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  1. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    A Full Chat overhaul

    I have an idea for reworking the moderation system. It involves mr15+ members of the community voting on players to represent them as 'metamods' let's call them. The metamods' job is regulating the mods having the power to demod at will after discussion with the community which would be done in a special meta tab. The system would work like this, the mods regulate the community, the community regulates the metamods, and the metamods regulate the mods, so there's always accountability.
  2. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Frost on the chopping block

    I thought the same way but eventually I saw the value in Snowball and Ice Wave. The Snowball you throw out while reloading to buy that extra time and Ice Wave makes a good alternative to Avalanche in some situations because unlike Avalanche it doesn't protect enemies from extra procs. That and the augments are very potent. There's very little I'd change about Frost. Just his passive make him immune to status effects whenever he's near a frozen or cold-procced enemy as an idea.
  3. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    REQUEST: Can we change the way “charged” abilities work on controller?

    I feel your pain using such frames as Ember. Tap to charge, release to fire.
  4. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    New Defense Frame Idea - Need a Name!

    Thats very neat. Combining mechanics of Harrows 4 with Rhino's 2. Anyway the theme says King Arthur to me so I'd go with Arturus or for more sci-fi Arcturus (name of a star). Or maybe just Ark.
  5. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Augment Ideas

    Those are really creative ideas. I think eventually we should get a second upgrades screen just for augments, passives and alternate abilities.
  6. The dream Vauban rework in my mind: Passive - energy Vauban spends on his abilities grants decaying armour bonuses to allies in range. 1- raise tesla proc chance to 100. Planting tesla orbs on allied targets reduces their received damage. Charging 2 tesla balls generates a barrier between them blocking enemy fire and proc stunning enemies that pass through. (Barrier ups Vaubans survivability and encourages enemies to cluster) 2- turret Produces a stationary copy of equiped weapon with specter aiming. Copied primary and secondary weapons have specter aim. Copied Melee weapons taunt enemies. Up to 4 turrets can be produced. 3- bastille same except it increases damage towards enemies it captures by 25%. 4- vortex, charge to convert it into a mine activating on enemy stepping onto it. Refit Minelayer into a secondary weapon Vauban equips when he has no other weapon in that slot. Give it the full benefits of mods and mines consume ammo instead of energy. Alternate fire swaps mines.
  7. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Make Nyx a Fourth Starter Warframe [And some Ability Tweaks]

    Id tinker a tiny amount and have the damage of enemies under chaos and the mind controlled servant add to your absorb and make assimilate the baseline ability. Makes the whole kit a little more cohesive.
  8. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Excalibur Change

    It's a javelin. Apply a puncture proc and it's more than useful.
  9. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Chroma needs a rework

    Me umpteenth dream chroma rework with liberally stolen ideas Passive: taking fatal damage sheds the pelt putting effigy on a forced cooldown. (The way chroma is his activating effigy reminds me in a thematic way of Samus Aran, a warrior in a suit of armour who loses that armour, I like that idea for a warframe) 1: spectral scream can be used with weapons. Elements may be switched on a wheel and damage is determined by an exalted mod set.(scream's biggest weakness is locking off your weapons for a mediocre secondary and it deflates the badass dragon Chroma could be) 2: combines ward and effigy making effigy duration based. Elements may be switched independently changing spectral scream to a hybrid status effect. On summoning the effigy elemental buff is applied. Effigy can be immediately recalled with no animation penalty and if done so buff is retained. Casting ability refreshes vex armour. While effigy is active the vex armour buffs 'scorn' and 'fury' are converted into 'spite' and 'grudge'. 'Spite' increases mobility and 'grudge' increases critical chance. Effigy damage determined by exalted weapon. (Brings effigy deeper into Chroma's kit and gives Chroma combat options without his pelt, independent element switch makes spectral scream formidable and refreshing vex armour relieves the repetition of tapping that ability button). 3: vex as before. Buffs do not expire immediately but decay to zero over 2 seconds. (just a QOL change) 4: awaken. IF effigy is active pelt becomes the sentient dracolyst twisting the surrounding landscape into an elemental hellscape. Casting refreshes duration on effigy. (I love the ruinous effigy) IF effigy inactive Chroma triggers his exalted archwing form raining down horror and destruction. Alternate fire is stunning roar. Activating his 2 in this form wraps Chroma in an elemental cloak he can use to fly headfirst colliding into the ground and triggering explosions. Damage determined by exalted weapon. (This is my fantasy for Chroma a tanky kamikaze dragon Titania in all his glory) Elemental buffs (can be balanced) Heat:health plus minor life steal Cold:armour plus slow Toxin:reload plus armour reduction Electric:shield plus shield/health damage rewards energy
  10. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    How I would rework Limbo

    That cataclysm sounds like fun. If Id tinker with any of his abilities I'd make rift surge mark enemies so they could be shot whether or not you were in the rift with them.
  11. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    I'm excited for her. Of course we have to wait and see how she does in high level content. The only change I'd like is turning her siphon target into a blood bag dragging them along with her.
  12. (XB1)SirMilkfiend

    Chroma needs a rework

    my lazy rework idea... 1- spectral scream switching elements on a wheel. Holds to attack and gains utility and damage based on mods. 2- (new) effigy, has duration instead of being channelled and warps the terrain around it. Gives Chroma some new advantage to make up for the armour stripping. 3- merge elemental ward and vex armour 4- (new) awaken, IF effigy is inactive Chroma enters into an exalted state like Titania. He flies and his primary is his dragon breath (modable in arsenal) with alternate fire raining down balls of fire/ice/sweage/lightning. Vex armour gains additional elemental benefits, heat amplifies the benefit of Fury, cold amplifies the benefits of Scorn, toxin converts Fury weapon damage into gas, electric converts Scorn into a modified rage where shield damage rewards energy. IF effigy is active the pelt reasserts it's sentient form as a dracolyst. This ally gains full mobilty moving and attacking like a sentient enemy, it roars setting enemies into panic and gains a special ability based on element. It will target the same enemies as Chroma and rescue him if he enters into a downed state. Sorry this all sounds messy I have not slept for a while ha ha