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  1. Ah yes, because pointing out flaws in a particular criticism automatically makes someone a "white knight". Do you like my armor?
  2. That isnt DE's fault. Console updates have to go through certification.
  3. It's an imaginary, made up term made by people who had to redefine what "content" is in order to justify their endless stream of "content drought" complaints. It's a goal post move.
  4. Another day another whiny content thread. They've been releasing content on a regular basis but people now gotta redefine what "content" means to suit their crybaby narrative.
  5. Hahahahahaha like they're gonna add dedicated servers across the globe for one mode a lot of people dont even play
  6. My point stands. You listed several things that can increase your supply of energy. If YOU think energy should be more scarce YOU are more than welcome to not use certain mods/arcane energize to make it more scarce. The game gives you that option. If you want to ask DE to break both of our arms so you dont feel like you arent making progress (which makes no sense) dont be surprised when people disagree with you.
  7. Oh look, another "we NEED dedicated servers" thread. Thank god. We really needed one more. Okay. *since DE hasn't even mentioned considering this it will probably not happen for a long time, if ever. *yet again someone forgets to adequately consider the cost and complexity of switching to dedicated servers but DE is just supposed to eat it. *friendly reminder that dedicated servers always work 100% of the time and never have lag or outages. *this thread probably doesnt belong in general discussion anyway.
  8. The few weapons that could actually use ammo mutation would suddenly be way better. I'm looking forward to see what actually fits.
  9. My apologies. Would you like a banana? Yeah it's silly. I lurk here quite a bit. And every single time I click this page I see several of the same threads over and over. Dedicated servers. Mandatory rework. Mandatory buff. Mandatory nerf. Rivens are the devil. #*!% everyone who buys rivens. Rng sucks. It's completely mandatory that DE give us dedicated servers. Poorly thought out idea for a new frame or weapon. DE bad because whatever the flavor of the month is. I have 1500+ hours on this game and theres nothing to do and theres not enough content (LOL). Content drought thread. The content they just released isn't content. This game isnt hard enough. Something is too hard. I mean honestly if people are gonna take a dump on this thread for not being "constructive enough" the least they could do is be consistent and take a dump on every other useless thread.
  10. It's not irrelevant, though. Unless you want to pretend that someone giving you plat for an item you earned for free has the same effect on your bank account as you buying the plat direct from DE. At what point I had over 10k in plat just from trade chat. And that wasnt even getting that sweaty about it. This whole "yOuR bLoWiNg ReAl DoLlArS" mentality is silly. And I think it comes from people too lazy to either get a good job or spend time in trades.
  11. You're right. That's an extremely unpopular opinion. You dont want to play with one hand tied behind your back but youd be fine with them breaking everyone's arm across the board. Some people LIKE being overpowered.
  12. You're right. He never should have made this thread. It's an interruption from the threads constantly complaining about nightwave, or how the game isnt difficult enough, "mandatory rework/nerf/buff x" threads, and every other dead horse that's already been pounded into glue. God forbid anyone discuss player interaction in a general discussion forum. Oh the humanity. And people come here to complain about it.
  13. If you feel like the early game was more challenging and more fun for you, you know you dont have to use completely min maxed builds all the time right? You can make the game more challenging by making yourself less powerful. I'm not making any assumptions about you, but I think it's funny how people will put like 6 forma in a warframe so they can use umbral mods, use maxed arcanes, use three riven modded weapons with like 30 forma between them, and use mods that have like 70 trillion worth of endo and then wonder why everything dies like ants.
  14. This. I think people dont really think about what they're asking for sometimes. It would be quick and easy for them to give enemies 10x as much health and 10x as much damage (or more) and call it good but "challenging" doesnt necessarily mean "fun".
  15. This. Primed heated charge might suddenly be fantastic. Heat might be the new corrosive. This. I want to know how it would compare to corrosive procs.
  16. Yeah and a lot of people both here and in game dont seem to understand that. I see things like "omg I cant believe someone would ask 200+ dollars (or whatever it is) for x riven". Plat isnt that hard to make in this game. Some vaulted prime sets, some arcanes if you farm eidolons, buying rivens with bad stats and rerolling and selling them when you get a decent roll, or whatever else. Telling someone something isnt worth anything because you personally don't like it is giving them bad advice. This. I dont care if its baseball cards/cars/guns or anything else people collect. "What something is worth" should be estimated by "how much could you reasonably expect to get for it". "Its worth nothing because I personally dont like it" is just bad advice.
  17. This. I would never buy a baseball card. At all. But that doesnt mean some of the rare ones arent worth anything, or that I have some high ground to tell collectors that they're idiots or that the whole concept is a "scam". That metaphor is a false equivalency. Rivens are worth potentially so much more than their weapons because of the rarity for good rolls. Every tiberon prime set that anyone has for sale is identical but the same cannot be said for their rivens. You're also using your personal, subjective feeling about rivens/trade chat to make blanket statements about their worth and that logic ain't exactly ironclad.
  18. I dont like the pattern I'm seeing here. They release a weapon like fulmin or catchmoon (there are other examples I'm not listing them all) that are very strong to begin with and they KNOW or should know they're going to be popular. People invest time, plat and money into getting good rolls for these weapons because of course they will, they're op af with a good riven because even "3" on a good weapon can be pretty good. Then they get nerfed. Often to the point that they end up nerfed so hard people wouldn't have invested the time/plat/money into them in the first place, arguably. In b4 "bUt De DoEsNt SeT pRiCeS". Let's not pretend they're not profiting off this, and let's not pretend this is like the stock market or something where things just happen. DE has godlike control over this game. Tldr; new weapons that they know/should know are gonna be super popular and op should start out with a lower dispo that way it isnt a "bait and switch after you bought it" kind if deal.
  19. I'm happy for you I guess but you're just one guy. A lot of people used loot ability synergy to get rare resources and resources in general.
  20. Cert isnt about minor gameplay bugs or even major ones as far as I know. It's about whether or not the update will brick your console or something.
  21. I saw that. Good. I already have hundreds of orokin cells and whatnot so it never really affected me but I know it was a $&*^ punch to newer players.
  22. My thoughts exactly. This. I dont expect an ai weapon to be all that strong because it would turn into an afk thing pretty quickly but I feel like it would be reasonable to at least proc status.
  23. This. One or the other wouldn't piss me off but both together seem like an overbearing cash grab.
  24. It really is. And threads about this topic usually get locked and or disappear and I gotta say it's not a good look for DE. For people who spend a lot of time in trade chat like I do it might not be that difficult to always have a decent amount of plat "in reserve" so you dont risk going negative but that isnt practical advice for everybody and I really, really dont like the thought of someone having to pay money to get access to the game to undo something somebody else did that they had no control over.
  25. This. And look at the account you're trading with. If a low mastery rank, and or low play time player wants to buy a prime set off you for at most, a few hundred plat, that's probably fine. Nothing suspicious about that. But if a low MR, low playtime player wants to buy an expensive af riven that's something I would be suspicious of. Sure, a chargeback from an MR 27 with 5k hours could still happen but I think it's reasonable to assume people with more time invested in the game would be less willing to risk a ban.
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