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  1. Majority of the changes look good, but not liking the sounds of that. One of the nice things about Avionics was picking and mixing the best choice of avionic houses to fit your capacity. Zetki was the strongest, but Lavan was often most 'efficient' for capacity usage and Vidar a good middle ground. e.g. you could go for all Zetki gun avionics but that would cost you 45 capacity. So you might stick to a Lavan/Vidar mix, and then choose Zetki Polar Coil for a heat dependent weapon, or Zetki Predator/Section Density for a higher crit weapon. That frees up capacity for say more armor, or better shields. Simplifying it I would assume will lead to the weapon / mod system's issues whereby there's only a handful of viable mod builds in the game, and usually 6 of 8 of your mods are "mandatory" with the only real choice being the remaining couple. This had slightly more depth, which I was enjoying. Not sure how the rest of the community feel on that though. Other issue - if you're saying the remaining Avionic for each type takes on the highest valued Avionic - does that mean the cost also increases as well, e.g. to the current Zetki costs? That would be horrible, e.g. I currently use Zetki Hyperstrike, Lavan Predator, Lavan Section Density, Vidar Polar Coil. That uses 22 cap. If that all goes up to Zetki costs I'm looking at 45 cap. So now I've got to remove 23 cap of my other Avionics, which will also have higher costs themselves. It's already difficult to fill out the grid even with a max roll reactor, this I believe would make it impossible. Hopefully I'm misunderstanding though.... ! Don't want to be overly negative, so - the other changes do look good 🙂
  2. Need to do more testing, but Viral/Heat seems to be the best choice now. Corrosive may beat out pure Viral vs Grineer, but going with Viral/Heat for the slight armor debuff proc seems to give it the advantage again. Against Corpus or Infested the damage on Corrosive drops off. It seemed to drop off heavily vs some Corpus. So, Corrosive now appears to be a Grineer-specific use at best. Viral/Heat is the new general-use meta. Haven't tested how Viral/Slash compares to Viral/Heat but suspect that's also very strong.
  3. Again, love most of the changes and don't want to be overly negative, but wanted to comment further on Arcanes. With the Arcane rework I see what you're trying to do, but feel like you're missing the underlying motivations for the lack of diversity in usage. e.g. the most common Arcanes are surely: Arcane Grace Arcane Guardian Arcane Energize Arcane Aegis (for shields... so probably still not that common overall!) Arcane Avenger Arcane Rage Arcane Fury Arcane Strike Arcane Velocity And possibly a couple of others. Why? All of them are direct buffs to one of: - Survivability - Energy regen - Damage output Anything that doesn't touch them is just fluff unless it has a specific usage. Arcane Tanker is useful only as an "armor on demand" for Rhino to buff his iron skin, for example. Arcane consequence is useful as a speed boost to cloaked Ivara with dodge rolling. And all the Arcanes to avoid a proc - the only ones I can see use for are the Toxic resist for shield frames, Nullifier to protect energy reserves, maybe Slash and Radiation. I do think your changes - preventing double stacking - will increase variety a bit. But mostly you're going to see people still using Arcanes from the pool above, except now two of them instead of one. E.g instead of Arcane Grace x2, or Guardian x2, now it would be Guardian and Grace. You're not going to see anyone saying "oh, I can't take x2 Arcane Grace, I guess i'll take Arcane Bodyguard and heal my companion now!". No, they'll just take Guardian, or Avenger, or Energize, and be done with it. The Arcanes that sit in the pile now will still sit in the pile after the patch. I think the answer there is you need a second, third, fourth pair of eyes to glance over Arcane stats and realise how useless some of the Arcanes are, and then rework them, drop them, or otherwise do something to make them worth using. For example: - There's no real push to use the proc resist Arcanes for anything other than maybe Toxin (shield frame), Magnetic (energy), Slash (just... hurts), or Radiation (Radiation Lich is not good!). For others e.g. cold, heat, gas, etc - why would you take that over any other Arcane? I can't see a reason, the procs are not worth worrying about or wasting an Arcane slot vs direct survival or damage. - Arcane Survival - why take something to slow bleedout over something that would directly help prevent death in the first place? - Arcane Temperance - too specific usage - Arcane Eruption - randomly specific and not particularly useful? etc I feel like the only answer would be to give additional Arcane slots, and make them all specific in usage. e.g we get 4 slots: x1 Survival slot - guardian, grace, aegis, barrier, stealth x1 Resistance slot - 1x any of the proc resistance Arcanes x1 Utility slot - parkour, bleedout, revival, companion heal, eruption x1 Damage slot - any of the +damage, +fire rate, +crit or otherwise damage output Arcanes I think that would make for some tougher choices, and better balance, and encourage using lesser known Arcanes e.g. for utility and resistance. However it's probably also the kind of change that would be completely fine had it been there from the beginning, but would get massive complaints and hatred if implement now. And it would nerf building for a specific role - e.g. you couldn't stack two survival mods for a tank frame. Maybe then add a feature whereby you could swap one additional slot - e.g. take an extra Survival, replacing Resistance - but at reduced effect, or some other cost? So... I don't know. But I don't think the current changes will achieve the diversity that's wanted.
  4. Generally pretty awesome. S curve for armor is great, aim changes great, railjack changes good, sentinel QoL good, excavator health scaling... finally. Same for item labels! 100%+ status could be interesting. Grenade markers should finally reveal those invisible one-shots at high level. And anything to speed up murmur farming is good. The only negative things I have to say: 1) Chroma needed a rework before. Now removing self damage it's pretty desperate. Chroma rework next, please? 2) Status procs... impact, specifically. "For example, AOE knockdown would occur on a second Impact Status on an enemy already inflicted with one! " Please no. People already avoid impact proc weapons because the proc causes enemy models to twitch and you miss half your shots. If you want impact to be useful, could we have it be a stun? AoE stun would be awesome. AoE knockdown is just another thing slowing down the experience to be avoided. 3) Arcane Aegis change. The rest of them seem reasonable. But could you clarify the Aegis change? Looking at the math... if it's 30% of max shields, e.g. 1000 shields = 300 regen/sec. That's pretty great. If it's +30% to base regen.... 1000 shields is 65/sec regen. +30% is +19.5/sec That would be a significant nerf from the current flat 60/sec *plus* triggers regen. The % proc chance dropping from 6% to 3% seems odd as well, especially in light of Barrier being buffed. Is that a typo or just weird balance choices? I'm suspecting you've amended this to +regen so it doesn't trigger constantly regenerating shields to prevent issues with shield gating, right? However Arcane Aegis is one of the only things keeping current shields viable at all. Which is still not very. Will reserve judgement until it's live but initial thoughts have gone from excited for potential shield buffs to apprehensive that shields will be even less useful than before. The other argument is if shields relied on a single arcane to be worth anything then further buffs are necessary. I still feel like it's a mistake to have one health pool covered by a form of DR you can increase (armor mods) and the other unmoddable. For shields you can increase regen or capacity, but never direct damage resistance. There's still something you could add there. For example, just throwing things out there - native adaptation with effect increased by modding. Regen delay reduction mods. Flat +resistance % mods for shields. etc
  5. Thank you!! Really positive changes as of late, lots of Railjack improvements early in the year, then Liches, now UI. Does feel like feedback is being listened to again. It did feel like Warframe was set on a more negative path last year, with odd pace of updates, lots of bugs, excessive RNG and not acting on feedback, but does genuinely feel like things are getting back on track again. So yeah, really great so far, thank you 😄 Very interested to see what comes next with Railjack and New War content as well.
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