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  1. That's unusual, since they changed when I was in Appearance.
  2. Coming back to this - and thank you for those who are enjoying this thread - some other things come to mind. Unarmed Melee: I'd love to have my warframe or tenno be able to do simple hand to hand. Martial arts without the need for actual melee weapons. They don't need to have mods - but just an option to be able to punch, kick, and headbutt with a style unique to the Warframe - and perhaps unique to the Focus you're currently on. Tenno Weapons: Smaller scale weapons - a knife, a pistol. Something to be used when you're running around and out of energy. It'd be kind of cool to see the Tenno go all stalker-assassin through a mission, creeping up and doing stealth kills. Kavat Toys: I'd really like my kavat to play with the toy I got her. ❤️
  3. As you can see, I have the Nyx Aures - which is a lovely Tennogen. I chose a blue energy for her - but you can see the ear-bits are still purple. When I went back to 'Appearance' they switched blue, but when I left Appearance, they reverted back to purple.
  4. So, just finished 30 rounds of Arbitration defence, and one of the players had been talking about bailing on round 30. I asked why, and we talked back and forth over it. I mean, sure, one person died, but we were going strong with no sign of slowing down. He said he didn't like the map - we were in a central area (typically for Grineer defence) against gobs of infested, but we had six or seven turrets down in the area, a Mesa spectre to drop glass shields to protect the zone, and we were kicking butt. I noted this, and he agreed, defence-wise, we were rocking socks. "But we're getting so little from it." he said. I responded, "I'm getting lots of focus?" He's like, "You can get 500k a night Eidolon hunting." My reply, "That's work. This is play." And that's just it. For me? These endurance runs are fun. I had a blast doing the hour-long Kuva survival without using life support. I love doing the 30, 40, 50+ round marathons in defence. I love seeing how far I can push myself in Arbitrations and Onslaughts. My greatest wish is to do an 'Exterminate' mission without a time limit. Just wander around, killing higher and higher level opponents, without having to worry about 'running out of air' or 'protecting this person' or whatever. Just give me infinite enemies to kill, and let me decide when I wanna leave. I'm pretty sure I'd be staying there until the stage kicked me out (by slaughtering me). And that's just it - Arbitration and Onslaught have a hard limit. You die in Arbitration, that's it. You run out of efficiency in Onslaught, that's it. Why on earth would you want to leave before that? Sure, you might not get 'much', but you get something. And something, I feel, is always better than nothing - plus the fun of picking up a bit more focus, and killing a few more peeps. I dunno - I like seeing how far I can go, just seems some people don't I guess.
  5. Got to admit, I'd love to see spears. Long spears, short spears, thrown spears. That'd be awesome.
  6. More Cutscenes: Specifically, some at the beginning. Provide players some story elements working all the way up to the Second Dream and such. Give them some more lore, help flesh out the story and the experience for the new players so they can get a little more direction. Perhaps Space Mom talks to the Tenno a bit more, 'go check this out, we noticed this, find out what's going on'. Or even have the initial quests be more towards telling the story in a way that feels more organic. Your Choices Matter: At the beginning, you can choose to try to save people - or not. And in the end, the decision didn't matter, it didn't change the outcome. But it was a choice - it should matter. The decisions you make later? They should matter to your game in a way that feels significant - even if nobody else sees it. Your 'alignment', the path of your focus, the choices you've made along the line should all, I think, mean something in the long run. Maybe in the way some characters deal with you. Perhaps friendships are forged, perhaps some are lost. Interpersonal Relationships: It'd be kind of cool to have certain NPCs react to you differently depending on how often you see them, what favours you pull, perhaps donations and the like. The reputation with the Syndicates, the Ostrom, Fortuna, the Quills, these are all good examples, and it would be cool if you could get similar things with Maroo, Simaris, Darvo, etc. I think it'd be really cool if they all had something akin to reputation that actually did something. Maybe they might drop you a deal from time to time - offer something unique to them that you might not see if you didn't have that kind of rep. (Hey, imagine if Maroo gave you an ayatan star once in awhile?) It'd also be kind of interesting if you could have conversation trees with these characters as you progress through the story, maybe even get one or two to come with you on missions as an NPC - or imagine if you could actually have a pair of syndicate backups on non-syndicate missions? Or even have someone hang around on your orbiter from time to time? Anyway. That's just my wishlist - things I'd kind of like to see to add texture and depth.
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