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  1. I would like to see alerts make a return too, as long as they get improved from the old system. People are certainly justified in not wanting a system that made you feel like you had to constantly check an app to ensure you didnt miss any desired alerts - there always seemed to be a potato alert or something that popped up 10min after you get in bed, or left for work, etc. But certain alerts were also just pretty nice to have, whether it was for convenience like the kavat codes, giving out useful items, or just something to help newer players out in the early game. If they were to make th
  2. That sounds more like how Mesa's peacemakers are supposed to work, rather than a bug - you auto-fire at things within the focus circle, but as you fire that focus circle shrinks until it has a very narrow field of view which makes it much more difficult to get it to fire at things. When it deactivates/expires that focus circle's field of view will reset. As for the test itself, I personally did my qualification run with Nidus, primarily using larva to group up all the enemies then murder em with melee, and primed things as needed with kuva nukor. As for the nox, I'm pretty sure I just
  3. Definitely agree. Something should be done to tone down the designs of the necramech's ornate crosshairs as well as making the crosshair itself stand out more. The crosshair design looks interesting but I personally find it to be way too visually distracting, which compounds with the issue of the crosshair already being difficult to see due to its color and opacity.
  4. Can add Nexifera to that reused asset list too, since those are originally part of the spawning grounds from Nidus' Ravenous ability. Also the Esophages in the Iso vaults originally are from the old JV raid.
  5. This exact thing just happened to my squad on endurance - we were at 34 orphix and it screwed over our run. Pretty frustrating
  6. Just had this happen as well. Energy shows like its trying to summon but my mech just simply doesn't show up. a work around seems to be hopping into one of the fallen mechs, getting out of it and summoning my mech worked after that
  7. For some reason, I immediately thought of being able to go into said giant dojo fish tank in sharkwing, and just chill with all the fish swimming around you. Now I kinda want this lol.
  8. bump, this is still an issue. Can confirm that a fresh nidus cannot sit in the chair to get infected like he used to after the segment's installed.
  9. They definitely broke something with this interaction between Helminth and Nidus. I've experienced the same thing with being unable to get a nidus fresh from the foundry infected via sitting in the chair after the helminth segment's been installed. I can't speak personally for how it works now without the segment installed, but from what I heard a fresh nidus simply can't even enter the room like he's supposed to. There's already been a few bug report threads about it though, like this one: While it might not be something of high priority, i just hope that the reason it got broken and
  10. Even the Cetus fish aren't perfect either for the fish tanks -some of the larger fish species will turn awkwardly and/or clip through the glass, fish, and other objects too, it just tends to be more noticeable with Orb Vallis/Cambion Drift fish. While there certainly are more pressing issues to deal with, it would be nice if this gets touched up on at some point - maybe if/when we ever get dojo fish tanks.
  11. That is true, but the opt-out vs no opt-out has been hotly debated in several other threads well before this one. Both sides have valid points, but no matter which way it's sliced forcing opt-in on everyone when there are many who want nothing to do with the system has higher potential to breed toxicity. Also, you are assuming that it would result in the win for the player stalker, when it's probably more realistic that it would result in the player stalker getting a loss/nothing since they did not kill a target, and therefore be a waste of their time. Unless it's been blatantly stated some
  12. At the very least, something needs to get changed with Decoy to actually make it useful as a subsumed ability, because in it's current form its one of the most useless abilities to put on another frame, largely because it loses any interactions it would have with switch-teleport, including the ability to be made invulnerable via Safeguard-Switch augment.
  13. I don't see any good reason to do this. It's nothing more than a simple convenience to have for solo players - especially for those who tend to have something irl pop up frequently (kids/family, work, etc). If it's meant to make it more "compatible" with adding in a no-opt-out stalker mode, that's not gonna stop someone who just really doesn't want to deal with pvp from deliberately waiting for them to load in, and waste the player stalker's time by making them sit through a host migration... or worse...
  14. Interesting concept with the changes to capture, especially with targets yielding information that can be followed up on by unlocking the way to a specific reward - something like this is how i think murmurs for kuva liches SHOULD have been done, with doing certain mission types to get bits of info about the lich, but thats another can of worms. Regarding the part where you have to carry the capture target is where it starts to fall apart a little bit. It just slows down the process of what we'd already be doing, even at higher levels. If the carrier retains their own ability buffs after pi
  15. I know I have definitely heard something about this, something like player A joining into a simulacrum session with player B. Player B has the codex scans completed and can spawn the enemies, and player A could scan them to fill out ones they didnt have. Supposedly you keep scans regardless of aborting the mission or not, and player A would keep the scans they got from the simulacrum when they left. I've not tried it with another person to know for sure if that ever worked or not, but I know that I have tried doing this solo recently with the Mitosid Eximus... I had the scans completed for t
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