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  1. From what I saw before I randomly jump on a platform with the face of baro on it and lost everything. Its 5 platform with 5 differents icones that you have to jump on the one that match the most what the "guy" is descripting. And you have to do it in a specifics order like the lich systeme. Oh you also have a 1 min timer to make sure you panic.
  2. idk I just panicked because of the timer and lost all my cephalites for nothing
  3. Pleas remove the timer in this quest, I lost all my Cephalites because I didnt know I had to make a choice and I panicked thinking it was a parkour. This is very misleading and there is nothing telling you that you have to choose in a correct order . ||sorry for my bad english||
  4. Just give DE time to realize their mistake and reduce/adjust the damage of explosive weapons such as Bramma to match the complete remove of self-damage.
  5. Remove self-damage and buffing explosive weapon? and you guys expect player to stop using them such as Bramma and use shotguns more after nerfing it? DE are you ok?
  6. Hide you Girlz Tenno! cauz yall about to get...
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