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  1. Beam has been missing for months at this point, and there have been several threads about the issue. Not really expecting anything to be done about it any time soon. But hey, at least I can get a space guitar now. Because, priorities. Maybe I should try giving the guitar to my Helios Prime and see if it can take an enemies head off with it.
  2. I posted much the same recently in a response to this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1116737-bought-the-bundle-after-buying-the-skin-separately-it-charged-me-twice-for-the-skins/ Got a 50% off plat voucher today, and I'm really struggling to not buy the Ember Deluxe at the moment. Luckily my financial sense is holding out, and I'm also hoping that enough people will see this thread, and help push for a better option when it comes to bundles.
  3. Just so people know, the 2-1 Kuria in the Gas City is no longer trapped in the texture on PC. It seems DE just kind of sneaked this fix in, or at least I don't recall seeing anything about in recent patch notes. The Kuria itself is now on the base of the column it was stuck in (behind the twirly gas chamber). You can use this link for a better visual idea of it's location. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1099861-hidden-or-missing-kuria-on-gas-city-tile/ And now that I've finally got all of the Kuria, I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to any and all who have helped contribute to this guide. Without your help I would have been well and truly fudged when it came to finding some of these little buggers. Thank you all very, very much
  4. Gonna hold off on the rejoicing. Still can't scan that sweet, chunky 2-1 Kuria, which I am now affectionately calling 'The Roadrunner'. *Meep meep!*
  5. Still no fix for Kuria. *sad sniff* https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1099861-hidden-or-missing-kuria-on-gas-city-tile/ Someone needs to cut a hole in the texture and rescue Kuria 2-1/1-2. It'll be fun, like playing a game of Operation. You'll have to provide your own buzzing noise if you touch the side though.
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