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  1. Trying out Lavos more I take back what I said he's a very strong and fun frame, being able to tack on any of 10 debuffs and combine them with your skills is something we haven't seen and I'm enjoying Lavos' style and looks. I still think he should boost damage in some way, maybe as an augment to Vial Rush making it so projectiles fired through the clouds of glass picks up the elemental effect of the puddle, would be handy for profit-taker, or another augment that features his snakes in more ways :) if anything could be looked at it's Transmutation Probe changing drops to their universal versio
  2. With helminth nourish and the augment for his 1 Frost can apply viral damage to him and his allies. I have high power strength and that damage bonus is added from both abilities so it gives something like 400 percent extra damage, being viral that number rapidly gets higher because everyone is dealing stacks. It might make Frost the best buffer in the game.
  3. Some first thoughts on Lavos - Looks are amazing the art team really outdid themselves, chunky boi gaspunk with wristsnakes yet still recognisably warframe it's one of my favorites aesthetically. Abilitieswise I'm not sure what it is Lavos is missing. Cooldowns are a novel idea but I don't feel his abilities have the kind of impact to warrant being unavailable especially for Catalyst at 30 seconds. Bite is a riff on Khora's whiplash but where Khora can smack multiple enemies at massive damage Lavos is inferior in every way with only lifedrain. Vial Rush is another move in a straight
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