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  1. With these hotfixes, can you hotfix Garuda's gore being unresponsive to the Gore setting in the control panel? I do not personally use her, but she is of course commonly found in public missions. I am all for anyone being able to view guts, gore, and gruesome blood alters, but there are some of us who play Warframe BECAUSE, until now, it has never been a gory game. Heck, even when "Gore" is enabled it has never really been that bad. But now...what the heck happened?? Please, just make her respond to the gore setting so we can disable it. Perhaps making it appear more of a red energy or something?
  2. No luck here. It downloaded about 1GB right away, but now the launcher keeps crashing with the error: Warframe udate failed. Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. I have verified cache, optimized (both from the Warframe launcher itself), rebooted my computer,and made sure my internet connection is fine. This is the first time I have ever had troubles with a Warframe update. I obtained the logs and sent a contact form to warframe.com. Hope this is just a temporary issue on their end.
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