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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Perceptible control Input delay, warframe reacts slow to input, sometimes input (eg casting ability) will be ignored (every mission) Input conrole gets bufferd, if you push a key while an action is active, key input gets saved and executed afterwards REPRODUCTION: Play the game.. Exit Navigation map to orbiter, while the screen is fading to orbiter push, for example space bar, multiple times. When back in orbiter (about a second later) warframe is jumping wihtout a key beeing pushed anymore and this can't be interrupted. EXPECT
  2. I just read about this direction of development today. This "daylies" are also to make player addicted to the game. So they are forced to login everyday to get their minimum amount of res instead of just farming once.
  3. Never know you couldn't do that befor, guess all that farming i did was pure imagination. An since it seems that simple math is to difficult for some player here, now you need more time to farm the same amount of SE in comparision to befor.
  4. Thats about 48 an hour if u have luck. Befor the nerf it was 60 an hour and befor the first nerv it was about 150 an hour Does this sounds like an improvement?
  5. You missunderstood something. In a ressource farming game you can farm res. when DE allowes it, not when you have time for.
  6. So let me get this straight. You say because you reduced the drop rate of SE. NOW you reduce it even further and call this You even force the player to MORE macro-based camping. Player will now not do long macro-based runs, they will do multiple macro-based runs. WOW, what an improvement. "We can't stop player grinding in a grinding game, so me make it less atractive to grind in a grinding game" - DE EDIT: If forgot the best part, "there is virtually no RNG with Steel Essence anymore" in the same sentence with "they choose to appear [...] random", can't m
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