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  1. At this point I think it has been firmly established. We're the bad guys. We genocided the Orokin and burned a civilisation to the ground with no plan to replace it. Some of them might have deserved it, but trillions of innocents died as well. We daily try to do the same for the Corpus and Grineer, and the sentients too when we can reach them. We're mercenaries to the highest bidder, working with anyone that will give us some shiny we want. We create nothing, we murder for pay and sport, and we're not even sorry.
  2. Yes. Tyl Regor isn't that hard. I soloed most of the start chart myself when I was new, including building new frames to overcome challenges. And if they can't, it's not really my problem. If someone asks for help in clan chat and I'm not busy I can help them out, but that's my choice to make.
  3. This new feature did in fact provide me the motivation to farm Equinox, as I hadn't bothered before when all I would get is mastery. With two reasons I went and farmed up all of the missing parts. Thing is though, I soloed it, and I would do the same for any other frame I need. The boss isn't at all hard for me, and waiting 5 or more minutes for some pub queue newbie to get to the boss is a waste of my time. I just took Titania in a blasted through the map with razorwing blitz stacked up.
  4. Navigator on Mirage. Stand under a light somewhere in PoE and deliver Sancti Castanas to each eidolon limb as required. I approve.
  5. It seems a lot more common in the highest level veil mission. Also, you need to fly up to it, you won't get a call-out until you're close.
  6. That looks like a Chryssalid from XCOM.
  7. Railjack Hazards are really bad. Minor breach reduces health from "way more than I need" to "more than I need", fires appear to do effectively nothing at all, and I have yet to even get an electrical failure. Seriously, I have run an entire mission with a fire burning, and it doesn't do anything. Either they're bugged or fires reduce health slower than the ship regenerates it.
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