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  1. You're very welcome. Glad I could help. I think the PS4 And XBox players get updates about a month after us PC guinea pigs do. It's a Microsoft and Sony thing, if I remember right. Somebody else may have a better understanding and be able to explain why.
  2. You could try this guide for 1-1 and 2-3 https://forums.warframe.com/topic/813524-all-kuria-locations-with-screenshots/ 1-2 and 2-1 may not have been fixed on the PS4 yet. It was only a little over a couple of weeks since they fixed them on PC (though posts on here show 2-1 is still broken, and there's been no fix for it beyond using Titania to get it).
  3. Gonna hold off on the rejoicing. Still can't scan that sweet, chunky 2-1 Kuria, which I am now affectionately calling 'The Roadrunner'. *Meep meep!*
  4. Yay, good news! Not just for us, but for you too... 'cause this is what was coming if we had to wait any longer. 😛 🤣
  5. Yes! Yes you can! Just to join in, I think I'm going to throw a "Jesus tap-dancing Christ!" out there as well. *sigh of relief* Casual blasphemy eases the pain.
  6. No offense to you or your idea, but if a darkness themed frame was made, I, for one, would be super p***ed. The thing is that the Greek Goddess, Nyx, was the Goddess of the night. So what does she get themed around in this game... mind control! Because, um yeah, I got nothing. I would love for Nyx to be properly themed, but considering she's already had reworks, then it's not likely to happen at this stage. Still, it would be kind of irritating to see a darkness themed frame that wasn't Nyx, because that would just show they could do it, but they're unwilling to correct their mistake. Incidentally, that second ability is a little OP, in my opinion. Invulnerability, a speed buff and healing, from one skill. Don't get me wrong, if they gave any frame a skill with those three bonuses, I'll happily take a slice. Then again, considering they'd have to balance its pros, I don't want to imagine what the cons would be.
  7. Well, I did notice in the notes for the hotfix today that there's this: Changes: Made micro-optimizations to dozens of UI scripts. Made micro-optimization when handling loot that falls into teleport pits. Improved handling of corrupt cache and malfunctioning graphics drivers. Improved error handling for failures to teleport people out of pits. Improved handling of corrupt download caches. Improved handling of crashing graphics drivers. Refactored runaway loop detection for improved performance. Have any of the fixes to drivers/caches fixed the issue for anyone on this thread? I'm guessing that if Hosanin's post above is anything to go off, the answer is probably no, but it's worth asking.
  8. I'm just curious, but what do you mean by crashing your PC? I only ask because my PC has restarted twice this week, seemingly for no reason. I was playing Warframe on both occasions. To be clear, I'm not getting a BSOD (so as you say, it doesn't appear to be a driver issue), the PC just restarts mid mission. I did contemplate if it was an update to the game, but I didn't really know if it was possible for software to reboot a PC. Edit: OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD 8320 (stockclocked) GPU: GTX 960 4GB Old hardware, but it does the job
  9. Nope! Another day, another hotfix... and still no Kuria. To be honest, at this point I really can't fathom why this hasn't been resolved. Admittedly, I don't work in the games industry, so I have no idea how easy it is or isn't to fix this, but it seems like it wouldn't be anywhere near as big an issue to deal with as some of the other bugs. C'mon DE, use some tweezers, use a magnet! Hell, use some poop on a stick of you have to, just get that Kuria out of there. Pleeeease. *flutters eyelashes*
  10. Also can confirm with Wyrm Prime. No beam visible with Cryotra, so switched to Artax and beam was visible. Switched back to Cryotra and no change. Status effects are proccing, just can't see the beam.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with some of what's been said here, but something about Nyx has made me want to stick it out with her, despite her issues. For me, the biggest fault is that thematically, she's just wrong. Nyx is the goddess of the night -and incidentally, someone who even Zeus would not mess with, which should give some idea of how powerful she is- so why is she so big on mind control? Shouldn't she be all about darkness? Her 4 would be better if it just cloaked her in night/darkness and made her practically invisible, or maybe have her 3 cloak enemies within a certain range in darkness so they have reduced visibility/chance to hit her (goodbye new passive). Don't get me wrong, with her present skills, her 3 has always made me feel like Heath Ledger's Joker. I love to run into a room, "introduce a little anarchy", and then run out of said room killing anyone I need to and laughing my hiney off all the while. With just her 3, she's fabulous for rescue missions and captures, because the objective is to get the target/prisoner and get out. But her skills do leave me a little confused and disappointed, simply because they don't really have anything to do with who Nyx is. The only one that comes even slightly close is Chaos, because Nyx was born from chaos
  12. Still no fix for Kuria. *sad sniff* https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1099861-hidden-or-missing-kuria-on-gas-city-tile/ Someone needs to cut a hole in the texture and rescue Kuria 2-1/1-2. It'll be fun, like playing a game of Operation. You'll have to provide your own buzzing noise if you touch the side though.
  13. So, it's not 2-1? But... but... but I only need 2-1!! Seriously DE, don't leave me hanging like this... ...because this is the way to be left hanging (or so I'm told).
  14. 2-1 is the only one I have left to find. But if the one I 'found'/heard doesn't turn out to be 2-1, it's no biggie. I'll just go and kill a Corpus or two (hundred) to cheer myself up.
  15. Thanks for the confirmation, Toonya. 😀
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