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  1. i get this big shadow in my games while playing sevagoth and gloom is active.
  2. you can use https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Preparation on shadow and have 100% energy everytime you use the shadow it counts as spawn into mission. Overall i like these ideas and i agree. movespeed is horrid you can get bit faster movespeed with bullet jump or forward block attacks.
  3. Password guide (only use this as a guide) keep passwords safe with 1password or Keepass https://www.security.org/how-secure-is-my-password/
  4. My ingame UI buggs out so i cant see party members, cant leave current group, or vote on next missions. The top left GUI is just gone. https://i.imgur.com/biCtVJY.png https://i.imgur.com/QGuRGNX.png
  5. but more options would be awesome. Yubikey is hardware authenticator. "hard token" Authy is avaible as desktop app (and it works for all pages im pretty sure) "soft token"
  6. ye maybe the case or something but it should not be the case if you ask me, if you pick any lua missions you can almost count on the sentients to spawn and thats the risk of lua it should not stop the acolytes from spawning. Its the chaos i was looking for :( hope DE take a look into this.
  7. you can keep it in the cloud :) just keep it under cryptomator vault on the cloud and add yubico on the keepassXC database file :D
  8. any other authenticator would be much better then mail code authenticator.
  9. Hey! Would it be a possibility in near future to add better 2FA to the webpage in form of yubikey option? Not sure how the current 2FA works but i barly see it send me any code to my mail or anything (it could be top notch protection) Anyways just me randomly thinking :)
  10. My and a clanmate or alliance mate went to farm some Lua lens bps on the Lua disruption mode. So i asked if someone wanted to tag along and also clear it on steelpath to get some acolytes for steel essence... 2bird 1stone. But 2 runs there first run ~30min gave us 1 acolyte. 2nd run game us ZERO acolytes 34min 39sec run. All other missions ive done they normaly spawned in around 5ish mins and kept on spawning in around every 5ish mins. But to get NONE kinda sad.
  11. its on even if you cast other abilities, it turns off when you reach 0 energy. i have it on sandboi with hunter adrenalin
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Was farming RJ Voids 2man party. while suddenly the Forward artilery become a just a normal turret of unknown mk rank. (Video link) VISUAL: Normal REPRODUCTION: n/a EXPECTED RESULT: n/a OBSERVED RESULT: n/a REPRODUCTION RATE: n/a
  13. Had a thought about Sevagoth and his kit, its all nice and dandy. But he is somewhat railjack based/void warframe who has been lost in deep space with his railjack. Would it not be fitting that he gained from "hidden"power when he pilots the railjack or using gunnery maybe even forge. Pilot - we already have warframe that bypasses the energy consumption (Lavos) could he not have the same? (maybe have his shadow roam the ship while pilot) Gunnery - less heat acceleration? Forward Artillery - cheap shot? As he is now and being lost in space and had his own "flying dutchmen of s
  14. which version of Tiberon do you have? Normal or Prime? diffrent stats for both.
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