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  1. If you re read my comment you'll see that I never said anyone "has to" or even "should", bro. I've also had this happen plenty of times from recruiting chat as well. I just think its dumb not to and I find it annoying because when you refuse to do it you're saying "sorry squad. I'm not gonna let you have that little extra kuva" or as I understand it, the extra murmur progress and the only possible "reason" for that is "waaaah I dont wanna get killed by the kuva lich even though I have 30 revives"
  2. I disagree with rivens being out of reach for most people. Maybe super perfect awesome god tier ultra premium deluxe rolls, but a crap or unrolled melee riven is cheap.
  3. Its always always always the most optimum choice to stab the lich. Even if you dont even have all the requiem mods you still get murmur progress. And I dont understand the "I gotta discover all 3 murmurs before I even try" mentality". Even then there are several possible combinations and it will likely take a few tries to figure it out.
  4. Right now if you want to sell anything you are competing with everyone else who happens to be sitting in trade chat with that item at that exact moment. The second they add an auction house (they wont and they shouldnt) you will have to compete with EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE GAME. You wont be able to get much plat for anything except rivens and new/uninformed players who jump at the initial thought of cheap prices would have a rude awakening when they realize its suddenly HARDER to get plat without paying for it.
  5. Uh, yeah. It does. I've made 20k plat since about last friday. From a couple hours per day in trade chat. And I didnt have to spend any real money for any of it. How much plat is worth in terms of money probably depends on how easy money is to come by for any given person but you cant just pretend there's no difference. Especially when my point was to address the "omg spending x dollars on a riven is silly" argument that a lot of people make on a regular basis around here. Maybe YOU didnt make that point but a lot of people do.
  6. And that would make rivens even more expensive. You want your good rubico riven? Now instead of being able to buy from anyone who has one, you can only buy from the dude who rolled it himself. "That guy" is gonna laugh all the way to the bank if you think that will bring prices down. Console player here. And I can tell you even here rivens go for 5k+ all day long. Sure, only the rarest/best rolls. But they do. And some rolls (like truly perfect kohms) can go for 20k+
  7. It isnt necessarily spending 200$ though. It could be platinum made from trades. And even if it wasnt it's still worth it to some people. This. A lot people say things like "that's equal to x dollars omg!!!" No... not necessarily. 2k, 3k, even 5k plat isn't the same as me writing you a check for 200$. This. I have several rivens I consider "pretty good" but a handful I consider absolutely perfect. And I wouldn't sell them for anything. I can make plat by selling miscellaneous rivens and prime parts but tell where I'm gonna find another cc multi dmg neg impact rattleguts lol
  8. I really hope DE is going somewhere with this man in the wall thing. Its been a long time, from the first time you see the doppleganger in the chains of harrow quest up until now.
  9. You're comparing way bigger studios with way more people and way bigger budgets. I'm not saying DE should get a free pass for not putting more polish on railjack before releasing it, but I dont think it's fair to ignore completely, the role "we want it NOW. Muh content drought" whining/pressure puts on them. Cool. I dont buy that its a fair comparison. DE isnt a huge developer and, its not like railjack and kuva liches have been getting 100% of the companies manpower and resources either. There have been plenty of other things on their plate. and again, I dont necessarily feel DE should get a free pass. I wish they would have either a) delayed it or b) been more upfront about the impending bugginess and let us know in advance that it isnt "finished", but let's not pretend they wouldn't get S#&$ on for delaying it either.
  10. *laughs in 10 billion threads about "content drought* People want to scream and cry for content RIGHT NOW and then act surprised when there's issues.
  11. I think hes talking about the nerf herds constant ree'ing about power creep, lack of challenge, and being OP despite having the option of not making themselves OP if they dont want to.
  12. I agree with this 100%. All of it. Borderlands/destiny AFAIK only had slight variations anyway, and even if they didnt you could roll the dice again reasonably efficiently. But super low chance to get the item at all + not able to roll the dice efficiently + chance roll will be poop? Bruh that's 3 layers of struggle.
  13. Does that actually help now? Because when I tried it (pre buff) I'd still 1 shot myself with lenz anyway. My CD/dmg/multi-infested lenz riven probably isnt helping in that regard lol Hey you know what's fun? Viral + hunter munitions against yourself.
  14. I bet its gonna be unbalanced as hell and or a mess on release. Specifically, I bet it's either gonna be so efficient you wont even need to have other players actually in your railjack, or so inefficient that it wont be worth using.
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