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  1. You can fu&&%%ng blame someone for not thinking ahead" this will change" and try to make better a weapon he loves. This is fk up. It;s not the player's fault for putting time and effort into something since it was avainlable in the game to do so. Your mentality is crap.
  2. so basically fu%^^^ the time and effort someone put into kuva farming or riven challanges, why give us rivens in the first place if they are gonna change it entirely? nah, this means this game doesn't appreciate the effort you put into it, so there is not use to play it anymore since the "fun" will be replaced with frustration. if this was their intentions, kudos!!
  3. the problem is that for many many people this changes are annoying, since they put a lot of time and effort and money into them. But if you're so selfish to only care about your "fun", then ok, but you;d be playing alone this game since many will quit it soon.
  4. We are angry not because they don't buff with rivens powerfull weapons,we are f$%^%4 angry because they ddn't change anything for a year, players put kuva and time and money into rivens just to get them worth nothing. We are angry because DE doesn't even check the content they release and they modify it "if it's broken" after a year, when the players get used to it.
  5. What power gap? what are you talking about? there is not power gap, this is not a game where everything should be the same lvl. There are stuff which are weaker than others. What i'm saying reflects the opinions of others who want to quit the game because they no longer care about it, if DE changes everything the worked for. You want chaos, you want people not to have fun, you want people to all be the same ="communism", you "balanced game" means everybody has the same power even if one played the game for 5000 hours or 5 houres. this seems fair to you right?
  6. Those weapons didnt get nerfed because people were using them. those weapons got nerfed because some people complained about them. Nobody was using lanka outside of PoE,nobody because it's not hard to use it.
  7. It's my f$%%$^## right to whiny about the nerfs since i spend good hours into getting a good riven and farming a lot of kuva for it. It;s my time, my money, my effort!!!! i want to whine as much as i want ok? this is not fair and nobody like to feel cheated
  8. So according to your logic, if i buy a Ferrari with 100 000 euros, then the company from Ferrari take my motor and changed it with a seat one, that is fair right? People are doing what they feel like, you seem angry of people who make plat or good rivens.....leave people have their fun. If they don't many will leave the game. there is no point of staying in a game where it doesn't recognise your progress or your effort you put in.
  9. it stops being fun, when you invest a lot of time and effort into something and they destroy it in a second. that's takes away the "fun", nobody likes unfairness.
  10. of course not, your time and money means nothing to them....
  11. no, you don't get the system, the weaker weapons are low mr requited, they are for new players to get used to the game playing lower content. That is the reason why weak weapons exist. But that doesnt mean that me, a veteran with 3k hours should use those weapons since i invested a lot of time to have good gear. That makes no sense. You want everybody to use the weakest weapons but those were designed for new players.
  12. No, you're wrong!!! This game doesnt need nerfs, it needs more chalanging enemies. And of course a player with 3k hours is gonna be powerful since he put that much time into the game. you;re afraid a noob will be weak compared to a veteran? that's natural. You keep using fancy words but not saying anything. you just give vague answers. there are weaker weapons and stronger weapons, everybody knows that, but you guys want to have veteran to use mk paris cuz because "it's not meta". Pls give me a real reason why these nerfs are taking place. And no more vague answers.
  13. so how would that affect you, that i am using most high tier weapons? how exactly is that bad? why would anyone want to use a weapon that does no damage? This is a PvE game, it doesn't need that much "balance" like a pvp game. how does balance affects you if i have a god lanka riven? how? i hate this mentality.
  14. The DE wants you to hunt eidolons with your mk-paris, because if you are too good you're not gonna spend thousands of houres in their precious game.
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