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  1. @[DE]Rebecca will this fix ivaras skirt which has been invisible since the double energy went live
  2. yeah i second nightmaremoon, will the mithra skin come with venari, considering she's an integral part of her frame (and the deluxe skin is gonna have venari as well, so there's precedent)
  3. When using the in air attack with the Orvius (with secondary), when you press the melee key in anything longer than an intentionally quick tap, the charge attack (when you hold til the aim goes blue) sound effect plays (as well as the usual attack sound), even though you're doing the in air attack and it doesn't try to do the charged animation. The sound effect is played at the default speed regardless of speed mods/buffs. I'm using the Astral Twilight stance, and don't have any other glaives or stances to test to see if it's a general problem. This doesn't happen when I use the Orvius with a double secondary/primary/on its own, only with single pistols where you can used the charged attack.
  4. Warframe is one of my favourite games, and has been my main game since I started playing a year ago. I've usually loved playing, but the Wolf of Saturn Six arc has really not been enjoyable for me, or a lot of other players. I'm not saying this in a "#*!% DE, this game is awful and I'm leaving" way, I just want the game to be better. I was originally excited for this addition, since I'm very much into the story element of games and having a continual narrative in between main cinematic quests is something potentially very fun, and would make Warframe feel like a continual story rather than a series of pauses between big events. However, the execution has (in the opinion of myself and many others) been lacking and has caused a significant loss of interest in this new direction. I'm not here to talk about the idea of Nightwave itself, or standing, or the mathematical elements of the game like level scaling of El lobo, rather I want to talk about how to improve the way the Wolf works, and make him (and us) feel like part of a story. Fugitives - Why would a few random convicts appear, in the middle of a Corpus ship, just wandering around? Their general spawns should either be location based (eg where the Wolf is currently prowling) or in places that make sense (eg the ground territory of Ceres). Instead of just spawning as an unrelated sidenote, they should be a secondary objective that Nora gives, that we have to hunt them down, to at least make it feel like there was a reason for their presence. They should be nerfed but spawn in larger groups, a random convict with a molotov should not outdamage and outtank a Bombard, they're not bosses or special enemies like Manics. Give them a greater variety of weapons and have them be actively trying to mess with the locals, they're resourceful violent fugitives. Instead of a few invincible rowdy bois spawning with their furry friend there should be something akin to Kuva grineer, where they keep spawning in the area to as his entourage (without being invincible) until you give him the ol' shotgun behind the wood shed. Missions and Characters - Considering we have Sorties, Kuva Siphons, Arbitrations, two normal Bounty systems, two Boss Bounty systems, Syndicate missions, Nightmare missions and Void Fissures, the fact that there is no special content for a current story that we're supposed to be invested in and where we have specific enemies to fight is really weird. I'm not asking for a cinematic quest, but this is supposed to be a dangerous enemy with a small army who is (as can be seen from him spawning) willing to mess up pretty much anyone in his way. Surely some kind of mission system with higher spawn chance (or possibly the only place the Wolf spawns) would make sense? How am I supposed to be invested in this arc with a new character who is apparently important enough for Salad V to be interested in him, when I'm basically just a spectator to that story? Shouldn't a Tenno be actively dealing with this threat? And not just the Tenno either, Steel Meridian would surely be a tiny bit interested in dealing with a powerful Grineer who's rampaging through everything, and the Red Veil might have a minute desire to put a dagger or ten in him, so couldn't they have a bit of involvement rather than just having no point to their being in the game by not doing anything to Wolfin Hood and his band of merry men? Imagine dealing with a fugitive raid with a squad of Steel Meridian (actual soldiers not those unarmoured jobbers they send on syndicate missions), or having some Red Veil who've been hunting the Wolf appear to help you deal with him. Nora could be an equivalent Lotus in that situation, giving her an actual thing to do rather than ask us personal questions about our backbrains. It'd be awesome, and would provide a vehicle to tell the evolving story, rather than just having a little cinematic and giving Big Pup a Sentient facehugger. Papa Wolf himself: Fundamentally, the Wolf just isn't fun as presented. To beat him you just shoot him a lot with big weapons, and needing big weapons to kill him means if you don't want him to derail your missions you need to have a Wolf killing loadout at all times, and I don't play Warframe to have to use a few weapons and few frames all the time. His immunity to status and abilities is bizarre considering he can still be affected by crits, can still have his armour stripped by Kavats, and Warframe buffs and exalted weapons still work against him. This kind of immunity is only for bosses to stop them being so easily cheesed and farmed (somewhat pointless when you consider said crits and buffs but oh well), but you can't farm the Wolf like that because he's a random spawn, and isn't an actual boss. If I wanted to be limited in my powers I wouldn't be playing as someone who can use the power of the void to magnetise bone or fly. I'm not asking to be able to mind control the Wolf but it would be nice to at least be able to make him a bit chilly for a sec, considering he's some dude and we're channelling the raw energy of the universe. His reward table isn't inspiring, since has has the statline of a boss, but unlike one isn't guaranteed to at least drop something other than a silver mod (even the part I already have of a Warframe is encouraging in that it could be the one you need next time, how am I supposed to be encouraged by Shocking Touch?), and he appears completely randomly, with no option to choose to fight him, no guaranteed reward and random spawns are the antithesis of a looter shooter boss. If you want him to have the statline of a boss, give him the reward table of a boss, if you want him to have an assassins loot table then give him an assassins statline, else fighting him just feels like a waste of time. Bullet sponges are almost never fun, and an unrewarding bullet sponge shouldn't be the poster boy of a story arc. Essentially, he breaks Kayfabe - see, when Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker it worked, because there was match buildup, and there was investment in the power of Lesnar and the invincibility of the Undertaker, whereas if he'd been beaten by a random jobber with no fanfare it would've been a complete write off for all characters involved - so when I kill a group of soldierswithout breaking a sweat, and some random guy roars and appears with a few of his rowdy mates, and proceeds to shrug off a weapon that kills EIDOLONS (and which just bounces off his redshirts, are they canonically as strong as Kuva Guardians just from being near him?) despite, fundamentally, just being a thicc boi with some armour. It kills any immersion or notion of being a Tenno, ancient void warrior of a lost empire, when you're stomped into the ground by a character we've barely known for five minutes and who just appeared out of nowhere in this mission for no actual reason (seriously why is he supposed to be hunting us again? Stalker hates us and especially when we kill people he personally likes, and the factions send their attack dogs after us when we piss them off, what have we done to him other than exist, we're not even involved in his story?).
  5. It makes no sense for Venari to be able to equip every kavat mod, including set mods, but not trigger/benefit from set effects. She uses kavat mods, she's coloured using the limited companion colours, it would hardly be overpowered to treat Venari like a companion for this purpose (especially since companions are hardly mega damage dealers so having the companion focused frame whose 3rd ability is her companion being able to benefit properly from her companions effects isn't exactly game breaking). Please just let the effects work, and if Khora has a second companion with the same set bonuses, just give the priority to Venari on triggered effects. That way Venari actually makes sense and doesnt just feel like an afterthought.
  6. @smebjulakits almost like its a quick hotfix of the little stuff thats easy to fix bundled together cos bigger fixes and overhauls take time and theres no point in waiting for a bigger patch to release these little things
  7. @MirageKnightits a quick hotfix not an overhaul
  8. For a while in the fishing/conservation bottom left UI, where you can choose your spear/gun, lure etc, where it's supposed to say 1 it says SELECT_SUB_GEAR, and pressing 1 doesn't do anything
  9. I've always found the Obex to be really fun to use and the ability to ragdoll on command can be quite useful when using a frame with CCs/stuns, as well as having nice status chance n crit If you shove some catalyst n formas into a Flux Rifle and use the index mod you can pump out a lot of slash procs with decent damage I like the Paris Prime cos its high crit n puncture means you can still use at a good level against Grineer A status/multi Burston Prime with a high fire can shred armour pretty easily Quartakk fire 4 bullets per shot but doesnt use the multishot effect on status/crit so you can get like 10 bullets for multishot (without riven) each with their own crit/status (just vital sense puts it at 5.1 crit multiplier)
  10. People were expecting something like the Tombfingers default projectile/explosion for the way 2 energy colours worked, rather than we have which often doesnt really make a difference and on a lot of uses makes the colours just blend together rather than having 2 distinct energy parts, so is there going to be an alteration to the FX of things so we can have distinct energy colours ala tombfinger?
  11. Sometimes the sound just randomly cuts out (and any "talking heads" stay on the screen permanently in their idle animation without subtitles) which is only fixed by unplugging and replugging my headphones, which sometimes freezes the games n I have to reload. This is only happening in warframe.
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