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  1. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    Totally agree - people are taking Ballas’ words as absolutely true. He’s damaged and bitter; crying that the lotus was an illusion etc. He’s a broken man, thinking out loud
  2. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    It may be that she is gone. However my point is she was ‘The Lotus’ previously, rather than just pretending. i agree that Natah has ‘returned’(to whatever degree), but that she was truly the lotus for a period of time.
  3. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    Very good point - I feel people have jumped on the 'Lotus is evil' bandwagon
  4. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    There's something that makes her confused here. Like for a moment she believes Ballas' truth and goes with him. i believe it is a sentient ploy - he is working with them. When he offers his hand the screen fuzzes like it does in the 2nd dream. He was able to convince her, is all that matters, and then the Sentients got their claws into her and turned her back.
  5. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    Ha ha - maybe you are right. Maybe everyone is just happy they possibly have the chance to kill her XD
  6. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

  7. Hello, So I wanted to discuss what people thought of the Lotus after the Chimera Prologue because I hear a lot of people repeating what I heard of DK's YT video; That she 'used us'. I.e. they believe that she was Natah all the time, and this was some huge sentient deception to make us do their dirty work and weaken the origin system. She pretended to be the Lotus. I disagree and i think there are many pieces of evidence to show why the Lotus was a 'real' personality of the Sentient who was once called Natah. 1. The New War Trailer - This is a biggie that, for me, really takes apart DK's theory. Basically the 'Mother' is chastising Natah for letting herself fall in love with her Tenno Children; They took your fire from you'. Why would she say this if it's part of the plan? Why does the mother not say - 'good job Natah, the plan has worked and now they are weak'. She doesn't because Natah becoming Lotus wasn't the plan and she was real. 2. Natah Quest - Hunhow also chastises her for siding with the Tenno - He says something along the lines of; I won't be able to stop them [other Sentients] they will want to reclaim you because you are riven. Riven meaning 'faulty', Hunhow is saying the others will take her back and reprogramme her. Why? because Natah becoming Lotus wasn't the plan and she was real. 3. The Second Dream - She has absolutely no second thoughts in defending us from the Sentients. No problem and if this is part of the 'Grand Plan', why doesn't she just let Hunhow kill us? What is the point in this charade if it isn't real? Also her 'heartfelt' dialogue at the end of the mission, is so moving and real that it would be the best deception of all time. Yet it isn't because it's real. 4. Practicalities of mission script - The practical need of DE to address the standard Lotus 'patter' we get in basic missions. If she is evil and we have to kill her off (as there is no 'bringing her back' if she's manipulated us the whole time, DE need to address the basic message chat. Will we just have the fake version forever? And why would we if she was full of '****' the whole time? Would DE really go to the effort to rerecord a new 'handler' for these basic missions? Lotus for people pre chains of harrow (lotus) and one for after (Teshin?) - I doubt it. 5.[added] - The Sacrifice, part of the Lotus remains inside Natah for she guides us to Umbra, a sentient killer. Why would she do this if she never loved us? Is this part of the grand manipulation too? I don't think so. Those are just some major holes in this theory - these are of course my opinions and I may be wrong but wanted to open up that chat because I feel people watch YT theory and think that it's the truth. None of us know the truth yet. TL;dr - The Lotus was a real personality, she hasn't manipulated us the whole time - the Sentients have just now taken her back
  8. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    *Spoiler* Hunhow possibly going to help us in the future

    Yeah - I like his videos, but I felt his 'LOTUS USED US' video was just clickbait and incorrect. Pretty convoluted plan if she was actually using us all along. Makes way more sense if she was genuinely helping us and now just has become confused or reprogrammed. People are taking Ballas' Dialogue too literally - the words of a bitter man, once a god and now a hybrid freak who is trying to make sense of his current predicament. 'There is only Natah', I think is the line everyone is hung up on, like the lotus wasn't even real? I think what it means, is more, the Lotus was a personality she created but genuinely believed (see film TAU) but has been 'reset'. Everyone also seems to forget how angry Hunhow was at her in Natah and that other sentients would take her back and reprogram her because she was 'Riven'. Her Lotus personality was a glitch, a fault, but was real nonetheless.
  9. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    *Spoiler* Hunhow possibly going to help us in the future

    Yeah - I agree, seen a lot of videos saying that she manipulated us etc. But I genuinely think she loved us and is confused. Why help us defeat Hunhow? Why help us defeat the sentients at all? There was no hesitation from her when she helped us against the Sentients in the 2nd Dream. Her speech to us after the 2nd dream; 'My child, so beautiful to behold' seems genuine and heartfelt. She was tricked or bewitched by Ballas, and then turned (or reconditioned IMO). But inside of her there is a part still trying to help us - she guided us to Umbra after all. The Lotus is fighting and obviously we will turn her back. A lot of people forget the practicalities of her being a real enemy and having to be killed off. This can only be a temporary state - What about all of her mission dialogues etc? Do you really think DE will rework the basis of the game, and replace Lotus' mission precepts for basic levels? Or will we have Ordis impersonating her forever? No, of course she is conflicted and of course we will bring her back.
  10. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    What is your daily Warframe routine?

    Pretty much me atm. Sorties Invasions Hydron levelling If I have time - Bounties/Maybe a Teralyst hunt
  11. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    We cant have our cake and eat it too

    I saw this post, and now I am hungry.
  12. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    Dem new login rewards

    10 days away from 100 :o Hope the Xbox update comes soon...
  13. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    Most annoying character

    THIS POST IS UNACCEPTABLE Vay Hek is the best character, is what you meant.
  14. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    Most annoying character

  15. (XB1)Clockwork Geoff

    Warframe Prime Time #223: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I'll be there :)