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  1. Can't wait to join you for the final one of the year guys 🙂
  2. Again I applaud DE's community interaction, no other developer reacts so quickly to player concerns. And I 100% will be getting this. Merry Christmas DE, thanks for a great game and community
  3. Yes Ironically in calling me out on it, he has in fact, committed one himself.
  4. I agree - but this would mean a revamp of core game mechanics in WF. Currently its about bloating numbers = more difficulty.
  5. Exactly - you need mods to win, which is why this isn't a skill based game. I apologise - please tell me where you are coming from. Now that we have established mods are responsible for success or failure in WF, how does it relate to what improvements you want?
  6. This pretty much is my point - your 'power creep' is how you beat the game. Not through your sick gameplay.
  7. Apologies, I haven't actually seen any answers to it? I'd appreciate it if you can explain to me, how your skill alone (a no mod build) can beat a 1hr mot survival? Maybe I am missing some core mechanic to the game.
  8. This is fairly put but i respectfully disagree. 'More and more people' becoming unhappy...Is only in this forum, where a small group of the player base make the same threads over and over, making it seem like a real issue. These represent a fraction of the player base - majority of people will be perfectly happy with the game and won't even know about this storm in a teacup that's happening on the forums.
  9. Hahaha thanks bud. Basically spend my time, trying to disprove this 'we need challenge, cuz we is so good' notion. Considering there is no skill involved in the game play, only in build making. Most annoying is these people claim to speak for Vets, when in fact most Vets I know love the way the game is and understand the difficulty comes from understanding builds and damage type. Hope this 'challenge' patter ends soon. Bringing in new players is priority, as it allows this beautiful game to keep being successful and prosperous. P.s I note that none of these 'Skilled' players haven't got much to say to my no mods remark.
  10. Nail on head here - hoping you don't get randomly laid out by an OP mob because his numbers are so high, is not a 'challenge' because it's just numbers based game that has very little to do with your skill. It's a chaotic power fantasy game, it isn't a skilled game where timing and knowing your enemies patterns are key to victory. I really don't understand how some players think they are some 'leet' quality skill player. No, it's your forma'd arca plasmor that's doing all the work. Put it this way, if the game is fully skill based - if you are skilled enough you can beat content with low level gear. In DS1 I beat the game at SL1 and base equipment, because the game is dependent on your skill primarily, build second. I wonder if these 'skilled players' could beat a 1hr mot survival with no mods on guns or frames? You know, since it's a skill based game, the mods surely aren't necessary for someone who is really skilled?
  11. Haha 'dared'....this guy. Your prowess at sliding, pressing shoot and pressing abilities impresses us all... I have - and it isn't hard mate. Try an actual skill based game like dark souls.
  12. Amen bro. Welcoming new players into the fold is always a good thing, mainly because it means the game will keep going. I don't think people realise if they started catering for these players who think they are 'leet', the game would lose new players and therefore money. It's a bad business model catering to these people - who refuse to use anything but the meta and still moan that things are too weak. As i've said repeatedly, Warframe is not skill based, 'Leet players' get away from this notion that you are so skilled that you need challenges. You are not skilled - you just have good numbers (build) and if those numbers are hard for the Meta, it makes the numbers impossible for average players who don't run meta builds.
  13. 'My skill', I love how warframe players actually think Warframe is a game which is skill based. It's a build based game, your numbers vs. their numbers. This is why, IMO, if you have a meta build content will always be easy. If not, the numbers are too hard for those who don't run the meta. Please do not be under the impression you are a 'skilled player', and it's only cuz other players aren't at your level of 'skill' that they can't do it. They just need more endo.
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