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  1. Specter Nidus can indeed make use of Undying should it get enough stacks for it. At least it did the last time I did science in the simulacrum with em lol. This also applies to the Spectralyst (thing that one of the amalgams can create that copies a player's frame) too.
  2. I recall in a somewhat recent hotfix/update where they made it where certain enemy types can no longer be enthralled by a Kuva Lich. However, a Kuva Lich will still attempt to enthrall these enemies, and while they will appear with an outline they do not count as a thrall, but this still counts for the cap of 10 additional thralls that a Kuva Lich can create. So for example, my Lich created 9 thralls, then tried and failed to enthrall an invalid enemy, but it still seemed to count as the 10th thrall as the Lich stopped creating thralls after that.
  3. I've scanned everything in railjack, but nothing specifies if it drops Zetki, Vidar, or Lavan avionics. It just simply lists the names in either bronze, silver, or gold to indicate rarity. The drop-tables themselves don't specify where each version comes from either last I checked. It would be really nice if both places did show that information.
  4. Same here, got 1 shard for clearing the ship, and then another for completing all objectives, but only had 1 shard in my inventory after returning from the mission.
  5. I'm gonna have to say No, navigation should NOT be host-only. I say this purely based on my experience when railjack first released. My friend who was host got soft-locked due to being inside a crewship when it despawned and was unable to move, use menus, gearwheel or anything, and I could not interact with the navigation console (because back then it WAS only the host would could use it) to take us back to the dry dock. Having the navigation be selectable by only the host makes it so that clients can essentially be held hostage and either go along with what the host does, or abort. That said, what Really needs to happen is to just add the vote system like regular missions have and let everyone be able to interact with the navigation console once allobjectives are completed.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I will mess around with this and see if it helps. Edit: This did the trick, thank you!
  7. I've been running into an issue with the emissive channel in the Tennogen tool. If I have Emissive Pan X/Y set to anything other than 0, it seems to pan the base image instead of only panning the alpha mask. I'm not sure if there was an update that changed something, it's a bug, or I'm simply not doing something right, but it does the same thing for an emissive map that I know worked previously by changing only those values and I did try verifying the tool's files. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going wrong and/or how to fix it? If not, does anyone know of another method of previewing an 'animated' emissive?
  8. Cyst Prime could grow on the right side of the neck, that way you could have both cysts at the same time and spread it even more. Also it would have no permanent cure 😄
  9. Getting killed while loaded in the slingshot cannon causes the railjack to turn completely invisible and makes you experience weird clipping with it after reviving. Of course, that wouldn't be an issue if you couldn't get killed while you're loaded in the slingshot cannon in the first place.
  10. Definitely have had this happen a couple times, this really needs to be fixed.
  11. Relics from end-of-mission rewards just need to go - they are the most unsatisfying reward to get from any railjack mission. They only serve to dilute the drops, and literally anything else in the star chart is more efficient for relic farming. Crewships also need to drop wreckage more frequently and have zetki drops removed - the elite outriders drop them frequently enough. wreckages dropped from enemies and mission rewards should not have a chance to roll lower stats than the Sigma series stuff that you research in the Dojo - it's incredibly disheartening to finally get a particular part to drop only for its stats to be astronomically bad There needs to be something else that Dirac is used for as its useless once all grid slots and avionics are maxed - others' suggestions of upgrading wreckage is an interesting idea resource costs for wreckage repairs feel extremely high - especially for things like titanium that require you to go out of your way to loot in order to get any significant amount of it players should get back something more than just Dirac for scrapping wreckage that was repaired with a Repair Drone - ideally, resources
  12. Wreckage Capacity counter does not update after scrapping wreckage until you completely back out of the 'Configure Railjack' console and go back into it.
  13. Not only are purple drops from the elite outriders more common, you can still get zetki ones from crewships. According to the droptables, zetki and vidar guns can drop from Elite Exo Crewships, though they don't seem to have a codex entry like the regular crewships, which drop vidar and lavan guns. I've been disappointed several times by purple crewship drops giving zetki guns.
  14. If you are on an "extra" crewship when the last required crewship is destroyed while also being the last objective to complete, you can get despawned when the extra crewship(s) despawn, which results in stuff like getting soft-locked on a greyish blurry screen or stuck outside the skybox. This happens with both an enemy-piloted crewships and ones thata are stolen/tenno-controlled. Probably the easiest fix for this is to not despawn ships/fighters unless they are X distance away from any player, have no players inside, and are not stolen.
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