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  1. Not 100% sure about for all abilities + interactions, but most of them certainly seem to have this "the CC that was cast first takes priority" thing. For example, Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm can't grab things that are being held by Larva, and Larva can't pull things that are being grabbed by Tentacle Swarm despite trying to grab them. I'm not sure in the case of Khora/Strangeldome as the friends I occasionally play with don't typically use her, but from what I've noticed is that Larva will try to grab pretty much everything regardless if those enemies are CC'd or not, but won't pull them into a nice little meat pinata if they're currently affected by another ability CC that roots them in place (such as frozen / petrify / stasis) or pulls/grabs them (such as vortex / tornadoes / tentacle swarm). The exception to that is usuuuaaally something that turns enemies into minions or something like Revenant's thralls since they are counted as allies.
  2. Think this was -sort of- intended, or at the very least known since virulence is the primary method of stack building. You can certainly build stacks using Larva and Ravenous, but its pretty minimal when compared to using Virulence. Stack gain from maggots was designed to be used with Virulence, since it causes them to explode and anything hit by em generates stacks, and Larva only has a -chance- to give stacks when enemies in it die, not on-hit like Virulence. It's also worth noting that originally you couldn't even generate stacks when things died in Larva - that was a much more recent change that I'm pretty sure happened some time after the Helminth System was implemented, in which case getting rid of his 1 would've made it impossible to gain stacks even if it left a functioning mutation meter. Unfortunately, Nidus is just a tough frame to infuse any abilities on due to the synergy of his kit. Kind of a similar deal with frames like Grendel, where replacing his 1 pretty much breaks his kit cuz it removes the original ability's mechanics that are needed for the rest of the it.
  3. #Voltacular I do enjoy Volt, but I am a Nidus fanatic at heart, so here's my entry of Volt adorned in Nidus' colors!
  4. reminds me when I was playing with a friend of mine, a booben main, and he came over and tossed about 5 vortexes and asked if it was enough. I made the mistake of saying "No, I can still see.". That didn't last long.
  5. This. And also allow the Hounds to use the set mods too, since they technically also have melee weapons, and would finally give us a companion alternative that can make use of this.
  6. It would be nice if the hounds could equip set mods like the the gladiator ones on their weapons. We finally have new companions that have a separate moddable melee weapon, but they cant equip any set mods unlike the rest of the robotic companions. Edit: I did not realize at the time of posting that you can't equip Gladiator mods on deconstructor anymore... Why DE... feel like this change should be reverted + make them usable on the hounds too This next bit of feedback that doesn't seem to have its own established thread, so I figure this is the closest thing. Having elite crewmates to hire right off the bat is nice, but we should be able to upgrade regular crewmates into elite ones over time. They could make use of what was shown early on with crewmates earning affinity that you could turn into competency points. At the very least, they should be able to earn more points and be able to learn an extra ability to be on part with the elite crew. Ideally, we'd be able to choose what ability they'd learn, since normally you'd just wait to hire a crewmate until it has what you're looking for.
  7. Requiem Mods + Relics Requiem mods and their relics still feel bad and ruins the flow of lich/sister hunting. Oull is the only one that should become unusable after 3 charges, but the rest should be permanent mods. They could still keep the 3 charge mechanic, and you could spend kuva or some other resource to recharge them before they can be used again. They could be made researchable blueprints from the Crimson Branch Dojo Room (which gives it another fitting purpose). Requiem relics could then be repurposed to give holokeys. Holokeys could also be exchanged for an item that lets you influence what weapon a lich/sister can spawn with, which would address the issue of wasting absurd amounts of time simply trying to roll a sister/lich with a weapon you want. Railjack Showdown Fight This portion of the lich hunt felt a pretty redundant - you defeat them with all 3 words in the right order, they instantly flee and poof, then you have to go do a little bit of railjack, and do the same exact fight again. The Sisters at least a little bit of extra challenge with having to fight the warframe specters before engaging them, and atleast feels like they're atleast engaging with you via calling for fighters and crewships to go after you prior to boarding their ship. Kuva Liches didn't get anything like that - they basically just feel like they were slapped in place of a regular galleon captain. In my last hunt, it started me so far away from the Galleon that I didnt see the waypoint for it at all after enemy ships were dead. It wasnt until I got within 27,000m of the galleon that the waypoint showed up after scouring space for a minute or two trying to find something besides an endless sea of asteroids. I also don't know if it's intended or not, but the little cinematic animation of when your frame stands before a defeated lich, slowly extending the parazon was missing entirely from both my lich/sister fights, which is something that I thought was cool and made it feel more personal + satisfying. I think whole railjack showdown bit should be reworked. Add the old way of killing the liches/sisters back, where once you get all 3 words right, you decide right then n there whether to convert or kill. The railjack "showdown" could instead be used as a way for a player to actively "invade" the lich/sister regardless of murmur status, just as the lich can invade us. This could be done by gathering intel for the lich's/sister's current location primarily by doing spy/capture/mobile defense/interception missions in their controlled region, as well as small amounts of intel gathered from killing thralls/hounds - it should take no longer than 2~3 missions to get enough, not counting thrall/hound progress. Alternatively, exterminate/sabotage/hijack could generate more rage compared to other missions. Once you have enough intel, it unlocks the railjack node for the lich/sister in the proxima region closest to their controlled territory where you can go in and fight them. If your order is right, they die, and it ends pretty much like it does now. If your order is wrong, they flee, you gain some more information about your requiem order, get an objective to steal back a portion of what they stole from you (think this bit would be a nice little touch, but not all that necessary), then finish by returning to your railjack. Linear Starchart Progression I personally would like to see this reverted to them randomly choosing a planet(s) to take over. In it's current state, going through and fighting each lich/sister is going to feel more or less the same, which detracts from them being unique adversaries. Yes, it's probably better for match making in its current form, but it strips the hunts of a fair bit of diversity. It doesn't make sense to really do it in this manner either since by the time you can get liches/sisters, you should already have access to every planet/region on the starchart.
  8. Ive been noticing issues with buzlok's homing shots not working too. Have some more information to add to this after doing some testing in the simulacrum. Unless you are like 8.0m or closer to the market target, the homing bullets just don't hit anything and phase out of existence. So unless you're standing right up in their face, the homing shots are never gonna hit.
  9. As LillyRaccune said, if your Lich has radiation element and/or Kuva Nukor, that is the most likely cause for what happened and is indeed not a bug. Things that get proc'd with radiation will have friendly fire enabled and treat everything else around them as if they are enemies too. This affects players too - meaning abilities and weapons can affect + damage allies (such as the hostage, mobile defense consoles, teammates, etc), and if you or the person/NPC yer trying to revive is irradiated then you can't revive them until the effect wears off because they're counted as an enemy. You can tell if you've been proc'd with radiation if you have a red (debuff) radiation icon at the top of the screen near where your hp bar is.
  10. If they ever did bring the lich's back-break attack, then it should be integrated into the fight itself where the player is able to actively counter/dodge it in some form instead of having the reversed russian roulette bs that it was originally. That was the problem with it imo: not that it killed you, but that it killed you purely based on RNG.
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