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  1. I just ran this test using a pole-arm and mods for enemy radar and completed it on 2nd try without melee channel kills, and completed it a second time 1st try with Loki + Hushed Invis with Redeemer. I personally didn't really notice anything different compared to the last time I ran this challenge, but maybe I just got lucky and didn't experience the 'buggy' behavior that others have. I think the most important thing to bring for this challenge is enemy radar - it can really help by allowing you to observe enemy movements and their alert states on the mini-map : a red empty triangle = unalerted, smallest detection range a red triangle filled in with a smaller red triangle = semi-alerted - they're aware of a threat but haven't spotted you yet. they are able to detect you more easily in this state solid red triangle = fully alerted - they've spotted you, largest detection range As others may have already suggested, here are some other tips that may help: Crouching - the smaller silhouette makes you a little bit harder to spot use Loki + Hushed Invisibility or Banshee (to silence the weapon's shots) using a gunblade to take out enemies more easily from a distance disintegrate bodies via melee channeling - prevents the other enemies from going semi-alerted when they see their dead comrades If using a melee weapon that requires you to get up close and personal, don't hesitate when you make your move and go in for the kill : if you are fast enough you can still get the kill before they go fully alert, even if they're facing you. Of course this only applies to the enemy that you're targeting - you still have to be mindful of where the other enemies are. for me personally, i prefer to use the larger overlay mini-map with map rotation locked as I find it much easier to keep track of enemies and general navigation that way. Might be worth a try if you haven't already done so. Bugged or not, this challenge typically the first major roadblock that I see lower MRs encounter when it comes to mastery rank tests. Try and see if any of the suggestions in this thread work out for ya and keep practicing - you'll get it.
  2. Overall, I am glad that arbitrations is getting looked at again and am glad that they're reducing the rotation times and adding vitus drops to the arby drones. I also agree with many others in that the new aura mods and arcanes should be placed into the Arbitration Offerings, as to not dilute the drop tables with things that people only have a reason to get once. The ephemera needs to be placed into the Offerings as well since it is another "once and done" reward - this would alleviate the issue of people accumulating multiple blueprints and being unable to get rid of them.
  3. Yes there is that, though it's hard to tell if it that was their name in warframe or not - doing a user search turned up no results for that username. I found the image again via google search and traced it back to imgur (which didn't seem to have any information about it), and found no user matches for it there either. Edit: doing a google search of the username did turn this up though. After taking a look through the gallery links in that thread, it could be the same person, though I didn't see the infested manic concept in there. If it is the same person though, the numbers instead of letters in the username explains why I didn't find em in my previous searches.
  4. Unfortunately I am not sure who the original creator is - I originally found the image a couple years ago while perusing infested concept art.
  5. I do agree that it would be nice to see more wildlife in the open-world areas. A wider variety of creatures, both predator and prey for both biomes would be lovely - especially for PoE. Some larger creatures would be interesting to encounter, and could potentially provide more unique and conservation encounters as these species would likely be critically endangered with the corpus and grineer around - for example, some larger herbivorous buffalo type creatures in the plains or even larger aquatic creatures - like that giant shark washed up on the shore in PoE. One thing I do find myself enjoying about PoE's conservation is the fact that you can encounter wildlife without actually having to initiate a hunt. Granted it's only for the condrocs and kuakas - things that were already in place before conservation was added to PoE, but I would love to see this extended for all species in both PoE and in Orb Vallis. Stuff like this would be cool to see as well. To add to this, what about the possibility of random encounters between different animal species themselves? For example: Condrocs hunting Kuakas in PoE Mergoo circling and squawking overhead when large shark creature is in coastal waters in PoE Verminks or Sawgaws hunting Pobbers in the OV Kubrodon trying to attack a balled up Bolarola in OV Kubrodon brawling with a Stover near a cave entrance in OV Stover attacking Corpus units to defend its territory in OV Kubrodons chasing a Vermink off of its kill in OV
  6. While an interesting idea for an augment in concept, it does present some issues in terms of balance. Even if the damage is split between the different virulence paths, what's to stop people from using Larva to pull a room full of enemies and use the enemy-seeking virulence to essentially gain triple the amount of stacks? Also, having a weaker virulence can be beneficial in that it means you can build more stacks off of smaller groups of enemies compared to builds with a higher dmg virulence. Keep in mind that you only need to hit 4 enemies with a single cast of virulence to completely refund its cost and anything beyond that is bonus energy, and using virulence on a small group of tanky enemies can be a pretty fast way to build stacks - especially if there is a wall/object nearby to stop virulence short to make recasting even faster. If you can build stacks faster than you lose them, then you can never die (not counting any weird bugs mess with the undying passive), and this augment seems like it has the potential to really ramp up the rate that Nidus could build stacks. And this is before even mentioning the 2nd instance of virulence that gets casted from linked enemies/allies, or his Ravenous augment that also increases stack gains (though I don't think that augment is worth the mod slot in most cases).
  7. I've noticed this as well. I tested it with several different color sets on my Nidus to be sure this was the case.
  8. I've encountered this as well - tested in the simulacrum (my loki has black energy)
  9. Some people have very different ideas of pretty though
  10. It's a Tailless Whip Scorpion - while not technically a spider, they are a type of arachnid. They are indeed harmless and do not possess any venom glands. However, they do have modified pedipalps that function much like a mantis in that they are spikey and used for grabbing and impaling prey. Their front legs are also elongated and are used more like antennae to feel their way around. Not dangerous to humans, but still fascinating little critters none the less.
  11. Insects can prove to be an amazing source of inspiration.... and/or nightmare fuel for others. It's wonderful.
  12. I changed my account name about a week ago and was able to get color palette to drop from twitch, so it's most likely the twitch drops just being janky.
  13. This seems to happen regardless of the frame being used, as I've had this happen several times for me, one of which I was solo and know he wasn't affected by any abilities.
  14. I'd just be happy if we could get our mustaches back. Permanently.
  15. I was able to view the Leverian via the codex before I even farmed his parts.
  16. Has anyone figured out what donating to Leverian does aside from just being a literal credit sink?
  17. Design-wise I think the "classic" frames are fine - if anything, they could use some updated textures n stuff so they don't like plastic toys anymore. I do agree that it would be nice to have more gold bits on Frost Prime to better differentiate him from regular Frost.
  18. This would be lovely to see. I for one was never a fan of those stupid drones, not because I find them difficult to deal with, its just more annoying and disrupts gameplay more than anything else for me. They have many issues like shielding enemies through walls, getting caught in weird places, hard to see when in a cluster F of a bunch of other glowy red things, is the most "anti-fun" unit in the game with granting both power and damage immunity to enemies in range, one of the least-engaging enemy types in the game as it just... exists... And to top it all off, they are trivialized by just spamming melee. They are nothing more than an annoying little speed bumps and I would love to see them be replaced with some of the enemies you suggested. I do also agree with just sticking Aura Forma BPs in the AoH Shop and replacing it with something else. The Ephemera should go here too for a fairly expensive price if these types of cosmetics are to be intended as a status/achievement sort of thing, rather than being a roll of the dice. I think it would also just be nice if they doubled the rewards dropped per rotation instead of making the rotation intervals the same as all other missions - this way it makes it more rewarding, but still has the added 'challenge' of having to endure the longer rotations in Arbitrations. Something else I would love to see is have something like multiple Arbitration alerts up at once - preferably with each one being for a different mission type. Make it so you can only pick one - finishing one (fail or not) locks you out of the others until they refresh. For the love of god, please, I'm so tired of seeing 90% of the arbitrations be either for defense or survival.
  19. I am perfectly content with me, myself, and I on my little ship of solitude. I don't see much of a point in what the OP is suggesting, and as others have said - we already have relays and clans/dojos for this purpose. Adding such a thing into the game would likely only end up being in the same state as the relays where there really isn't much interaction between the players in a supposed "social" area - just like those little areas where Octavias could play their music for others to listen to which maybe got used for about a week after her release and then never really touched again, at least not that I've seen.
  20. There is also the option of using radiation so the ancients don't buff/heal each other. Frames like Loki (Irradiating Disarm), Nyx, or an Oberon can do this really easily with their abilities.
  21. This please. But for a completely different reason - to take a high-range Nidus and throw a larva in the middle room.. and well... get something like this <3.
  22. Only problem with just adding more amalgam mods is once you have the mods (and anything else you might want from the mode) there is no reason to go back to those mods as far as rewards go. Having the essence being used to craft both Umbral Forma and the Echoes of Umbra (as a permanent change to a given warframe) would have longer sustainability as you can never really have to many forma between experimenting with new builds and changing out old ones for new ones as new mods, augments, etc get introduced. Seeing as both items would serve as permanent upgrades/changes for your individual warframes and should be somewhat rare, I see it reasonable for them to be fairly expensive to craft.
  23. As someone who has played both MH:W and Warframe, I know well enough that I would NOT like to see anything like what MH:W offers for their end-game in Warframe. Tempered Monsters in themselves were not bad, but the Streamstone farm was terrible - several different types of streamstones, which multiple different types were required for armor augments and especially so for weapon augments. Not to mention that if you were lucky enough to even get a warrior/hero streamstone, which again is a rarer drop and only available from the higher tier tempered monsters) you basically have a 1/14 chance for it to even be the right one as it needs to be both the right rarity and weapon class to use it. Then there's the "raid" which is a far worse grind than the tempered monster grind for streamstones because of the weapons you could get as rewards from finishing Kulve Taroth's siege that literally has hundreds of weapons in its drop tables, when you maybe get like what... 4~5 of weapon drops per run? Out of a pool of around 450 weapons, if we're talking about Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth (regular Kulve has slightly less, but also not as many orange weapons to drop). Which if you want to maximize your rewards, you have to run with a decent sized group so you can raise the pursuit and reward levels, which often entails not being able to finish the siege on the first attempt, and with smaller groups you might have to run the siege 3~4 times over just to finish it and get the rewards at the highest pursuit/reward level. This mechanic is what absolutely KILLED this entire siege, and sooo many people got burned out from the fight and want nothing more to do with Kulve, which is really a shame because KT is easily the best-designed siege-type monster in the series... but that's completely overshadowed by the atrocious loot tables/RNG associated with her. Now I could see maybe taking a little inspiration from MH:W to introduce something new into Warframe, but if it involves anything like that hellish RNG nightmare from MH:W, then.. just...
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