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  1. Does this mean we're not allowed to have both Twitter and Mixer on our accounts, or are only allowed to use one to watch the stream, because on some days it seems ones more reliable than the other
  2. nah s a coincidence ppl still seem to think you need to spam chat for drops even tho you don't
  3. oh yeah theyre totally deciding to punish you m8 that sounds like something that is definitely happening lmao
  4. Its not an advert m8 its development showcase so we can see whats coming and whats coming in free updates. Guess they should never say what theyre working on or tell us anything til they have a release date, so you can whine that theyre not updating the game?
  5. unrealistic goals are an industry problem, they're just more noticeable with DE because they don't make their employees work obscene hours to meet them
  6. I should prolly say that while DE has bad time management, a lot of games are only able to stick to preset dates because they use abusive crunch practises to force it through to the date and are still buggy af needin day 1 patches n S#&$
  7. @MlecznySmok this is just to tide ppl over until the main act so ppl can still get nitain n S#&$, why you getting mad that a little tide along in a free game isnt give you a load of free cosmetics
  8. @[DE]Megan can you please fix it so that you don't need Ropalolyst to access Arbitrations, I've been locked out of my Honors because of this n the other quest gated boss nodes (Eris) don't count towards the node requirement, and this shouldn't either
  9. @[DE]Rebecca will this fix ivaras skirt which has been invisible since the double energy went live
  10. @smebjulakits almost like its a quick hotfix of the little stuff thats easy to fix bundled together cos bigger fixes and overhauls take time and theres no point in waiting for a bigger patch to release these little things
  11. @MirageKnightits a quick hotfix not an overhaul
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