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  1. Great point about Riven, makes what I am theorizing a lot clearer. I agree - I think we will purge the 'sentient' Natah in a big boss fight and in doing so, we will free the 'Lotus' personality forever.
  2. There is some 'wave' of energy that Ballas unleashes when he raises his hand to her, that causes our screen to blur and the Lotus to 'snap' and become compliant. My guess is Ballas is using some sentient 'trick' that 'bewitched' her
  3. I agree with this - his actions may be of some greater plan or reasoning that defies our human understanding. I think trying to place him as good or evil, friend or enemy is pointless because he is beyond such human concepts.
  4. To his core, Ballas is a narcissist and only really cares about surviving because he is too important to die. He has given us the Sword because he is embittered about how the sentients have essentially rendered him into a sentient slave and that is too much for his ego to bear.
  5. Yeah she lead us to Umbra because she is still in there somewhere trying to help us.
  6. Just FYI for anyone who is interested - further to my Original Post I have now uploaded a video on the subject to my YT channel;
  7. Precisely - locking people out of necessary drops so some players can find it 'somewhat challenging'
  8. And again - Still no constructive feedback to your own thread. That you started.
  9. Agreed - and also hardcore gameplay isn't what the game is about - it's about chasing that RNG. Warframe is too chaotic to make it a skill based, hardcore game like Dark Souls. There is higher level content which people can't access, i.e. arbitration. But these bounties are just for farming really. Want a challenge? Take off some mods.
  10. Totally agree - people are taking Ballas’ words as absolutely true. He’s damaged and bitter; crying that the lotus was an illusion etc. He’s a broken man, thinking out loud
  11. THIS POST IS UNACCEPTABLE Vay Hek is the best character, is what you meant.
  12. Just started using the Arca Plasmor. SO TASTY. Feels like the BFG from DOOM.
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