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  1. Looking good to be honest. I will wait until its live to pass jugdement. I think his bastile/vortex combo gonna go like this: you throw bastile down and leave it as is or activate again to turn it into vortex. That would give us choice what we want it to do. Also am I only one thinking Scott's idea is bastile ->put mines under them->turn bastile into vortex->boom ? Too bad we didn't see anything about minelayer, vaubans worst ability by far.
  2. He does his best. Just wait until DE is done with that Japan show stuff. Gauss will probably be looked at and fine-tuned, like every other new frame. Maybe then you will use for him.
  3. Man in the wall. Can already see him showing up after we murder lotus to revive her as his new body or something like this. After all he did lured us into touching helmet and getting paracesis. Plus im sure he somehow will be connected to Duviri.
  4. I like the option for extra kuva if all 4 nodes survive the rotation. I think 300 per conduit is ok (same as flood if all 4 are done) plus 500 for extra effort if you didnt lose any conduit.
  5. Im pretty sure were gonna have to kill her wherever we want it or not. Hope Man in the wall gonna show up then and ressurect her into lotus-like persona to be his mouthpiece when communicating with us. After all he helped us getting the paracesis. Doubt he did that for free, he must have some kind of plan .
  6. Theres a difference between his 1 and 3. His 1 spits out enemies in front of you and adds toxic dmg so you can melee the crap out of them. His 3 is projectile vomit aka grendel space program. You can shoot enemies out of map for example.
  7. I thought it was obvious. Ventkids standing. Also spoiler - grendel will be droping from thumpers.
  8. I'd like to retcon some points of my previous post. Tried to go ham on range with low power. JACKPOT 1.Balefire seems to to take splash dmg range from ability range. with 200% range it was hitting half of the room (even on Sortie 2 & 3 missions) Just forget about charging it, spam it uncharged. 2.shield pillage - no change to my previous idea (50% effectivness if aegis storm is on) 3.Haven - Still useless. should be scrapped and replaced with another ability. Or turned into duration based one. 4. Aegis storm - with all the range you can find, its pretty nice CC skill (and elevated postion is nice for balefire) but still, drain per enemy kinda criplles whole skill. you get 5 plus mobs, you will have just enough energy to sgout balefire twice before dropping down. cut those drain rates and we're good here. Personal note : Shield Charger, Guardian mods are your new best friends. Also Fortitude mod is nice to put on. EDIT : Forgot one important thing - you should automatically equip balfire when using Aegis Storm.
  9. Hildryn need a bit of tunning. but first and foremost: WHO thought it would be a good idea to put 2 toggled abilities with ridiculous drain rates on a frame that uses shields as energy pool (AKA the first thing you lose when you're being shoot at)???? Her biggest problem right now is the fact she need stats across the board (Mag has the exactly same problem) and the moment she gets more than 3 mobs in her powers (be it either her 3rd or 4th ability) she done for. You will quickly lose all shields thanks to drain and being shot by mobs outside of your skill range. List of things to fix: 1. Balefire could use a bit of splash dmg , that travel time makes it a bit hard to aim properly. 2. Shield Pilage should be usable while using Aegis storm ( but then only restoring half the ammount of shield it does normally) that would save us from constantly turning off aegis storm to replenish energy. 3.Haven - at least halve those drains! constantly draining our first line of defense to deal little dmg is not a good trade off (tested on Pluto on lvl 30-40). Base range could also get a bit buffed. 4. Aegis storm - same problem as Haven - drain is too big considering the range and dmg of this skill. Also where's double bellfire during aegis storm? you actually need to turn it on yourself , increasing shield drain even further. Even with both haven and aegis storm on, you need several seconds to kill normal lvl 40 something mobs (corpus dies a bit faster but grinneers are not impressed by it. get rid of "drain per enemy" becuase its not an ability you wanna have on while getting swarmed (in its present form). Not to mention, if you wanna do sorties with her you're better of just using Shield pillage. Or better yet, different frame.
  10. Hope they will get rid of the limit (if there is any). There will be more situations like this in the future where you will do some of challenges at the same time and no one wants to lose rep because of wolf mission lottery.
  11. Don't know if thats a bug but if by a chance you do a a wolf challenge of higher rank ( like sortie one for 5k rep) while already being close to the rank up ( I was 9k/10k) you will lose that extra reputation, it won't carry over into next tier. ( I went into tier 2, got glyph, lo and behold I'm back aat 0/10k ). You could tell us that we have to plan them ahead so we don't lose rep from those challenges.
  12. 1. Wukong rework 2. Atlas, Equinox, Limbo and Wukong new skins - when? 3. Does [DE] Steve uses shampoo or Head wax?
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