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  1. While we're in the players helping players forum, what are all the factors to a bleed tick and what ways can they be increased? Gun mods: Base damage increasing mods (so no elemental or physical increasing mods and multishot only increases the number of pellets), critical multipliers (including double/triple/etc crits), and also headshot multiplier Frames: Any power that increases base damage, so Rhino's Roar, Mirage's Eclipse, Chroma's Vex Armor, and Garuda's passive. Unsure about Equinox's Rage, Nova's Molecular Prime, and Banshee's Sonar (since it's not really documented anywhere that those do or don't help). Any power that increases critical chance, critical damage multiplier, or headshot multiplier, so Ivara's Empowered Quiver and Prowl, Harrow's Covenant, Volt's Electric Shield, and NIdus' Teeming Virulence. Arcanes: Any that boost damage or critical chance for a given weapon Pets: Adarza/Smeeta both have critical chance buffs, and Tek Collateral increases crit damage in the marked zone
  2. Just got 97k with the Daikyu with Garuda. 6/8 mods on it, too.
  3. Melee can get stupidly big with the combo counter, but what about guns? Doing this solo in the simulacrum, using either Garuda for forced bleed procs or Harrow for the 200% crit with Hunter Munitions. So far I've managed 72k with Harrow and 70k with Garuda with the Lanka at 4x combo counter (completely unrealistic). Without a combo counter, I've seen 21k with the Penta and Garuda. Edit: forgot to try with Garuda at minimum health, I'll try that soon. And it doubles the tick as expected, so 42k with the Penta on a headshot with an orange crit.
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