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  1. If i wanted to aoe spam that wouldnt stop me. Id either just put a modicum of effort into aiming so i dont stagger myself, or just pick a frame that doesnt have to worry about self stagger.
  2. Welcome to the most sweaty, toxic, tryhard part of the game. Efficiency might be the difference between getting 3 arcanes in one night cycle or getting 9. So there are always going to be super sweaty tryhard salt licks that will completely come unglued if you dont have the most sweaty tryhard meta hugging optimal loadouts possible. This is why i dont play eidolons at all.
  3. I realize this is kind of a different subject but i would use rhino a lot more if not for this.
  4. I wasnt aware op was saying that prome weapons had to be "top of the line alpha and omega at all times". That sounds pretty straw manny. I personally think the game has enough MR fodder as it is and doesnt need more. I think new primes should at least be competitive.
  5. 1) i can add EMPHASIS to random WORDS by making SOME words CAPS too but im not gonna do that because i think its annoying so maybe not lecture other people about what is annoying? 2) just because somebody else made a point that means nobody else can share that point or agree with it? Lol no. 3) i dont know why you're white knighting so ludicrously hard. Saying "you know, i just think 1 thing is obnoxious" doesnt MEAN that im making DIGITAL EXTREMES out to be nazis or something and even if i was, i dont see why youre so emotionally invested in defending them. 4) hammering the point that there are costs that need to be recouped because it doesnt cost money up front doesnt mean blank check, carte blanche, any conceivable time gate, grind, microtransaction, or any other monetization strategy is 100% perfect and nobody is allowed to criticize it. 5) if im not mistaken, the comment about plague star being gone was before they announced it coming back. And if it was after the announcement, fine. You got me there. My bad. 6) "NOBODY SAID YOU GOTTA MAX EVERYTHING REEEEE" I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game and hundreds of hours in trade chat. Even if forma took 1 second to craft and was free from the market place i still find it obnoxious i have to level so many weapons 5 times to get all the mastery out of it. I cant think of one good reason for this being a thing. Its repetitive. Its grindy. And it feels unnecessary and arbitrary when for years the standard has been you just gotta get it to 30 once and then thats it. Why not make it 10 forma? Why not 6? Why not 20? Who decided hey you know what lets make it take 5 times as long to get the mastery out of it players will love that. And dont try to defend it by saying "but muh capacity" when they could have added that as a bonus anyway, and its not necessary. Nobody is gonna hold a gun to your head and make you do it but i could say the same thing about playing the game at all whenever anybody says anything critical of the game period.
  6. 1) it takes 23 hours to craft one forma. I dont think its a stretch to say that equals 1 forma per day for most people. Between the tenet and kuva weapons that is 155 forma, if im not mistaken. If im not mistaken that would require about 51 forma bundles. Or about 1800 plat. Im sorry i feel like thats excessive. Why do weapons suddenly need 5 forma to get all mastery? How does the player benefit from that? Isnt it just arbitrary grind? Why not make it 10? Or make all weapons need five forma? 2) whats existed for a long time, is weapons not requiring even 1 forma to get all the mastery out of them. THAT wasnt broken. 3) you seem awfully bothered by my opinion for some reason. They can say F it and shut down the game completely if they want to, but saying things like "but muh entitlement" doesnt mean criticism is automatically invalid. PS has been around several times and given forma each time. THAT aint broke.
  7. This tbh. I would do more fissures if i didnt feel like enemies were made of wet tissue paper.
  8. It seems disproportionately likely to happen when trying to get a lich/sister. And its extremely annoying. Especially when it took 85+ tries to get a kuva zarr lich.
  9. Being free to play doesnt mean a person cant find certain monetization strategies obnoxious. That also doesnt mean that a person cant find any particular grind to be obnoxious. I havent been here since day one but my understanding is forma as we know it has stayed the same for far longer than kuva/tenet weapons. Then theres galvanized mods and umbral mods and more primed mods and the fact DE got rid of plague star and didnt put the crafted forma reward into something else. Im not gonna rage quit or call DE EA or anything but i think its a fair criticism.
  10. This. "But muh challenge". It isnt "challenging". Its just annoying.
  11. Theres nothing about this system i like.
  12. Time gate mixed with RNG mixed with resource burn resulting in a dice roll you can only play every 4 weeks, at most. I hope it gets changed.
  13. I personally feel like having a good riven is a lot less noticeable/important in a lot of cases now, and that's probably a good thing. +damage and +multishot with a harmless neg would be a solid roll on most if not basically every ranged weapon in this game. And now that's essentially guaranteed to be available for you (grinding required of course) any weapon you want. I also genuinely feel like ranged weapons are at least as viable as melee weapons now and i really enjoy that.
  14. Make it more like the titanfall 1 smart pistol. It sucks so bad rn.
  15. Im sure DE can figure out a way to address this.
  16. I think OP has a point. "Oh hey. Go grind the thing you thought you would never need again". "Unless you want to pay up lol" Its short sighted at best. Lazy game design and money grubbiness at worst.
  17. Imagine if the update wasnt busted beyond belief on launch day though. *falls through the floor in railjack and flies into deep space* Or the "we realized grind for x was absurd so we nerfed it after you already got everything" :) Im a little salty the merciless buff only lasts 4 seconds. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  18. Yeah, us console peasants might not have to wait longer than PC players this time but every time theyve done this type of release before, we get to wait another month or two after the release for all the inevitable bugs and such. Im scared.
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