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  1. Hello. Im selling two statsticks. The one for Gara: *sold* 400p And the one for Khora: 700p Both are dispo 5 and unrolled. For questions contact me in the game under the same name. Khora statstick remains.
  2. Im not reading 13 pages, but anyone already mentioned that with the influx of umbral polarities the rise of umbrals and IMO the usage of Corrosive Projection rises?
  3. I have "hotfix deploying" since 5 minutes? Is that normal? Wow. It finished. That took ages.
  4. Thanks for the patch! As always its a pleasure to get such an awe.... Wait... her butt is broken! Stop everything! FIX HER BUTT! I dont care at all about content or performance issues. FIX HER BUTTTTTTTttt! What a crappy patch!
  5. PUG: Chroma, inaros, inaros, khora - 11min 40sec. No one died, 1 revive. If some people need several revives, it takes like 13min.
  6. Im just doing sortie level 1 where I have to distroy hives and I dont see any fields or spheres. I just suddenly loose all my energy. Is this a new bug?
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