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  1. I also am getting great results with a build like this. Im currently using a setup that uses a combination of Health Conversion, Synth mods (for Sentinel) and augments of course. It routinely gets to 300k-600k with just hitting a few enemies, even higher if you stack them up first with the Zenurik Void Mode focus ability.
  2. As others have already mentioned, even just 1 CP makes a fairly large difference. I use it almost all the time, both solo and in public matchmaking. The only time i don’t have it on is if im using Kohm (it shreds high level enemies / armor instantly, and in a long mission id rather have the ammo from Shotgun Scavenger.) Also i don’t use CP when im Limbo. Trust me, you don’t want to use CP with Limbo, its pretty bad lol.
  3. One more thing. I highly recommend you do not upgrade this ability all the way, or at all. Upgrading the node makes the bubble larger, and that is generally a bad thing if you are trying to defend an objective. If you keep the bubble small, this ability is a powerful tool that allows you to protect objectives without having to use a specific “defense” frame.
  4. I play public matches all the time, but after a mission i will always back out of the squad. Can we get a way to do this automatically? I don’t like making people wait on me, and i like taking my time to pick a loadout. It could be a toggle in the settings, or perhaps a button you hold after a match to automatically leave squad.
  5. Are you sure about this? I thought Wukong’s twin is considered a specter, and all Affinity it earns would go to your warframe.
  6. I say we leave Ceres the way it is. Part of the true Warframe experience is raging everytime you have to do a Siphon there. Its basically a meme at this point lol.
  7. I completely agree that the A.I needs an overhaul. I found this^ funny though. Key word here is Infested, of course they mindlessly rush to their death 🙂 They might as well be zombies lol.
  8. The knockdowns are super annoying in that fight. I refuse to do that mission anymore unless i have something to counter the knockdown spam lol. Since you don’t have access to Primed Sure Footed, i suggest you try the exilus mod Handspring Its a pretty common mod, and its cheap mod capacity wise. It makes a noticeable difference on the knockdown recovery, i highly recommend it 🙂
  9. Venari is fantastic for exactly one thing, and thats healing Khorra. Funnily enough, it is by NOT using Venari’s healing mode. Its sad that even with a very high strength build, her dedicated healing mode is downright terrible in comparison to a build that heals you with Hunter Recovery. Plus you no longer have to worry about the tiny heal radius, thats the thing i hated the most. Im so glad i switched to a max range-neg strength build. I can CC entire rooms, and still be healed for what feels like 200+ health per second, i love it lol. Venari needs alot of work, but Khorra is still my go-to for solo 1hr+ Kuva Survival.
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Siphon To quickly summarize, you have to keep an eye on the individual “braids” on the Siphon itself. One at time, the “braids” will begin to move, and they will point in a direction. In that direction will be a red Kuva “cloud” that you have to destroy. You must use your operator Void Dash, or shoot it with your operator weapon to destroy it before it gets sucked into the Siphon. A few more things. -Killing enemies is not necessary. I only bother killing enemies if im bored, or they are swarming the area and preventing me from destroying the Kuva “clouds”. -The meter on the left that fills up, thats your “fail” condition. If you let that fill all the way up, the Siphon is complete and you dont get any Kuva. Theres no penalty to your Kuva reward if you miss a few clouds, just dont let the meter fill all the way up and you will be fine.
  11. This post reminded me of this tweet from Pablo that mentions Warframe Classic. https://twitter.com/pablopoon/status/1146520615974842371?s=21
  12. I phrased the question that way so i could get responses from people that actually have experience with him. You have a point though, I definitely could have worded it better.
  13. Im not, i promise lol. I mean your one of the main ones i had in mind, but theres definitely been some others echoing the same sentiment.
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