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  1. Clan name: BeforeFrame Clan tier: Shadow clan rank 9 (12 members) Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord -♥MAKE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO ROOM CONSOLES IN OUR DOJO! EACH HAS LORE BITS AND PIECES ABOUT SAID ROOM/FRAME'S ORIGIN♥- Featured Video: A little bit about our dojo's concept: I've been planning fan comic series for ever and the popularity of my humanframes only reinforced that need so as of summer of 2019 I decided I will start working on said project! That means 40+ unique and quite tragic stories involving our favorite playable characters. To make it easier on myself, I came up with an idea of using the game's decorative feature to my advantage and literaly "prepare" the backgrounds for my comics in my dojo. Captura is perfect, but sometimes I needed more specific rooms and that's when the dojo comes in - I've got myself some helping hands and it was mostly a long term plan until not even a week after, the dojo contest was announced, which meant we had two weeks to get our whole dojo together. With only two members above the first tier clan, the price got high and thus the grind begun - separated on two teams, we had the builders, and those who brought home the bacon. Both teams intertwined the closer we got to the deadline. But! We did it! Grineer floor still needs a lot of love and we eventually plan on expanding (as I come up with more origin stories, there will be more lore-related rooms needed), but most of the job there is done, resulting in 4 floors filled to the brim with personal rooms and love for detail♥ !!Spawning point is put on the Grineer floor which is WORK IN PROGRESS but it's also the lowest part of the dojo so it's perfect for chronological showcase. Everything is connected by elevators and marked by signs ♥!! OROKIN FLOOR CORPUS FLOOR TENNO FLOOR GRINEER FLOOR IS A WORK IN PROGRESS
  2. Operators aside, what if these war machines had feelings? their body language and design and abilities have enough to inspire what they could be like... and also if they worked like other species, who they would hang around. I have lots of plans for comics and little pieces of art like this for the future but in the meantime let me provide some of my first ideas for dynamics i enjoy, be it logical or not! (pictures can also be found on my twitter and tumblr - but be aware of some potential 18+ content there! ) TRISA (trinity x mesa) [the angel and the vigilante] NEKOBE / NEKROBERON (nekros x oberon) [personal favorite dynamic] BANSHEEROS (banshee x inaros) [mummy pup and a space cat/bat] FROSTRYN (frost x saryn) [the king and the queen] MILOKI (mirage x loki) [the tricksters] NASHA (nezha x ash) [this one is really poor quality, im still learning ;;] TIVARA (titania x ivara) [sneaky mushroom and her shiny bug] THE STARTER TRIO (excalibur x volt x mag) [in my mind i can't separate them, no matter what other combinations could be with each of them] OBIDUS (Oberon x Nidus) EMBYR (ember x valkyr) WUZEPH (wukong x zephyr) currently working on nova x vauban (waiting to obtain last part for him), equinox day/night (waiting to obtain first) , nyx (waiting to obtain first) x rhino, harrow (waiting to obtain first) x limbo, atlas (waiting to obtain first) x gara the designs i decided to use are mix of default/deluxe skins, very rarely i tried to use my colors but sometimes i just liked it more than the original so i apologize in advance if most of the designs you don't like, or the dynamics at this point ;;
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