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  1. Posted about it multiple times now but please return the option to public host. It's either solo, pre-built squad, or random "i don't own a railjack anymore" mode and it's killing the motivation to play and upgrade the railjack completely.
  2. Yes, it's pretty horrible. Arguably it's "fairer" now since anyone can end up a host. However it would make more sense to allow people to choose. Players with maxed out railjacks will obviously want to host, they've put a lot of effort into it. And new players can leave it as default and end up joining a better equipped railjack. They've tried to make it like regular matchmaking, and argued the plexus "does away with the need to use your own railjack". But: That's not true at all. Your guns, crew, armor, engines, all of that are based on the host. If that was true then wh
  3. More feedback: Please let us host when we leave from the dojo drydock. Or just give us a 'host only' toggle. Or something. Had been mostly playing solo or in a group put playing public it's really, really annoying there's no way to prefer host only. It's either: solo, find a friend first so you're host, or suffer the randomness of MK1 gear in a veil map or something random like that. I'd be perfectly fine with the fact that if too many choose host I'm likely to be playing solo for a while - I'll use the command crew, and I might get some other Tenno joining. Or I might not. It's
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: In the Corpus Raijack missions that involve hacking, where Taro Secura Osprey will spawn to disrupt the hacking. If you are in a squad including a Nekros they can ressurect the Osprey. However they will then continuously cast their pulse that disrupts hacking against any friendly Tenno! They will also appear with the 'kill enemy objective' marker over them despite being friendly. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Have a squad of 2+ Tenno enter a point of interest in a Corpus Railjack mission that involves Cephalon Cy hacking. Have one squad member use Nekro
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Start a Railjack mission with 1 other Tenno in squad, but set to invite only. Have the other two slots filled with Crew, set to default as gunners. Sometimes they will randomly become "stuck" in the guns - unable to actually shoot, but cannot exit the guns to carry out other roles. Tenno are also unable to use the guns for the rest of the mission. You can assign crew to other roles and they will 'confirm', but won't physically leave the guns. Trying to assign back to guns results in the "I cannot do that" dialogue, and they will be unable to actually use the gu
  6. Thank you for pointing that out. I tested and you are correct, your Aura applies with 4x the stated stats if you're solo with 3 crew members. I'm not sure if I missed this in patch notes somewhere or undocumented. Either way, it's what I wanted so looks like they did think this through 🙂 I'll have to do some testing to see how it interacts with other players. I'd expect you get your Aura, plus any remaining crew copy your Aura, and then you get whatever Aura other players are using. But sounds like it may be off.
  7. This update seems a bit like a monkey paw wish regarding integrating content islands. Some good, some bad, some progress but a few steps back as well. That might sound a bit negative but I'd like to emphasise that overall systems have improved quite a lot, and Railjack combat is fun and engaging. However it's the actual mission types themselves that have potentially taken a step back and need some more iteration. If this is a base to continue onwards, tweaking mission structure and adding new Railjack gameplay modes then I think this has a lot of potential. If it's left "as-is" as a finished p
  8. EDIT: As pointed out by DrivaMain below, my understanding of this was incorrect. In testing it looks like crew members copy your Plexus Aura mod. So if solo you effectively get 4x whatever Aura mod you had chosen. The most obvious way to test this was using the Ironclad aura, and seeing it boost your hull and shield by 4x the stated amount. That's basically what I wanted and it looks like that exists so... this post is unecessary! Apologies for incorrect feedback. I can't however find any mention of this in patch notes? Feedback still stands that I would prefer a standalone heat capa
  9. Crewmembers assigned as gunners on the railjack dont currently grant any affinity or intrinsics for kills. Is this intentional or bugged? I can understand the reasoning if the intention is to prevent semi-afk affinity farm, but I think the end result is that people will stop using gunner crew. It effectively punishes you for using them by extending the time required to grind railjack. It would also be easier to revert to the old "solo as pilot and spam abilities" method which has no affinity loss. It also makes ranking up command intrinsic, buying and training crew largely useless fo
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Piloting, in space, or running around inside railjack, in any railjack mission whilst crewmembers are assigned as gunners. When they kill an enemy ship no affinity is gained. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Equip railjack crew as gunners. Start a railjack mission, check affinity and intrinsics. Pilot the ship and let gunners destroy targets, do not use your own weapons. Check affinity and intrinsics afterwards. EXPECTED RESULT: Affinity and intrinsics should be gained for ships destroyed by gunners. OBSERVED RESULT: No affinity or intrinsic gain
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