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  1. 1) except even the duplicate trash mods can be turned into endo and even if you have every mod in the game at max rank you can sell primed mods maxed for plat so they arent "useless"... 2) it is not reasonable for people to expect to be able to play this game 24/7/365 for several years and not ever feel bored or run out of things to do. That's like going to a Chinese buffet and eating 10 pounds of food and then complaining that you dont want any more food "because it sucks".
  2. I am grateful to the pc master race, selflessly toiling away into the wee morning hours, looking for bugs and filling meticulously logged and detailed bug reports just for the benefit of our fellow console peasants. I'm being sarcastic. They should just spend more time polishing their updates.
  3. Better than a lot of "triple a" games these days too.
  4. I'm not touching atlas prime with a 10 foot pole unless he gets a rework. Maybe I'd craft him if I accidentally got the pieces for a set while cracking open relics trying to get forma but that's it.
  5. Or just dont buy it. I'm not a fan of every single deluxe skin in the game but you wont hear me griping about it.
  6. Dont forget to ask how DE is supposed to make up for the huge financial expense solving all of those problems would entail. Oh wait I know. The people who keep demanding de upgrade to dedicated servers want them to just eat the cost.
  7. If it were up to me, it would be a ban. And it should never be rewarded. "I dont want to get a job and actually work for money to spend and i dont want to even bother to farm anything for trade either but I want someone to give me free S#&$ anyway". Really says something about the work ethic of some people. Too lazy to put any effort into a freaking videogame. I wonder what their life is like.
  8. Pretty much this. "Perfect" rolls are supposed to be exciting outliers and not the norm. If they say, doubled the amount of rerolls you could earn in an hour it would amount to buffing rivens across the board. Which I personally wouldn't mind as much as some people if there was really a point for that. Most enemies are squishy enough as it is.
  9. If only I had a dollar for every time I saw a "i cant believe i got banned for saying *insert something dumb here* in region chat".
  10. Hydroid since the loot nerf, there isnt much reason to bring him for anything. Ember because even though shes USEFUL for low level content, sure, she doesn't scale well. At all. And things like saryn exist. NYx unless you like moving really really really slow or getting dunked on by anything high level. Atlas because he has one gimmick and that's still not that great.
  11. This. Not to mention the wildly inflating/changing prices on the wolf sledge because for awhile it seemed like if you didnt get it during the event from random wolf visits you were S#&$ out of luck. But that turned out to not be the case.
  12. Kohm definitely does not need 120% status.
  13. First thing you gotta understand is riven prices are subjective to a large degree. You can say you have, just for the sake of discussion, a gammacor riven with +damage +multishot -zoom, and we can tell you based on our trading experience what we think it will go for. But that doesnt guarantee it will be easy to find somebody willing to pay that price, or that to the right buyer they wouldn't pay even more. If you want to post stats on some rivens in question we can offer opinions. If you're new to rivens I recommend you check out the "fulren riven epicness server". They have a bot that can price check rivens for you but again, it's really just an estimate. And I'm sure somebody will want to argue about the server's price checks but it's a decent place to start for people who have no idea what rivens are worth (no offense).
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