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  1. As a temporary resolve; if you need to see that screen; you can get to it through the main menu; communications, and select clan from there; but i also am having this happen if this is classified as a bug.
  2. Not a fan of the new map myself; while it looks good; i don't like it as a index map. too much wasted time running around in circles or sitting around a corner from the same spots where the brokers spawn in, The old map had variety to the spawn locale, a good distance to utilize plenty of warframe abilities, and a intriquite yet unintrusive design to it's layout; plenty of energy spawns and the likes around the map. +1 for reintroducing the old map back in to the rotation again; nothing to say we cant have 3 different maps after all.. just not a fan of the new map as a "replacement."
  3. Hope everything goes smooth; Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. Thank you as always~ Glad to see the news.
  5. Operation Hostile Mergers: Endurance Notes from what i've noticed in my runs with the clan; The Demolysts are not consistent still; The Moa has 2-3 times as much toughness at similar levels in mission as compared to in simulacrum; same applies for Satyr at 1-2~ times tougher; we did testing between level 80- 100 - 120 - 150 and my current highest at 165 for all Demolysts. The nullifying effect can prevent frames effects from targeting Demolysts; but it is inconsistent; on MOST we have a mesa that can target them when the "Pulse" wears off of the demolyst; but often times the mesa cannot target the Demolyst at all, even recasting. It seems to just be isolated to the two listed here; the other Demolysts are mostly consistent; no major issues and upwards into the 150-180 level they're manageable to kill and deal with; where as the robotic type ones even with their elemental weakness's on hand we often cannot kill them in time. (usually Moa, sometimes Satyr.) The Moa is frustrating to deal with; i'm not sure how some of the other clans are dealing with them personally, they just seem like a really hard progression stopper and annoyance being as tough as they are compared to all other Demolysts, and being as inconsistent as they are in terms of being able to be targeted by abilitys. (for the other mesa(s) on my team.) Just reporting what I've personally seen myself. Personal best is in the 8600 range with 4 members (Factor for total score if you wish.) after two Moas' that ate everything, unloading into them; 4 shield disruption and two Coaxion to get full 100% (as compared to 99.6 with only one maxed) all other enemies and Demolysts caused no issues but it was just not worth trying to continue to push after that point of frustration. The amalgams scaling on damage seems a bit high I.m.o. compared to even the eximus units' in the same level zone (eg lv-120 compared to another 120.) (pointing out specificly Alkonost and Kucumatz). if this is intended; they're pretty much a one shot kill at near lv 150-180 for any frame without atleast 75% Damage mitigation, and often times still a VERY hard hit to swallow if you have some level of mitigation. >Compared to the Demolyst moa; this is nothing more than an inconvencience.
  6. Thank you for the updates, as always.
  7. For Orbiter: Any chance we can get more ship customization items? (Rare crates if fully scanned?) Orokin themed items, or even grineer, Orokin, and corpus storage containers? > Per room colorization options? > Any chance to upgrade or even split the capacity of the main (Navagation area) and lower main area of the ships' capacity for decoration? > Personalized ship interiors? (Example being we have a liset themed orbiter; any chance we can have a different lay-out if say someone was using a mantis instead; or a xiphos? ) Ayatans: Old man Suumbat's Ayatan on his desk coming into rotation anytime soon? Warframe's: The ability to pick what form we roam relays / hubs in when using Equinox (prime)? > Ability to mod Equinoxs' Day / Night form seperately? > Ability to play as "Combined" Form equinox in-mission? See you in the Dev-stream.
  8. Exploiter Orb Fixes: Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time! Glad i dont need to farm it anymore.. i feel for all the people running still for the 3% Drop chance (Each) Ephemera. not fun to have to repeat something over 100 times to get two items based on Rng, but it was done with and without the skip, this just takes longer now with the option gone.. Rip bomb nova, missed playing her since the trials were removed.
  9. Any chance to get new - or in this case "old" items implemented as ship decorations? Orokin themed items? Storage containers from each faction? > Perhaps a idea stemming from something along the lines of; if you have all rare crate scans for "X Rare storage crate" (eg corpus, orokin, Grineer) you can get a small version of it perhaps without the sound effects to place around your ship as well? they are quite the treat to hunt for; much like the collectable Kuria and Crystal fish.. just a thought. Any update on the plans to implement the Ayatan Statue shown on Old Man Summbats' desk that was discussed in a previous devstream? Octavia's alt skin (Diva) wire-frame for her hip / makes a lot of Syandanas' flow really... wonky, if you guys get a chance can we have a look-over and perhaps smoothing of it? ❤️ Keep up the awesome work.
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