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  1. Well... As a wukong user, if you mean this by CT rulebending the falloffs.. I think true, but aside from it there's no need to nerf beyond that point, it's a decent enough rework (yeah falloff ignore kinda makes afk turret a possible option, and that makes the frame kinda boring imo)
  2. So here's a thing, I'm one of the person that can't : -Get into ducat kiosk -Complete an archwing mission solo -Entering Railjack -Playing multiplayer on any nodes (public or invites) -Do open world nodes And all of those are caused by graphic driver crash while there's no such issue while playing other games. The only question here is will you guys ever fix this (make one of them at least artifact friendly), or at least let us keep the game open when it crashed just like the old times.. Because i have no better choice than leaving the game or not touching those contents then skip the new war and duviri, since there's giant budget issue here on upgrading hardwares. Thank you as always for keeping up 🙂
  3. This is quite good overall, but lemme know when one of these things will happen in future : - missing door frames around on random occasions (this mean you almost don't realize there was a door unless you come nearby) - Artifact friendly game as I can play the game without crashing while doing multiplayer/multitenno models in "artifact" computers (or at the very least no more random crash while doing solo) Hmm... Maybe not the second one since I know you guys have to step up the quality to compete with other companies, but thanks for keeping up this long anyway and keep up the good work 😊
  4. Best advice to have regarding to "hold to heavy" : hold duration slider and/or toggle on/off for that mode
  5. If there's anything I want to say at this point it's just my bad luck, I know you people know we love backtracking, but that doesn't mean we have to confront our lich at starting point area. I mean it's a solo session and I have to go back there, not meeting single enemies is just making the whole tileset feels like having PTSD over Chains of Harrow.
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