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  1. Can you please stop doing this?, can you please test things before live?, can you please stop to treat this game like it was in pre-alpha?, can you please give us something that doesnt requires "CoMpLeTeThIsFiELd ReViSiTeD" or "ComPLeTeThIsFiElD AbYiIiTy ChAnGeS 2.0" ten times a month?......Thank you! Btw and in the mean time, Necramech exp is STILL BUGGED......
  2. What is the context for this?
  3. Exactly my problem. But Im on PC
  4. I dont get it. The fix for Ophelia spanned ALL chart?
  5. Can someone enlighten on what, in the god forsaken name, is happening with this?. It seems like somebody mixed the code or something.... The enemies run away from me, hide, and in some cases dont even see me....the perfect sentence is: "it seems they are lost"; idk how to deal with an enemy that don't want to fight with me.
  6. Really cool, but not enough. Void dmg is the problem in self; removing the 50% resistance of Void damage, in particular cases and in particular enemies, is just a temporary patch.
  7. News for you maybe: you cant, nerfed or unnerfed. Read again the notes
  8. First thing that I truly appreciate is the fact that you nerfed something before full launch, that for me is a 10/10 and Im really glad......BUT..... I have one honest, sincere and free of sarcasm, only question about the whole point of the Helmint system with those nerfs: what´s the point?, what.is.the.point?. Because why I will farm, idk how much resources, farm another frame (supose rhino), build it, and feed it to helmint; just to be able to acquire a NERFED ability?......Why I dont just use Rhino instead with a unerfed ability?......I truly dont get the point. For now, and for m
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