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  1. Thank you for the update and continued hard work
  2. Not a fan of the dumbed down combo system, switching between quite a few melee's feels like a bit of a let down across the board.. Can we request a toggle system for being able to switch between Melee 1.5 combo system (Move sets) and Melee 2.0? That bare minimum would make me happy enough to continue piling time into my wandering of the star chart. I'll be doing my diligence with the new changes; but right away i've got to admit; im not a fan at all of the new combo set; Wukong is fine; sure, but I loved the flow of quite a few of the older weapon styles that now feels marred and broken with the new system.. I've invested far too long into fine tuning learning the old system to just throw it away; i'd sooner take a hiatus while this stuff has time to bake.
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