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  1. What's with the change to the daily Syndicate rep? As far as I can tell, now Syndicate missions don't award rep anymore when you've hit the daily cap. This makes doing Syndicate missions essentially pointless since it's easy to max out rep normally by just playing missions with a Sigil on. Please consider a better solution.

  2. vor 17 Stunden schrieb Buff00n:

    Only one of those is even borderline, and it's still not that close.  I hope this is what you meant by "chorus":

    Verrückt (Eisbrecher): Mandachord (Original)

    I quite dig it, thank you so much! I'll have to think of something that fits your needs better. I tried figuring it out from your OP but I'm admittedly still kinda lost what type of songs tend to give you the best results. Got a few quick tips for a dumbo like me so I can hopefully request more suitable material?

  3. Your work is lovely, and I'm absolutely impressed with how much you keep going. Thanks a million, seriously.

    I'd be happy about whatever you can do with these, if anything:


    Steven Universe - Giant Woman

    Steven Universe - Sugilite Theme

    Eisbrecher - Verrückt (the chorus would be more than enough)


    If you can do more than one, is it okay if you just pick whichever you like best and I request the other(s) later on?

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