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  1. Dallas

    Psa: Vulklok Damage Adjustments

    Pack it up boys! Back to Carrier!
  2. Dallas

    Update 14.6.0

    Still waiting for the day when bad frames get buffed. For now, I'm done with this game. Ill come back when the game becomes fun again.
  3. Next level changes. Goes to show they have no idea how to "balance" anything.
  4. Aw man I was hoping for a Kubrow scrambler update when I read the title :(
  5. Dallas

    Hotfix 14.0.7 +

    The color picker freezes when I try to recolor my Aegis.
  6. Dallas

    Hotfix 13.8.1

    Thanks EDIT: How does the scoring work anyways.
  7. Dallas

    6/13/2014 Login Issues

    Thanks But muh boosters....
  8. Dallas

    Hotfix 13.3.1

    I can't recast sonar until the timer ends. I could do it before this hotfix.
  9. Dallas

    Warframe Ability Changes

    Too bad blessing cant just triple your shields and health and give a 80-90% damage reduction for a certain duration.
  10. Dallas

    Warframe Ability Changes

    tl;dr we are no chaining trinity from a healer to a babysitter. If you didn't like being able to play the game, you'll be in for a treat!
  11. Dallas

    Warframe Ability Changes

    Now i get to baby everyone even more! Thanks DE!
  12. Dallas

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Instead of staying near the pod we have to glue him to it. Cant have those globes going down!
  13. Dallas

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Wow. This is a nerf not a change. Snowglobe still has a duration and now it has health too. I was thinking it would last until its dead.
  14. Dallas

    Hotfix 12.0.1

    Don't be ridiculous. Thats coming in update 12.8. EDIT: Fantastic fix