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  1. lol no, i was not there just to farm acolytes. was mainly there to farm lua lens bps and somantic fibers and noticed that acolytes never spawned.
  2. ye nice farm you got there half a billion, 24k plat, 4k ducats and 10mil endo. Casual player with fam - current steel essence farm is horrible. I like then i got enter a game ~1h and kill eximus units and get ~200 or more steel essence, if that is not an option. 1h steel path arby to have SE on rotation reward and drones dropping it and acolytes in the game = that would be fun.
  3. There is not soo much more in this game then resources, kuva and some prime parts that you really need. .. Sure add so that you get parts from things you dont have collected so when spamming this you slowly fill out our your items/frames/pets etc just by playing 1 kind of mission
  4. When will Arbitrations Steelpath version come? Drones drop steel essence instead, steel essence as rotation reward and acolytes will be there as well. And please fix so that acolyte spawn in Lua Disruption steelpath... Went a mission there before... 1½ hour without a single Acolyte.
  5. ill help you out when full crossplay is a thing :D
  6. thanks but no thanks :) want to buy from DE if possible :P also could be some copyright problems for the company if they print out those shirts not sure tbh
  7. Hello DE, Would it be a possiblity for founders to buy a replacement t-shirt the one we got ~8 years ago... mine has quite a few wear and tears on it and i would love to buy a new one with same print on it. Best regards
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