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  1. Why is machette, a weapon held by all scorpions units in the game, is so hard to obtain? It should be avaible on the market already.
  2. Can we have the three Zealot of season 2 as death mark assassins for infested invasion or as the infested Steel path counterpart of the Acolytes? That would be a great way to introduce them back to the game .
  3. Bows, arm cannons and many other weapons still dont have wall latch animation. To the point my bow shoots arrow itself.
  4. Can we have the infested turn in blue when Fass cycle is up please? You showed us that effect during Tennocon and many devstream in the Cambion Drift but gave no information about when that feature will be added to the game.
  5. Deimos Larva drone (the flying tentacles) will prevent any type of enemies to spawn until their death. Its been since the release of Deimos that this bug persist and its still here.
  6. The upcoming change is really bad. It is actually a big nerf. Now clones are force to do 3 animations marks on each enemies, wich gonna make BS a lot slower. Idk why they have to change bs that way. Hes already deal a ton of damage for a very low cost.
  7. I think its a big waste of ressource to not use the three zealot from nw season 2 (Zealot Herald / Baptizer and Proselytizer) as assassin Death marks like Stalker, the trio and hunter Zanuka for infested invasion.
  8. Since the release of DeadLock protocol, Juno elite crewman possess supras with aoe damage. Bypassing abilities, melee block and walls, It force you to play tanky /DR frame in Higher level and do not reward you for dodging and blocking their attacks (since they ignore it) Please remove the aoe of their weapon.
  9. Clearly a ship. That thing have a mounted giant soma prime right under the "cockpit". Orokin love making organic stuff like super weapon or orokin towers, so a giant space worm ship to travel in the void could make sense. Also It is called a "Tubificid" from the ArtStation of Samuel Complain-Egin.
  10. I am starting to wonder if it is a intended feature at this point. Its been months and nothing have been done. (also bump to prevent repost)
  11. Nezha firewalk and Thermal sunder on Ember. To my surprise, her passif work on subsume abilities and theses two ability synergize well with it.
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