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  1. psycedelic

    MR 30 Test

    could not agree more or less, rework inc when? :) maybe start playing more excal then.
  2. when my clan removed the Dry Dock (finding a new place for it) it kinda crashed for me also.
  3. why not goto dry dock to lock "affinity" in rather then abort makes most logic to head home after deep space travel
  4. For some reason ive got this popup window at random times. this is the latest - https://i.imgur.com/cJO1BWX.png Was about to go first sortie for tonight and was stuck in loading screen, group disbanded and went back to orbiter. When i did start the sortie again, i could not. "Had to clear Zealoid Prelate" again. Quite annoying to reboot the game to get rid of this error.
  5. Hello! Really not sure where i should post this problem. My problem is - when im a party leader and try to invite people over to my orbiter they get loading screen i guess then left party and could not enter the orbiter. Some people actually wanna check it out some times. What can i do to solve this problem? Best regards - Psycedelic
  6. totaly agree on this one why mother token? xD why not grandmother.
  7. had this problem too not sure how i got to rank3 but i did.
  8. its necramechs on several places ive counted like 7 places i think
  9. Had this problem with same mission 2 different vaults. Sorry for bad cropping of pictures. Best regards.
  10. use Nyx Psychic Bolts that removes 100% defenses and they are dead in 2secs kinda
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