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  1. I agree with you in principle. I would be happy if say, tenora prime came out with a reasonable riven dispo. Or at least slightly higher than .5. There are very few rolls that make it worth the mod slot at this point, at least in my humble opinion. The problem i see is how many times something has been released and then they "had to" eventually nerf its riven dispo all the way down. I feel like at barest minimum they could do riven tweaks every PA like they have been doing but tweak the PA weapons sa, a month after release. If it were up to me, the floor of riven dispo
  2. I guess i like this better than the gram/tiberon/etc problem of: 1) prime version of weapon nobody used gets released. 2) prime weapon starts off with high dispo. 3) because weapon is new, weapon is good, dispo is good, good/great rolls go for very high amounts of plat. Supply and demand all that. 4) de "has to" eventually nerf dispo leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths. I just wish it didnt have to take until *next prime access* for prime access weapons to get touched. From october to february is a long time.
  3. Just gonna throw this out there, -impact is currently the most sought after neg for riven traders. Impact is universally hated. It isnt really strong against anything in any way that matters and the status effect itself actually costs dps a lot of the time by making the enemies head move in an annoying way. Id love to see the salt if -impact actuallg became a bad neg.
  4. This... even the top tier primaries/secondaries with top tier rivens cant compete with say, nikana prime without a riven. The only exception being if the weapon in question has some kind of AOE and the enemies arent a high enough level to outscale your dps. Melee weapons dont drop off for quite a bit longer.
  5. I like ensnare. It might not synergize with her turrets *quite* as well as larva, but it has higher base range which doesnt restrict my build as much.
  6. This. Derpy ai. Wildly inconsistent survivability. Bugs. Abilities/precepts that arent worth using at all. Ever. I bet it boils down to either smeeta, panzer, or sly for the vast majority of players. Maybe adarza for eidolons. Maybe.
  7. All those things dont close the gap between assault rifles, and aoe weapons though. Any of those things would make aoe weapons even more powerful.
  8. Well, if we define "the meta" as optimal loadouts there are clearly optimal choices to make. Anything outside of those choices, is objectively worse, if we define the goal as "get x done as efficiently as possible". Yes, "non meta" choices can still get you to a mission success screen, but that doesnt mean there arent better options.
  9. I think he was referring to the mentality that some people seem to have, that "well, i have a moral or "skill based" highground because i dont use the meta. Meta is bad. Im a hipster. Im unique. Im cool" etc.
  10. I dont know why youre so hung up on this. 1) no, humans arent using those weapons but what point or difference does that make? A silverback gorilla can swing a bat harder than me, sure. But can a silverback gorilla magically make a 24-34 inch long baseball bat able to hit somebody several meters away? Is that bat going to go *through* several people at once? If it did (theoretically possible if it hit them hard enough i guess) would it not immediately be tearing people apart and knocking people across the room? Guaranteed 1 hits, in other words? 2) tiberon isnt a sniper rifle
  11. If we're going to use real life concepts to justify the state of melee: How can a melee weapon a few feet long (if that) smack enemies several meters away? How can a melee weapon that isnt even sharp cut through multiple enemies at a time? If a melee weapon can go "through" an enemy, let alone several, wouldnt that be immediately incapacitating if not fatal? Im not suggesting that melee should be nerfed, or guns shouldnt have to reload, or that anything like that. I just think its worth pointing out melee in this game is *by far* the strongest class of we
  12. Well, maybe secondaries and primaries *should* be balanced in context with the fact melee exists. There arent many secondaries that can compete with kuva nukor as a killing tool, or a status primer, let alone both. And the ones that can compete vs single targets cant compete with its AOE. Good primaries do exist but out of all the ones in the game there is only a few"good" ones that stand out without a lucky riven. But with mods like CO, WW, BR, there are melee weapons that can hit over 100% status chance *and* guaranteed red crits. Some of these weapons like nik
  13. I get where youre coming from but: 1) you used the words "kind of . . . Cedo". Out of hundreds of weapons in this game there are only a few that can compete with kuva nukor based as a status primer alone. Cedo might be more than adequate to compete as a status proc, but its not like its miles better, and even if it was it would be one of if not the only weapon that can be said for. If anything i wouldnt be surprised if DE turns around and nerfs cedo as well. And its a primary. DE is probably likely to nerf it just for its dominance as a secondary weapon. 2) ev
  14. Sure they'll find a way. Reduce or remove chaining. Reduce damage. Adjust crit stats or magazine size. Reduce status chance. I dont see it getting left alone. Its a dominant choice solely in terms of abilify to kill things, and its *also* one of the best if not the best secondary to use to stack condition overload.
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