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  1. For me, it really depends on the price of the riven im rolling, and how in demand it is in the market. If i can buy an unrolled one cheaply, i will flip a riven with decent stats for a little plat, then buy another unrolled and start the cycle again. Using this method of rolling and flipping, you can continuously roll rivens for your ever elusive god roll, all while increasing your plat in the process. Its also wise to take the current roll into account. Think to yourself, what are the chances that you will get a better roll than you currently have. If those chances are slim, it might be wise to sell it, or simply settle for the current roll and use that if its a good enough upgrade over normal mods. However, if the unrolled riven is very expensive, and / or i just get tired of sitting in trade chat trying to sell “good” rolls, i will keep rolling it until i get what i want. Nowadays ive been getting more stubborn, thats for sure. For example, Ive rolled my Kohm rivens well over 300 times, im not giving up until i get what i want 🙂
  2. Im perfectly fine with the current “bandaid” they have for his 1. Being able to melee while channeling his 1 is good fun at least, and it helps buff Condition Overload damage. Try it out, i dont think you’ll be disappointed 🙂
  3. Well, this is better than nothing for sure. Im mostly gonna be going for the Kuva, although i wish the amount was a bit higher. Even if you cant implement it during this Intermission, DE please let us buy decent sized Kuva bundles with Creds! That would instantly make Nightwave much more relevant to all the people that pretty much exclusively farm this resource.
  4. Oh, it absolutely feels like a bug. The game will not let you channel + melee if you begin channeling with your melee weapon out. To get it to work you must have your primary or secondary out when you begin channeling his 1, then press the melee button after. Lets just hope they embrace it like some of the other bugs that they’ve left in the game.
  5. You take that back! 🙂 Spectral Scream is one of my favorite abilities in the game now that you can actually use your melee weapon while channeling, with no movement restriction. When im using him as a melee frame like this, I feel like a goddamn dragon warrior lol.
  6. I swear he hasnt always been able to do this, but ive been having a blast with his 1 in conjunction with any melee weapon. Theres something about the Spectral Scream animation + cool melee stances that i just love lol. Oh and his 1 stacking Condition Overload is always nice too 🙂
  7. This would be a fantastic addition. As a longtime player, pretty much all of the Nightwave offerings are near worthless to me. If Kuva was available to buy with Creds, i wouldnt buy anything else, and im sure im not the only one.
  8. Wait, am i missing something. Cant you already walk slowly now, if you wanted to?
  9. I use Oberon all the time, and i can confirm that i too get one shotted when the enemies use certain attacks and get to a certain level. With my 2-3 up, in addition to Arcane Guardian, my build has around 1400 armor+Adaptation, its still not enough sometimes. iirc there are multiple attacks that enemies use that will one shot even the tankiest of frames. For example, some factions throw practically unseeable grenades that do massive damage. At that point, the only thing that will save you is Phoenix Renewal, which is one of Oberons best features for very high level missions. Also to answer your question, the drones dont hurt you, as far as im aware. Its more likely something else doing ridiculous damage if you like to play up close and personal with the drones. Ive now learned to never take off Phoenix Renewal. Ill play recklessly until it procs, then safely until the cooldown is gone haha.
  10. Thats the thing though. Even solo, there are easy workarounds to ensure you still obliterate the limbs in 1-3 shots max. I know its been said multiple times, but ill say it again in case it was missed. Use Sarpa to strip the Eidolon of most, NOT all of its armor. This completely removes the requirement of a group to use specific Auras and all that. People are suggesting this because it is solo friendly and doesnt require micro managing a group if you ever decide to LFG. Bring an Adarza Kavat. Since you are adamant on playing solo, this will boost your damage, and in a way act as a replacement for the other Warframe buffs you’d be getting in a group. Theres multiple videos on Youtube that show plenty of different frames soloing all 3 Eidolons. Hell, some are so efficient that they do even more than that.
  11. Hmmm, this build has the power strength for sure. Your actually using more Power than mine lol. OP should absolutely be able to 1-3 shot with Lanka under the right circumstances if hes using something close to this setup. To OP, are you building the Sniper combo counter? From the Wiki... “Another feature unique to Sniper Rifles as ranged weapons is their Shot Combo Counter, which gives them a bonus to their total damage if they successfully hit their shots multiple times in succession (affected by Multishot mods). Each Sniper Rifle requires a minimum number of shots before the Shot Combo Counter activates, starting with a damage bonus of 1.5x. Another 0.5x damage is added to the counter each time the Shot Combo Counter reaches a number of hits three times the amount needed for the previous damage bonus milestone, ex. If a Sniper Rifle activated its 1.5x damage bonus on the 5th hit, then its 2.0x bonus can only be achieved after the 15th hit, the 2.5x bonus after the 45th hit and so on. The Shot Combo Counter takes into account successful multiple hits achieved via Punch Through, and weapons with Multishot will count each successful hit from the same shot as multiple shot instances, ex. if two bullets from a single Multishot hit the same target, then the Shot Combo Counter will register that as two hits. The Shot Combo Counter will be reduced by 1 after a short period of time that no successful hits have been made, or if the player misses a shot. All sniper rifles have a 2 second combo duration, with the exception of the Lanka that has a 6 second duration.” As a Chroma player, i make sure to do the following. I use Lanka because of the extra long counter. -Use a self damage weapon for your secondary or melee. All that power strength means nothing if your not damaged enough to get the max Vex buff -Strip the armor of the Eidolon with Sarpa+Shattering Impact. Try not to strip all the armor, that is bad. Around 4-5 charged shots usually works fine to not over strip. -Build combo counter a bit before the Eidolon shield is down. I literally just spam shots at it to build the counter while hes invulnerable. -Double or triple zoom with Lanka to get the the Crit Chance buff. -Shooting through Volts shield is optional depending on your riven. I usually 1 shot limbs without the shield, but i make sure to use it for the final stand. -Using an Adarza Kavat is also optional depending on your riven. If you feel you need the damage even after all this, try it out, Well, thats all the tips i can give. Good luck 🙂
  12. So how would Mirage get her damage buff at night? Are you talking about the Penta thing to light yourself on fire? This seems like way too much of a hassle considering Mirage is extremely squishy without her Night buff, which you wont have after your on fire. Being shoe horned into using this squishy frame along with a useless Penta for a primary just doesnt seem worth it.
  13. I dont see the problem. Solo or in a farming group, i dont think they are hard to get. The fact that you can go to a specific area and farm ONLY that Toroid makes this a non issue for me. And then when you start farming Exploiter, you can literally spend 15 min and cap out your standing for the day lol.
  14. Im not sure how anyone plays with bloom and/or high graphic intensity. From blinding Eidolons to ridiculous AOE weapons like Simulor and Staticor, i find anything past 50 intensity to be unplayable for most missions. I usually stay safe between 30-50 intensity, otherwise my screen just turns into random color soup.
  15. Yeah i agree with the others here. Just go all in on Duration and neg range. Im running about 40-50 range and its perfect for long runs without everyone hating your guts lol.
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