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  1. I also got a kick out of how OP made this thread and then when people say various things? REEEEEEEEEEE. Doesnt help his case that valkyr/valkyr prime is arguably one of the most survivable frames in the game.
  2. The real problem with nightwave is no matter what they do with the challenges people find a reason to cry about them.
  3. Warframe isnt a job but the sense of entitlement is just as out of place. Actually. You are right. You've been right this whole time. DE should not make it take longer than 10 minutes per week to max your standing for the entire week. Actually some people dont have time to log in every week so they should just give you the rewards for nothing. Just log in 10 weeks or so and boom. "Refuted" ROFLMAO
  4. And even if they did update the riven disposition along that idea say, every week, at that point why should we even bother? If I'm gonna go through all of that trouble to get a good riven for a gun I WANT IT to be overpowered. Why should I chase a God roll for my Latron prime if after all those layers all its gonna do is make it in the same tier as tiberon prime?* (Assuming tiberonnbhad poop dispo and latron didnt) (also I know latron prime isnt that bad but you get the point) And there are some weapons that are just bad but still got there dispo nerfed in the last update anyway.
  5. You keep accusing my analogy of not working and then use an analogy that is infinitely worse. Your "pay", by which I assume means "rewards" isnt being cut by 80 percent. It's being increased. Nightwave has better rewards than alerts even if you dont have time to play every 3rd day or so. Once upon a time I had a part time job while I was in college. I could only work on certain days because of my college schedule. I didnt throw a hissy fit when I didnt get as much standing, er I mean pay, as someone who could work 5 days a week whenever the manager needed them to. Between my responsibilities, warframe, and my other hobbies, I dont habe much time at all to play anthem. Shall I go rage like a child on their forums because SOME PEOPLE HAVE A LIFE and I dont habe a legendary whatever tier javelin yet?
  6. "What they set out to do" with it in the first place was a bad idea from get-go. If anything all weapons should have always had the same dispo, and if that makes some weapons (Tigris prime) too op than adjust their base stats. This is just balance with extra steps hidden under layers and layers of rng.
  7. Meanwhile, here in the real world: there were over 600 days spanning the gap between the last dispo update and the one before that. Quite a few rivens got nerfed. Only a few got buffed. And nothing got buffed by much. Its hilarious. The ONLY thing the disposition system accomplishes is creating an environment where players buying rivens can easily end up feeling screwed over when their riven drops in dispo, not necessarily because of balance at all but just because of usage.
  8. Pretty bold of you to assume you get to decide what is and isnt "acceptable".
  9. Please explain to me how anything I said is "screw you got mine". Hell, there are some challenges I couldn't get done either but I'm not throwing a fit because I dont feel like I'm ENTITLED to max standing in the first place. And jesus christ, how long do you want to keep up the dishonest hair splitting over a simple analogy? You can nitpick all you want. We are still talking about people who want something given to them without wanting to "work" for it. Because apparently simple tasks in a video game are too much to ask. Its pathetic. I'll be waiting for the mental gymnastics on this one Manager :I need you to work Monday through Friday this week Guy: I cant work Friday because reasons can I have a different schedule Manager: those are the only shifts I have available for you Guy: well how about I not work 40 hours this week and get paid for 40 hours anyway? Go ahead. .
  10. "No one understands it" lmao yeah no. You just want to split hairs over it because you insist on thinking you are ENTITLED to max standing without the work. And you can split all the hairs in the world at this point I just cant help but laugh at the entitlement. Some people know how to balance their lives in such a way that they actually have a decent amount of free time. Maybe someday you can be one of them 🙂 But just to watch the mental gymnastics: imagine someone getting a job. The manager sets the schedule. Manager asks you to work Monday through Friday. You cant work Friday because reasons. There isnt another shift available for you so you work less hours and get less money. You throw a temper tantrum and yell at the manager for not understanding that some people have a life. See the problembhere?
  11. It's not a flawed analogy. You just want to insist that you are entitled to max nightwave standing (or at least close to it, apparently) even if you cant play that often. "Replace the word "shift" with the word "24 hour period" and the point still stands. You could log in what, once every 3 days and still get 100% of the available nightwave standing. You can straight up not bother to get what, 40% of all the nightwave standing over a period of 10 weeks. With few exceptions, most of the challenges can be done in a few minutes. The ones that cant gice you several days to get it done. If that isnt generous enough for you I dont know what is. nd was it you who rudely pulled the whole IM SORRY I HAVE A LIFE routine or was that the other guy? I forgot. sorry I cant come into work Monday through Friday this week boss, but you can have me work this weekend and do everything I was supposed to do during the week right? Also the whole "at a certain time thing" was never meant to be 100 PERCENT GONE BEYOND A TRACE lol
  12. A) it's not "screw you I got mine". Thanks for being civil and putting words in my mouth. There is a lot of things in this game that ask for time investment that I dont have time for. I dont have time to acquire every single warframe. I dont have time to acquire every single weapon. I dont have time to use enough forma (even with plat and a booster) to make a good build for every single warframe and every single weapon. I dont have time to be mastery rank 26. But you dont see me throwing a tantrum and being disrespectful to people because they choose to invest more time than me into the game to do those things. If you are able to, and choose to invest more time into a game than me you SHOULD have at least something out of it. B) it's a valid analogy. The underlying philosophy that I am seeing is "I am ENTITLED to max nightwave standing for minimum effort and minimum time". That to me, is absurd. And it's just as absurd as saying your 20 hours of work should net you as much money as someone else's 40 hours of work despite you both being in the same position.
  13. Nightwave. Log in at least every what, third day to get the most out of it? Then there is daily log in rewards? Then theres how daily faction standing limits reset every 24 hours? Jesus.
  14. I think it's a stretch to say that days played is the only thing that matters. And even if it was, pfft, and? You expect me to have a problem with that? My point still stands. It is ENTIRELY reasonable that people who invest more time into the game, OR those who can log in more often (or, both, usually) progress faster than those who dont. Also, some jobs have peak times that pay better so that's a thing.
  15. That's a stretch. The guy I was responding to was talking about the amount of time not the allocation of time. There is an important difference there. But even so, here is my response: Employee works 5 nights a week at a restaurant. He works 8 hour shifts and that includes dinner and lunch rush, times where you would get the most tips. Employee b, CHOOSES to work the graveyard shift, and then throws an entitled hissy fit when he gets less tips than employee a. This isnt even an argument over "participation trophies". Now people get mad if they dont get thr trophy... even if they barely participate at all.
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