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  1. Thats me done with this, had twtich running in the background for just over 63hrs and to show for all of it : 39x 7500 credits 7x relic 12x fireworks 2x helmet blueprint 2x wisp 11x glyph
  2. So after 60hrs of twitch running in the background, this is what Ive managed to get: 28x 7500 credits 6x relic 11x fireworks 2x helmet blueprint 2x wisp 11x glyph At least Im getting loot.
  3. Left the twtich page running during the night (AdmiralBahroo) and woke up to another 8 drops. I must be one of the very lucky ones for it to be working. Im just throwing this out here: browser: Google Chrome Warframe download through there own launcher, NOT steam anyway so far: 14x 7500 credits 3x relic 7x fireworks 1x helmet blueprint 1x wisp 3x glyph
  4. More credits + fireworks 😥 so far: 9x 7500 credits 2x relic 6x fireworks 1x helmet bluprint 1x wisp 3x glyph
  5. Ive had twitch running since after the live stream lastnight, seems like credits are more favoured. 8x 7500 credits 2x relic 5x fireworks 1x glyph 1x helmet blueprint 1x wisp
  6. 3x fireworks 1x relic 1x wisp 5x 7500 credits
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