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  1. I think I meant to include guaranteeing a specific drop if you sacrifice enough relics n just forgot to add that bit when I was typing it up lol, but yeah. I'd gladly sacrifice 10~20 relics if it meant I could get a guaranteed drop for a specific thing I'm after. Refined relics, even at radiant can be very hit and miss, and I have this one friend who just has absurd luck and has better luck getting silver n gold drops from intact relics than he does from radiant lol. Would definitely be nice if something was done to help with that. I could be quite wrong, but my understanding of Lu
  2. This sounds like the bug that happened to a friend of mine awhile back. I think she tried a couple things to see if it would count as completed, but none of that worked. She ended up having to re-do the quest from where it kicked her back to for it to properly complete....
  3. Overall I think this is a pretty good list of suggestions - especially banishing enemies from other planes. That's how banished originally used to work, and it got changed for some stupid reason in one of his later reworks and I've been wishing it got changed back since. The only thing I would change on the list (even if only for the sake of "balance") is cataclysm destroying nullifier bubbles, and instead just have nullifiers and anything in their bubble ignore the effects of cataclysm, while cataclysm remains unaffected by the nullifier bubble itself. It'd be pretty much how like arbitrati
  4. I definitely agree that it's meant to be a replacement for a human crew. I personally don't see it as a problem that it doesn't have much incentive for people who prefer full human crews, but just said what I said based on the concern of the loyalty level idea incentivizing solo play + people who expressed that they like the AI crews but don't have reason to use them because they play with full human crews. Would certainly be cool if there was a way to accommodate both playstyles with out one trivializing the initial intent of command intrinsic, but that's certainly much easier said than done
  5. Yep, that's the reason why I said some people might not like the idea for very valid reasons. Shoulda clarified that in my first post that the loyalty idea was intended be forward-progression only, cuz yeah, having something that slowly ranks up passively being able to regress would be pretty frustrating. That is certainly a problem with Command Intrinsic in general, that it doesn't really have any incentive for people who primarily play with full-player squads. It's very nature makes it tough to come up with viable solutions as it's focused on enhancing solo play. I don't th
  6. That decoy idea is pretty nifty, even if it kind of steps on Nyx's toes a little.. but Loki already does that anyway lol. Switch Teleport could at least benefit from giving you the ability to choose between just teleporting to a target or swapping locations with them. Initially was thinking of hold/tap for the Teleport vs Swap, but it'd already be hold/tap with ST and Decoy so not sure how that would work. Being able to choose when to Teleport vs Swap though would mean that even if its augment is unchanged, Loki could give allies invulnerability without them getting (usually unwillingly) te
  7. Certainly an interesting idea that I personally wouldn't mind see implemented. Could even be taken a step further where if you don't rescue your crew from the Brig Ship before completing the mission, then they get temporarily locked and you get a special rescue mission to go save them before you can assign them to your railjack crew again. Could also have something like a loyalty level that slowly ranks up as you take them on missions, rescue them and such, and the higher their loyalty level the more efficient they are, maybe could even unlock certain abilities they can use or something. But
  8. As a loki main, I do at least agree that at least a partial rework would be nice. Switch Teleport getting lumped into Decoy as hold/cast feels to be a pretty natural progression given how some of the newer/reworked frames function now. Better decoy survivability feels necessary too - Safeguard Switch exists, but as a subsumed ability it loses out on this interaction and is generally one of the worst subsumed abilities in the game currently. While niche, I personally like his passive and don't think it would be too unreasonable to have an additional passive effect, especially since some frame
  9. Now that would be absolutely glorious. John Prodman could use some competition.
  10. At this rate, The Sergeant has been here so long I kinda would like to see him still be in the game somewhere if/when a proper boss fight replaces him, especially with those dialogue lines of his lol.
  11. Also would love a full version of this.
  12. I think it would definitely be cool to expand the variety that we can get for crewmates. The addition of the command intrinsic + crewmates is easily my most favorite part of the update, and I'm all for anything to make it even better. While it's a really small thing, I'd also like to see a greater variety of background flavor text for the crewmates as well.
  13. In yesterday's devstream, there was a discussion about the possibility of being able to crack multiple relics at a time, though you would only be able to choose one reward from everything. While this idea as is may sound appealing to people who have vast stockpiles of certain relics that would go unused otherwise, and/or others who would appreciate the amount of time it would save, for others it doesn't sound like a very good trade-off, since you are actively losing out on rewards this way. After discussing this topic with a friend, I had the idea for Relic Fusing. Relic Fusing would al
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