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  1. oh, octavia's still broke........... i'm glad ivara's out but my wife..... TT_TT
  2. I'm gonna add: the host can see, hear, and use your custom song. I tried this out with my fiance, with him hosting, and he had my song as I had made it and could get the buffs from them.
  3. actually my first time doing Inktober....... check bottom spoiler for my info Day 1 ring (i just wasn't happy with it to post here) (redrawn!) Day 2. Mindless Day 3: bait Day 4 Freeze! Day 5 Build... Day 6: husky..... From here on out i'm usin a mix of pens and sharpie markers! Day 7: enchanted... Day 8: Frail. Day 9: Swing! (you sinners~) Day 10: Pattern Day 11: snow! Day 12 Dragon DARGYN Day 13 ASH Day 14 overgrown Day 15 Legend day uhh 16 WILD day 17 ornament Day 18? misfit ❤️ Day 19 sling? Day 20 Tread Day 21 treasure~ day 22 ghost day 23 mystery! Day 24 Dizzy.... Day 25 Feast! Day 26 DARK Day 27 cloak Day 28 ride! Day 29 injured Day 30 Catch(moon is cancelled) Day 31 RIPE
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