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  1. I hope custom primaries comes with new war since i think it fits thematically better thqn duviri. There will be tons of sentients parts lying around, might as well use them. Guns from duviri would have to be parts of our ship (zariman) glued together 🙂
  2. 1. Use nidus 2.use #2 to CC enemies, repeat if needed 3. Ignore them while you deal with objective.
  3. Basically all that boils down to.... "Waaaaah, new game mode is not EXACTLY what i wanted, cant nuke everything with one button, reeeeeeee. Cant get everything on day one and i actually need to put some effort into it. Hiw dare you #ruinedthegame #deadframe " Seriously you dont like it dont play it. Pretend it doesnt exist like lunaro, conclave, arbis etc. Keep your salt to yourself ( you might need it, winter is coming) and let other people enjoy it.
  4. You really think you and other people with crappy internet connection are the majority of the playerbase? Lol 🙂 please give them some time to get this all sorted out. It has been less than 1 day since it dropped. It will get better if you just wait until its patched up a bit
  5. Then what exactly you want to do? Get another 5 maps you can jump thru killing everything that moves like you do every day? Railjack is an OPTIONAL game mode for those who'd like a change of pace. You dont like it-dont play it. Some of us are dead tired of running same corridors filled with same enemies shooting them over and over again. I actually skip any endless mode now because i have hard time staying awake waiting for next turn/wave/demolyst to come. Railjack is a change of pace some players need.
  6. Devs clearly stated first phase of Railjack will not be for solo play. Try watching devstream once in a while,ok?
  7. How about it getting stronger the more enemies has in his belly? He gets heavier, therefore does more dmg on impact.
  8. So if Grendel doesnt eat enemies as Meatball now, can we please get the bowling ball hitting the pins sound when we roll into group of enemies?
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