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  1. Yeah. So. There is no workaround. If someone is removed from their clan before being booted from both chats they won't be ejected from the chat until they relog. I feel like it would be relatively simple to make removing them from the clan also remove them from the chat but whatever. As of right now if somebody is being deliberately toxic in chat there isn't anything you can do other than submit a report to DE. Thank you. I'm really not but I dont want to see a few people single handedly turn the alliance chat into a S#&$show.
  2. I dont get it. I feel like they should. The only possible explanation I can think of is "but that would be power creep" but i doubt that, considering how insanely strong some melee weapons are right now. I feel like with the exception of baruuk's fists the exalted weapons are kinda meh.
  3. This is dumb. 1) Naromon exists. 2) DE is fine with other stat sticks, which with rivens and augments are MORE powerful. 3) psuedo exalted melee weapons need to have their own mod screen already. 4) exalted melee weapons need to be able to mods like blood rush and weeping wounds. They should be stronger than normal melee weapons otherwise whats the point of spending energy on that ability.
  4. This. I dont even use psuedo exalted weapon frames but this is stupid.
  5. I got a response from de. Its a known issue. And they linked me to the xbox one update notes and told me to keep an eye on that forum for news. Meaning, it likely won't be fixed for awhile.
  6. Yeah, Sony doesn't scare me as much as some other names. Activision would scare me. And if it was EA I'd just Uninstall now.
  7. 1) I agree. I dont buy that people feel that much pressure to buy rivens. 2) that kinda touches on the point that there are ways to get good rivens without reaching for your wallet. You'll eventually get lucky from sorties. And you can sell items to make plat. Its amazing how people love to pretend you can't get plat without paying money for it. 3) I've seen people go off about rivens because they want the shiny best stuff but don't want to actually work for it, either fighting RNG, getting a job, or grinding trade chat. So they get butthurt about it.
  8. I dont see how binding rivens to a specific player helps anybody. This is one of my peeves. Does DE have a moral obligation? No. First of all, people need to understand that the people who actually buy rivens North of 1k (several thousand, in some cases) generally make their plat from trading. You can easily make several hundred plat farming prime sets whenever prime access drops, a few thousand if you farm enough sets. A riven doesn't necessarily equate to someone spending 50/100/200 etc dollars. I can *kinda* see the "pay to win" argument but I feel like it would be a stretch to say rivens are pay to win but being able to buy other mods isn't. And I dont want to come off like a smartass but I think the fact that people do buy, sell, and trade expensive rivens is evidence enough that they like doing it.
  9. The raids were kinda fun but it could be astronomically frustrating at times. I dont mind losing or getting wrecked but it always felt like how skilled I am didnt matter that much because what you just said, somebody triggered the instakill mechanic for the whole team. Thats not what I said. I said frames shouldn't be "too similar". I wouldnt want to buy a flight sim where every plane is a 747. I do think DE has a habit of over nerfing enemies. There are other warframes that can compete with mesa as is and any of those changes would slam her into the ground. This.
  10. Probably not because: I haven't personally seen them address this, but the general consensus seems to be that it aint gonna happen. Primarily cost, and also dev time. I do think its bullcrap that a disconnect can eat your rewards though. That shouldn't happen.
  11. if you remove somebody from the clan without banning them from chat they will remain lingering in chat until they decide to log off.
  12. I submitted a ticket a few days ago. We're trying to send reports as necessary for things like N bombs but its a S#&$show.
  13. I'm in an alliance of almost 4,000 people and none of the mods (including me) can kick anyone from the chat. This has been going on since the deadlock protocol update. And now the mods are watching a few people have a contest to see who can spam the most N bombs. Great. Way to test your S#&$ DE.
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