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  1. Cold works really well since it pretty much freezes them on the spot, which also greatly helps your (hopefully nearby) gunners to identify and hit anything you're fighting.
  2. Well that's exactly what i'm asking 😄 15 shots per second sounds a bit much so i just went with 1.5 as a placeholder to make up the rest. "Fire rate" is 15, but from what I've seen on the warframe wiki (it was in the comments though) that doesn't mean 15 shots per second. And if that's the case, then heat would probably not be "10 heat per shot", because then you would generate 150 heat per second of shooting, which means you can shoot the the Lavan for a total of about 6 seconds straight (and the Zetki for 2 seconds), and it's probably more than that. Because the Zetki Apoc I'm using has 80 heat stat and that one feels more like 2 seconds before it overheats /E I also just realized i completey forgot cold trigger
  3. The relation between fire rate, tick speed and actual time. Essentially how to translate the fire rate stat to "shots per second"
  4. Hey, i've been making a little comparison table to check out Railjack weapons. So far I haven't really had to worry about fire rate too much, if something shot too slowly, I put fire rate mods in, if not then not. Now with heat buildup in Railjack it becomes more important, especially when trying to figure out how long you can shoot before a gun overheats and what your total dps/dpm is. So here's my problem: From what I've read the fire rate stat is shots per 7 ticks (at least according to the wiki), but how many ticks happen per second? Without that my table below isnt accurate and I can't really tell whether it's worth building one thing or the other. (please ignore the overheat time, that was just a very rough guess, but if you have a better one let me know).
  5. My game just keeps crashing whenever I'm in Archwing in a Railjack mission. Everything else is fine, but I don't even dare leave the ship anymore because most of the time it'll ctd, with that cheeky error website popping up (which I have never seen until Empyrean). Between objectives glitching out and not working or disappearing and these crashes I haven't been able to complete a mission in several hours.
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