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  1. I did purchase it and I am looking for dagger skins that can be purchased straight by platinum, that are single and not part of a bundle or if they are part of a bundle, then bundle of daggers.
  2. I mean, if you even play Khora for a little bit with a correctly attuned build you can clearly see that she excels in every single way from defence to offense to crowd control and as well as healing yourself and others and there is simply no match to her. Most of statements made in this thread are bias and that bias is what is this thread built upon. I myself used Khora extensively after seeing video of her from the time when she was released and after slightly attuning the build that the person used in the video I would consistently do 98% damage in full squad in any mission ever and I wouldn
  3. @PublikDomainThis is not an argument, I simply stated facts. In regards to: But what you said interests me, how is "my ability sometimes doesn't hit even when it should" not a fundamental process of the game that doesn't work? I don't see why "an ability doesn't work because of the way the LoS works" is any different from "an ability doesn't work because of moving in and out of my Operator too quickly". This happened to me often while doing vaults in Deimos and when it did, I couldn't perform any action except for movement and I also couldn't type or open Menu and only two ways to fix this wa
  4. @PublikDomain I see the clip you posted and understand where you coming from. I personally didn't use augment for strangledome and mainly run Khora T5 Survival and some other fissures. What I did notice few days ago when I played Khora was, that had too look in front of me instead of looking for red dots on my minimap and It was frustrating for me. But I will also say that the whole idea of running Khora in a sewer or running Vauban in a sewer in Void back in the day is that enemies don't have direct line of sight at you. The mechanic of strangledome do allow for two things and that is that st
  5. @PublikDomainKhora before change allowed for whole team to run afk macro , something that you are perhaps not aware of.
  6. @_Tormex_Dear T, I would like to bring to your attention a fact, that Warframe is in the first place a product of a company called Digital Extremes and as such it's primary goal is and always will be profit. Upon acknowledging this fact and all of it's implications I would like to divert your attention on what is it exactly that caused Khora's nerf and why this 'trend' will continue. You see, in our times, many people are impatient, hasty and driven by their desires and overlook the 'long game' type of doing things. Likewise, in Warframe community there are many individuals who are hard stuck
  7. I am after skins for daggers, the ones that look like daggers and not knives. Thanks love
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