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  1. Hold up... The fact that the maximum damage is being increased is a good thing, but am I reading it correctly if I read that having less than 115% ability strength on the frame you use this ability on will mean they're nerfing it even further? If the default will now be 65% damage transferred, that will mean we need 115% ability strength before we even bypass the previous cap of 75% from the hard nerf that infuriatied everyone. That's still gonna be a slap in the face to the low-strength finisher-frames that I liked to use this ability on to make them more viable, such as Night-form Equin
  2. Much appreciated! Thank you for showing that you care about the dedicated playerbase who had reached rank 5 early. It is not a huge change and is to the best of my understanding not that hard to implement, but the message is loud and clear. You do try to do right by us players, and I believe that is worth acknowledging. Thank you, DE.
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