree with, but Why are you want to change one of the core elements of the game. This is Warframe. Call of Duty won't change into an MMORPG. Dragon Age won't change into an allout FPS game. 

    Please don't be angry about RNG. I'm playing this game for about 1 and a half year now, and I could acquire every single thing that I wanted. Keys, mods, parts etc. 


    People who can't be patient and try something 4-5 times to get it please say goodbye to the game. You will just constantly complaining during you play the game. This is a core element and it won't be changed in the near future. 

    Back to the important thing here. I believe 2nd is far better, Since you can easily farm T4 keys(yeah yeah Natural talent, try again that's it; if you don't get something in life I hope you start complaining instead of do it again. Recipe for a wasted life.) on interception missions, HOWEVER you can't farm t3 keys that easily since Tier 3 survival mission has a chance to yield T2 keys as well. Same for defense(mods and other drops). Overall lower chance for T3 keys than on interceptions for T4 keys. Not to mention that with the 1st option you can't get Sabotage keys through syndicates.

    It would be nice to have the oppurtunity to buy guaranteed T3 or T4 keys, and with the other 2 key being random. Yes I prefer the equal chance too. There are currently 25 void keys in the game now. So 4% chance to get any of these. Just like on Tier 1 and 2 survival with 20% chance for one of the keys.


    Sorry for any grammatical error. English is not my native language.

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