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  1. You're not alone: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1258194-bizarre-black-squares-when-looking-at-kuva-siphon/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1257937-black-square-cover-the-screen-in-kuva-siphon/ Wild guess is that it's some UI/icon layer that, for some reason (I can't see any special icons or markers when the square appears, so I don't know if there's a purpose to it), pops up when you're a certain distance from the siphon, and it should have been transparent, but isn't. I don't think there's anything we players can do about it, other than awkwardly move towards the sip
  2. yeh, my first try also instafailed on wave 13 or 14 and the bailiff was at full health about a second before it happened.
  3. I don't know if this problem existed prior to the recent changes, but there are issues with Mite Raknoids in Orb Vallis. They can very often not be damaged at all by whipclaw, but I can't determine a pattern to it. When they're unalerted and hiding in the ground they can be hit, but when they're alerted and running around, they very often (but not always) can't. It doesn't seem to be an issue with Venari or other pets blocking or such, so I'm not sure what is happening. Also, alert beacons put up by Corpus units can't be damaged at all (could be by design, but it feels illogical).
  4. I usually alt-tab to desktop when something locks up to see how bad it is. With these two last WF lockups I get a blank desktop, no icons, but the task bar is still there and when I start task manager, I can see that it's running, but I can't get to its window. Nor can I return to WF (and right-click -> Close Window on the WF icon in the bar doesn't do anything). It's sort of like Windows just completely gives up on showing windows/screens. Tried those, plus a RAM check, but nothing was found. Which of course doesn't rule out some problem, but at least there isn't anything real
  5. Mostly as a FYI, since I can't see a pattern so far, but I've had the game lockup completely twice in a few days while doing stuff in Vallis. The kind of lockups that require a reboot, because the Task Manager doesn't show, alt-F4 doesn't work, etc. I should mention that I've had maybe 5-6 crashes/lockups in the 3700 hours I've played, so this seems unusual. Unfortunately, one lockup happened just when a Corpus put up an alert beacon and the other happened as I entered the Fortuna gate to leave the map, so there's not much to go by. I was solo both times. Bonus question:
  6. I can only read the title of the OP, but I'm seeing this problem a lot too. When you're a certain distance away from the siphon (maybe 20-30 meters) and turn to face it, a large part of the screen gets covered by a black rectangle. It disappears when you get closer to the siphon, or face away from it, but until you do that, you can't see much at all.
  7. It seems to have to do with how many people there are in an instance; if it's 'busy' the blessing doesn't show. With few people it usually shows. I usually tell people in chat that I've used my blessing, and that it's, probably, active, but it'd certainly be more convincing if it showed in the UI in the relay.
  8. yeah, had the same happen in ESO just now; Smeeta got stuck somewhere after zone 3 (showed on the HUD as alive) and radar/Fetch didn't work. And the other issue is also hugely annoying. It seems like Smeetas now prioritize attacking an enemy over following you, which means they end up on the other side of the map very often (their aggro range also seems to be 1000 meters or something) and the teleport to player that used to happen, somewhat reliably -ish, doesn't kick in at all either. (Don't know if this affects all pets. I've only used the Smeeta lately).
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