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  1. Welp Helminth came out and it looks like they may have read this thread and used it to come up with the Helminth system
  2. Bump; issue is now occurring with Call of Tempest update, i can get through the update screen to the click ok to login screen and the game hangs before crashing to dashboard (on Xbox)
  3. I realize i made this post with my PC profile oops
  4. and it fixed itself out of the blue when I logged into warframe wth? So i guess this issue is resolved
  5. I do have an MP4 of it but i dont know of a way to send the mp4
  6. give me a moment it takes some time to get a shot from my xbox on to my computer
  7. I got the Baruuk Mandala decoration and it keeps changing to a dark black coloring making it nearly invisible I have tried changing colors in everything from frame colors to Orbiter inside and outside colors and it hasn't changed.
  8. Still no Reflection update? It still references channeling which was removed in 2019! =_=*
  9. Not to mention Rockstar did for GTA5 until people exploited it, EA allowed it for BF3 and BF4 before the cross game UI update
  10. Was chatting with my clan about Titania passive rework and an idea came to me that received some positive reaction from them, what if each frame had 3 passive abilities that the player could choose a single active one. Providing a more adaptable kit for each frame to fit broader play styles while keeping the frames core kit untouched
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