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  1. Only problem with just adding more amalgam mods is once you have the mods (and anything else you might want from the mode) there is no reason to go back to those mods as far as rewards go. Having the essence being used to craft both Umbral Forma and the Echoes of Umbra (as a permanent change to a given warframe) would have longer sustainability as you can never really have to many forma between experimenting with new builds and changing out old ones for new ones as new mods, augments, etc get introduced. Seeing as both items would serve as permanent upgrades/changes for your individual warframes and should be somewhat rare, I see it reasonable for them to be fairly expensive to craft.
  2. As someone who has played both MH:W and Warframe, I know well enough that I would NOT like to see anything like what MH:W offers for their end-game in Warframe. Tempered Monsters in themselves were not bad, but the Streamstone farm was terrible - several different types of streamstones, which multiple different types were required for armor augments and especially so for weapon augments. Not to mention that if you were lucky enough to even get a warrior/hero streamstone, which again is a rarer drop and only available from the higher tier tempered monsters) you basically have a 1/14 chance for it to even be the right one as it needs to be both the right rarity and weapon class to use it. Then there's the "raid" which is a far worse grind than the tempered monster grind for streamstones because of the weapons you could get as rewards from finishing Kulve Taroth's siege that literally has hundreds of weapons in its drop tables, when you maybe get like what... 4~5 of weapon drops per run? Out of a pool of around 450 weapons, if we're talking about Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth (regular Kulve has slightly less, but also not as many orange weapons to drop). Which if you want to maximize your rewards, you have to run with a decent sized group so you can raise the pursuit and reward levels, which often entails not being able to finish the siege on the first attempt, and with smaller groups you might have to run the siege 3~4 times over just to finish it and get the rewards at the highest pursuit/reward level. This mechanic is what absolutely KILLED this entire siege, and sooo many people got burned out from the fight and want nothing more to do with Kulve, which is really a shame because KT is easily the best-designed siege-type monster in the series... but that's completely overshadowed by the atrocious loot tables/RNG associated with her. Now I could see maybe taking a little inspiration from MH:W to introduce something new into Warframe, but if it involves anything like that hellish RNG nightmare from MH:W, then.. just...
  3. After just watching TP's video about this and looking through the comments to see other people's thoughts, I've seen others saying that they initially thought the Echoes of Umbra were gonna be used in crafting Umbral Forma. I think this would be a good way to give the Echoes more of an actual use other than for a 24hr gimmick, especially if we are to assume that at some point we'll probably get other Umbral Mods. Echoes being used to craft Umbral Forma as well as to permanently umbrafy a frame for those that would like to have it would make Echoes seem much more worthwhile to get. Also umbrafied frames should use abilities too - its not like specters can/will use the abilities to the same destructive extremes that the players do....
  4. As someone who avidly despises most consumables in almost any game, I 100% agree with this.
  5. I still would like to see Dethcube Prime tho. With the use of the simaris mod that helps to generate energy, I do actually like to use him for ESO and a select few other things. Dethcube's precepts could use some tweaking for sure though, and having the Primed version would just be nice for the boosted stats (though I wouldn't complain about an overall buff for Dethcube).
  6. That might be a desync, where the game thinks your in a different spot than you actually are. If that happens, doors wont open, enemies won't react (unless they find the spot where the game thinks you are), and won't register you standing at extraction even if you do somehow make it there. Any time that it has happened to me or any of my friends (which it happens rarely), it doesn't seem to affect anything in terms of rewards or progress as far as I can remember, as other people can just go to extraction and wait out the timer. Rarreelyy, it will fix itself, but most of the time that I've witnessed it happen people tend to finish the mission before it does.
  7. I noticed this earlier while out on the Plains to unlock a riven, and noticed that same red coloration in the night sky. I didn't really give it much thought though - my reaction was more or less "huh... I don't remember seeing the sky like that before...", before continuing to faff about on the plains.
  8. It looks like the other sentients behind her fired the shots tho, not Natah. Also, in the intro we see that her shot has purple energy when she destroys umbra, but in the ending cinematic there was no purple shot.
  9. So I built a maze in the Obstacle Architect room using rotated 'Floor Tile Large' objects seeing as that was the closest object to a wall there is, and I've had several people find issues with whacky collision/physics with the walls. They discovered that doing any sorts of parkour that hits the walls has the potential to jettison them upwards into the death ceiling I have set over the entire maze to prevent people from running on top. Some walls act up more than others and there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, and sometimes all's it takes is just simply walking into a wall to start floating or get sent up to the top, and there are areas that block you from jumping as well. Below is a recording of these buggy Floor Tiles. I do not presently know if this affects the small tiles or not as the maze is made entirely out of the large ones except for 2 small ones above the entrance and exit of the maze https://www.dropbox.com/s/90uvf5jot1449og/2019-08-17 20-22-54.mp4?dl=0
  10. I've contact support for various issues over the years and never had any issues with them personally. I've never had any issues with negative/stolen plat though so I can't speak from experience there. As generally positive as my experiences have been though, I do feel like sometimes the support might not be as informed about certain things as they should be. There was one time a friend of mine and I discovered that particular tennogen helmet was able to be traded to other players and when I asked support if this was intentional, they said that "this is by design", indicating the the tennogen helmets were supposed to be tradable and closed my ticket. This didn't make any sense to me as no other tennogen items were tradable so I contacted Rebecca directly about it and explained the situation, and she basically said "Yeah no, that's not supposed to be tradable lol" and it wasn't very long until it was patched (like literally a day or so). So if support made a mistake like that, it wouldn't surprise me if similar unintentional mistakes were made with other people.
  11. With the help of a friend, I discovered a bug with the Boundary Traps that you can build in the Obstacle Architect room in the dojo. If more than one player is in the instance to run the obstacle course, players who aren't actively running the course can hit the boundary traps without any effect to themselves, but it completely disables the trap for the person running it, allowing them to pass through it scot-free. Could these be adjusted so that people who aren't actively running the course can't affect any of the traps?
  12. Augur Reach is also an option if you want more range, which more range also means a bigger explosion radius for yer maggots in addition to affecting all his other abilities. If you decide to go with an augment, Larva Burst is nice simply for the QoL it has for larva - especially in areas where enemies are prone to getting caught on something. Teeming Virulence is another good augment if you tend to use primaries. Insatiable isn't all that useful unless you find yourself having issues building stacks (esp in full squads) and are relatively stationary to stay on the grass - biggest problem with that augment is that its practically useless once you hit max stacks, unless yer also going into undying a lot for whatever reason. I personally haven't tried any umbral builds for him yet (mostly because it would mess up all my other builds on him atm), so can't really say there.
  13. I've had thumpers disappear both in a group and in solo. I can't specifically remember the distance from the players, but as far as I remember it always seemed to happen when the thumper was jumping away from the player. It could also just be bad luck, but it seemed to happen to me more more frequently on rougher terrain. As far as I can remember, ghouls were not always present during instances where thumpers would disappear.
  14. Says its dumb to complain about nukers, but then complains about/ calls essentially all other roles useless in other posts/threads. Hmmmmmmmmm......
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