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  1. Wukong with a Kuva Nukor and Stropha combo. I use the Stropha and leave the Nukor to my twin. Anything the beam touches will take one shot from the gunblade to die. Same for most things that have not been "softened" yet. Your Twin will also kill some enemy groups before you have a chance to blast them. Use only heavy attacks for maximum damage and constant healing. Besides you get Wukong's 2 and 3 abilities to avoid dying and safely close distance For Disruption missions I would recommend an Ash with Fatal Teleport, since most demolysts can be finishered, and you can spam it stopping them in their tracks until they're dead I am currently re-leveling my Wukong on the steel path with no problems
  2. Welcome Operator! Ordis was starting to feel a bit... cephalone
  3. They definitely should. As for the chance it is stated on the wiki that you are more likely to get rare rewards the higher your MR, but it doesn't say which are rare. If weapon BPs are common then I'm #*!%ed at this point
  4. So I rejected the basic machete bp back in the day before I knew you could only get it in the reward system. That was waaay back. Since then I have logged in hundreds of days (650+ total), many of them after the machete was basically the only weapon bp that could possibly appear for me in the daily tribute system not counting milestone weapons, and I haven't seen it since. Does anyone know what the chance of it dropping actually is?
  5. mild spoilers for Nora pt 2
  6. Passive: Torn - The lower on health they are the more separated their various parts become, giving them evasion chance since bullets and melee strikes sometimes go through. Death results in a pile of limbs with the hand holding secondary sticking out 1 - Broken mirror - 1 handed, channeled - makes enemies see themselves in their broken figure, giving them a chance for excruciating pain (stagger) every time they move or attack. Requires line of sight 2 - Helping hand - 2 handed - detach their left hand and throw it at a teammate to provide strategic buffs for a time or to revive them if they are bleeding out. Slower reload speed, cannot use 2-handed abilities or primary weapons for the duration + some re-attachment time. Buffs: recoil reduction, casting 2-handed abilities 1-handed, faster reload, wider melee blocking, faster parkour, increased wall latch duration. Revived Tenno do not receive buffs or receive decreased values since the hand exhausts itself, the duration needs to run out the same Casting on self transfers hand to right side, buffing secondary reload speed and fire rate. Cannot use 2-handed abilities or primary weapons for the duration + some re-attachment time Ability has to expire on its own Aiming at a fallen Tenno will result in a visible marker like wisp's 3 on her eggplants 3 - Sum of the parts - switch - 2 handed Holding on - Normal Outreach - make themselves vulnerable in order to reach out. Lower resistances, increased damage Self care - cling to themselves becoming more survivable, but at the cost of damage Cannot be changed while 2 is active or cooling down. Starting state depending on energy color 4 - Breaking Point - 2 handed - an exalted shotgun that is breaking at the seams. Instead of a channeled ability it works till it breaks (number of shots). As it becomes more broken with every shot void energy has an increasing chance to leak creating an AOE pulse damaging/blinding/confusing(re-set aggro) enemies around (effect depending on 3) and stripping some sentient resistances Cool-down before re-casting that can be somewhat shortened by picking up health orbs at maximum health (up to a limited % of the whole cool-down, there is only so much medicine can speed up healing)
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