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  1. Im gonna ask for both of these things just because you'd probably hate it tbh.
  2. I feel like its a problem, that DE made steel path and all of a sudden wants to balance the game around it. Balancing the game around level 100+ ebemies with health, armor, and shield modifiers that make them tankier than anything else in the game (realistically) is going to cause two issues. 1) the "hard mode" will be balanced as if its a new "normal mode" 2) "normal" mode will be a 1 shot fest or close to it even more than it already is. It also conveniently ignores the fact that non AOE guns lose to melee or aoe just by virtue of not being able to attack m
  3. 400 days at earliest. Over a year of logging in every single day. The mod is good enough that i dont think its fair to lock it behind such a severe timegate. Nothing else in the game is a fair comparison to the log in system. Foundry items take a few days at most. (A frame). Nothing else takes that long.
  4. The fact its unobtainable for so long to new players. I dont think that's fair. Especially for a mod that good. And yes i "earned" mine the hard way.
  5. This. It wont add anything to the gameplay except a slight inconvenience.
  6. #*!% no. This topic has been discussed so many times already.
  7. >so i can get more kills. I think thats the real crux of the issue. Even if steel path didnt exist, especially now that we have the helminth system, theres a lot of things that can compete with Mesa. Steel path does make it more apparent, though. It seems the most common hate comment is BUT SHES NO SKILL1!!!1 *laughs in inaros* *laughs in loki* *laughs in chroma with amprex or something* *laughs in mirage with aoe weapons* *laughs in wukong* *laughs in excal spam* *laughs in literally any frame with good survivability with a good melee weap
  8. Those nerfs might as well delete her from the game. You didnt give exact %'s for those nerfs but there's basically two scenarios: A) the nerfs are easy to overcome with different mods or some other means. Mesa is still "overpowered" to the people who think shes "overpowered" because the experience of the game for someone not playing mesa has not fundamentally changed and it arguably hasnt fundamentally changed for the mesa user herself. B) the nerfs are not something that are easily ignored. Theyre significant. In which case, since there are already frames/builds/loadouts that can co
  9. I have an issue with how you're construing what pablo said, so yes, i can take that up with you. He might not have been super duper happy about it, but the fact is, he is acknowledging the player's point of view, and that it isnt necessarily worth making a decision that pisses people off just because of his personal feelings on the matter. >a random player. >implying just one guy vs pablo. By the developer's own word, im not the only player who disagrees with the nerf herd mentality. Also: Pablo =/= God. Pablo being a dev doesnt mean he's right about everythin
  10. Ah yes. Someone responded to a point. So i cant reiterate the point if i agree with it. Silly me i should have known. >you like mesa >die hard mesa player >muh favorite frame. i never said shes my favorite frame. Shes not. And even if she was (she isnt) so what? Yes. I like mesa. As well as most of the frames in this game. "Hurr durr well nobody said how they'd nerf her". Ah yes. "Because nobody said how theyd nerf her specifically, you cant argue with whether or not she should be nerfed because my subjective opinion (she should be nerfed at all)
  11. The sad thing is it wouldnt even take that much effort. They should not get instantaneously evaporated every 5 seconds. They arguably should not be killable at all. I dont have a choice between sentinels and beasts. Its a choice between beasts that are way, way more survivable, can be revived, or better yet are vulpaphylas, or [DEAD] unless the mission is so short primed regen hasnt run out of #*!%s to give yet.
  12. "Holds them hostage". Thats a funny way of saying "we acknowledge that the playerbase likes some things the way they are". I dont see mesa as an outlier. Youre not gonna convince me she's significantly more busted, if at all, than: Inaros: just mindlessly spam whatever. Nothing can kill you. Baruuk. Mindlessly spam airbender mode oh look nothing can kill you. Oh hey look his 4 is mindlessly strong and practically infinitely available in high level/sp missions. Saryn. Mindlessly spam spores and or miasma oh look nothing can kill you. Revenant: mindless
  13. >i understand that it would piss off players who spent time optimising builds for x. >but screw em. No. I'll see your subjective opinion stated as fact and simply retort with: well i say its finenthe way it is. There you go. Another subjective opinion stated as fact. Okay but seriously. No. Mesa isnt the only "nuke" frame, and i dont know if you would intend to single out mesa or nerf all the other "nuke" (and i guess we're playing loose with that word) frames, but i dont see the feelies of a few nerf herders who want the game to be "challenging" even t
  14. Shes not that good as is right now. You want to make her not worth using practically ever. Please dont.
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