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  1. From last Devstream, DE showed a stat chart showing Mesa 1 being the most replaced abillity of the game via helminth. So I thought of a solution or rework that would provide her a new tool to her gameplay that will synergy with the rest of her kit without being too broken or theme off. Lucky shot Lucky shot provide Mesa the ability to make ricochet every of her next shot. From wall to enemies, Mesa bullets will always find a way to reach her next target. Lucky shot give a number of charge (Base 20 charge) that turn every projectiles shot by Mesa into a bouncing projec
  2. I am doing test atm with the vizier predasite and some of them I made have different size. What I want to know is does the one you capture in the wild keep his stats. The wild predasite also have different size. This is why Im asking to thoses who do not have a certain species crafted and captured to take a screen of their catch during the capture and one after crafting it. Size difference (pet) Giant Vizier Predasite found in the wild :
  3. Juno Elite crewmen deal AoE damage on impact. Making it impossible to dodge or block with melee or ability such as dread mirror, Elude and Volt. Credit to :Eldritch Kittens for the video.
  4. I found 2 inside vault. and I spend 10 mins doing everything imaginable to pick thems up. melee jump, void dash, Bulletjump dropkick, power, shooting at it, activing nearby monolite. You cant pick them up.
  5. DE didnt even showed the numbers for the abilities nerfed yet and everyone act like the whole helminth systeme is death. Hilarious
  6. I think its more of a bug than a voluntary change made by DE.
  7. And dispenser is part of protea body. Why the hell this isnt considered a signature ability?
  8. And pizzas do not work on warframe with active ability such as exalted weapons. Protea dispenser bypass that since she drop energy orb.
  9. I updated my post. Its been a month since the release of deathlock protocol and that bug still havent been addressed.
  10. How has this still not been fixed yet blows my mind. Its been more than a month.
  11. This need to be addressed now. Its been a month and its still havent been fixed.
  12. Gonna remove teleport , smoke and shuriken on multiples build and exchange them with valkyrs rip line. I love that abilities and it will be perfect to explore the upcoming openworld.
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