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  1. Verticality, I could totally see using on Hildryn or Wisp. Loyal Herd. Frees up one or two slots on my Companions, so I'm okay with that. Not so sure on the other ones though, but I could see them for some builds.
  2. You might find it stupid, I find it pleasant. I like floofs. I love the Shawzin, and kind of wish it had an 'autoplay' function, so you could play music you've plugged into it without playing 'guitar hero'. I would love to have an articula-sized Ivara follow me around wherever I go - in the fashion I've chosen for it. For me, that'd be cool, not stupid. Yeah, having it sitting on a perch would also be cool. Or have the quokka hop around the ship.
  3. I was thinking about something I've enjoyed in MMOs and would love to see here in Warframe. Mini-Pets! Just, tiny figures of your Warframes, that can follow you around, and have their animations set. The way I see it, you'd get them in the market for plat, you pick which of your builds you want it to look like (think articulas), and they go into your gearwheel. When you're out on a mission, or in one of the relays, you could pop it out, and it would follow you around. They'd not have abilities, but still, I think it'd look really cool. (Maybe you could also do your kubro or kavat, so you have a mini pet following you around). And heck, if you've scanned someone, you could have them follow you around instead. Mini corpus, mini grineer, mini Clem...
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