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  1. I've put at least 4 forma into all but one. The tombfinger kitgun (nef anyo a dork) I know I've used for hours at a time. But they're all sorted by name, at the end of the most-to-least used list.
  2. oh man i wanna build these lil cuties so bad...
  3. haha, MS Paint is actually pretty lenient. I'd have waaay less patience if I were using photoshop or paint tool SAI! Gara's a *great* frame, and this was based on my want to do her and Garuda for mermay, using fish from their openworlds, but i'm very slow u3u i will always give gara recognition because she is a god
  4. NOVA SPRITE based on DKDiamantes and Stalker's lil sister, twitter link making the initial sprite, basically pt 1 coloring the sprite, aka going mildly colorblind pt 2 *only MS Paint* BIG BANNER twitter link for resetera banner the actual resetera thread, where this is used! my clan is based there, and my fiance runs the Warframe thread! so i made this for us! The Loki, Saryn, Ivara, and Gara are all our clan warlords. The Octavia is me (with my trusty mouse and MS Paint), and a friend of ours who isn't in our clan or alliance but he's basically part of it. backgrounds are based on our dojo, made in Paint Tool SAI I was originally going to use the Fortuna logo, but updated my Warframe logo sprite when Warframe updated theirs. *only MS Paint* MERMAID GARA twitter link to full Gara I wanted to shade her like the original pokemon watercolors, they just had a nice vibe. Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop
  5. I've only really noticed this on the Pakal leg set, because one of them clips and the other is fine. The big white section in the first two images is part of the Pakal armor. It's weirdly misplaced on her left-facing leg while her right-facing one seems to be correct.
  6. please let us have frosted glass gara back :C
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