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  1. As a user that has already spent over 50 hours farming diluted thermia I feel like I have more diluted thermia then I could ever use. I also feel like if the time it took to get such thermia were reduced it would be a swift kick to those who have ground out the thermia for future used. I see no future use in farming any more thermia as there is currently no use beyond exploiter orb, and after many runs of exploiter orb, I have enough toroids to max rank rank vox 54 times and I still have plenty of thermia left (over 100). Unless there is introduced other uses for thermia there is no need for more farming and thus the time should remain the same as over time the number of thermia individuals will get is staggering if they casually farm it. Such as the amount of any item in the game that has limited uses, such as articula from bosses. I have more articula then I can fit on my entire ship yet there is nothing to do with the extras. Or other objects such as Vitus essence, I have over 70 essence just sitting waiting for a use. I have already purchased everything from the shop and any more essence earned is just currently either a waste or used for decorations that I can't use as my ship is full. If there were introduced other uses for thermia such as a thermia shop, then a change could be implemented to please those that have already invested a larger # of hours farming for such thermia. All thermia farmed before the proposed change should be renamed into a special variant of thermia that has 2 or 3 times the purchasing power of all thermia farmed after the change.
  2. Healing dash doesn't heal your sentinal.
  3. Rare caches are now indistinguishable from regular caches. By cache I mean the caches that are found on missions such as Naeglar that have a counter and make a sound. If someone was deaf or had their sound off, there is no difference in how a regular and a rare cache looks.
  4. What is the point of having a particular aura in the game if you make everything immune to it? Shield Disruption Aura has been nerfed so many times against the mobs its good against, but it gives very little to no benefits on every other mob in the game because of armor scaling, and people preferring corrosive projection to reduce armor.
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