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  1. Hydroid needs it. Chroma, Inaros and Nyx all need one too but that's only due to most of their kit being stagnant they're still technically very strong frames. Hydroid is both stagnant and weak but he also has one of the highest potentials being a pirate water frame that can morph into any shape.
  2. Hydroid surprised me in a bad way in that Corroding Barrage no longer strips armor entirely.
  3. Thats some very unique abilities I like it 😄 the first ability I'm not sure about often there is only one path to the objective - maybe if instead Ropes of Guidance opened a portal that took you and allies some distance towards an objective. Radiant Escape sounds fun and interesting it might be that it slows you down from making kills. Maybe as an extra effect when you teleport enemies they leave behind silhouettes of themselves you can damage - that damage gets transferred to it's corresponding enemy wherever you teleported it to. Does Labyrinth also block enemy shots or just readjusts their pathing? I think if you moved it to 4 and had it block attacks that it would make a great defensive/CC 4 to compete with Gara and Frost. Just an idea. What do the Minotaurs do? Ariana's original description has her torturing enemies and being too extreme even for orokin. Finally her passive I think should have 10 meters. Great job I enjoyed reading 😊
  4. A warframe with no abilities sounds interesting but it would need to have some unique mechanic to it.
  5. The guns amazing I've been blitzing the Steel Path with it. Take on Balefire Surge with lots of ability strength and she can maintain the copter form indefinately. Tank/Support/DPS/Armor Stripping she can do anything.
  6. Thats very nifty I think they'd work well together 🙂 Xaku is the second frame to be able to inflict damage vulnerability after Nezha and they have 2 ways to do it - - I think they'll play amazing and I can't wait to try them. I like the first 3 abilities of this frame but I'n not so sure about Doomsday Deck - - still on the fence about it.
  7. I've had the idea of a lore event where a partial breakthrough has been made in reverse-engineering warframe technology allowing syndicates to craft custom 'amalgram' warframes to their most dedicated members. The amalgram warframe would carry a mix of abilities from different warframes reworked to provide synergy with each other and a unique passive/appearance and augments. It provides more identity and reward with syndicates with hopefully less the work of making warframes as it's reutilizing assets and ability coding already in the game. Also it means taking the mechanic of a frame and pushing it in a new direction like a frame that uses shields to cast abilities like Hyldryn but is orientated around assassination and stealth unlike Hyldryn. You could even have the community work on the concepts. This is one example - the Rakta Tiamat, a female take on Chroma with Red Veil aesthetics - an amalgram frame with a version of vex armor that boosts ability strength instead of weapon damage and also has a version of Renew so has the playstyle of a castor that wants to rapidly take damage to heal. it's all rough ideas. Other names, the Vaykor Apollo, the Sancti Vestal, the Synoid Recluse etc.
  8. This is some amazing artwork done by someone on reddit, if anybody knows who it is please say so. Seer (from their description) Blessed with the gift of foresight, Seer was a skilled and agile warframe, able to predict the actions of her opponents. Ultimately, this was her downfall, as her foreknowledge of the Orokin's demise was found... unsavory. She was dismantled for study. I've made up a kit for Seer that works based on delayed effect and shaping how enemies will act in the future. Passive - an enemy that can kill Seer is highlighted as red, if they haven't broken your shieldgate you may perform a finisher on them gaining a few seconds of invisibility if you are successful. Patient Fortune - Seer puts away her current equipped weapon losing access to it in return for high speed. At the end of that duration the weapon is returned with a damage buff and enemies killed with it have a chance to drop extra loot. The speed buff lasts for both the weapon withdrawal period and the weapon damage buff period. Future Sight - before the battle has begun Seer has witnessed it's end. At the cursor a circle is created with preview silhouettes of the next enemies to be spawned. When those enemies spawn they are forced to appear in the location you chose for them. Prophecy - Seer makes a prediction of how a teammate will act. On targeting a teammate this ability this ability turns into a wheel ability listing that warframe's 4 abilities. You choose a power and the next time your teammate casts that ability it is boosted according to whichever ability mods Seer has equipped. Prophecy cannot be recast until the ability you chose has been cast and expires. Doomsday Deck - Seer pulls from a deck of cards replacing her 4 abilities with a hand of 4 cards. These randomly determined 4 cards represent omens in the future Seer will call to pass happening in the same order as she selects them - - the time between omens is semi-randomised occuring either under a condition or after a period. At the end of these events a calamity occurs for enemies. These are examples of events it's open to suggestions. After selecting the order of omens your abilities revert to normal. Naked: a number of the next enemies to spawn will spawn with no armour Exilus Drought: no exilus will spawn for a duration Kismet Bullets: enemy shots that miss will ricochet and hit them for moderate damage, allied shots that would have missed hit anyway Blade Dance: all enemies are made open to finishers for a duration Martial Inspiration: melee counter of a meleeing allied frame is multiplied spontaneously Chaosframe: a 4th ability from any warframe in the game is cast independently in the area Infliction: inflicting any proc will cause a second random proc, for both enemies and you. More ideas welcome TY for reading 🙂
  9. I think Infested being a Gestalt consciousness it doesn't kill the warframe but instead ingests that warframe's sliver of a soul into it's own. The essence of who it is lives on in the walls of the orbiter - it might even be an evolution of non-prime frames so the primes may become even stronger.
  10. You can limit it to a single configuration and it was never said you couldn't overwrite the change. Minor ability changes seem necessary for example all the abilities that interact with a passive like Nidus, Equinox day and night form, or a mechanic change for Limbo's Banish where the host warframe holds the ability to send themselves into the rift.
  11. Could we test ability combinations in the Simulacrum? There are so many possibilities I'd like not to go through all the trouble of installing something only to find it doesn't synergize the way I imagined it.
  12. Yoona means moon as this warframe favors high positions built arpund precision snipers that through her ultimate can turn into crowd wipers bypassing the limitation of snipers in a horde shooter. Appearance - the fleshy grotesque armour skin of warframes in white tones. A helmet shaped like the nun habits that flair outwards while from torso to foot resembles a gown split at the high thigh. Passive - every enemy killed boosts your next bullet jump by 50%. This stacks and is only spent when you bullet jump. Serenity - decreases personal aggro so enemies are less likely to target you. Revelation Pulse - reveals enemies through walls. Increases the hitbox size of enemies far away from you making them easier to hit. Ascend - while midair cast to hover and stand in mid air as if you were standing on solid ground, you can run and bullet jump and you will still hover at the height you were at when the ability was casted. Also removes damage falloff from all weapons and gives beam weapons infinite range. Ascend is meant to combo off Yoona's passive giving very quick high positions snipers need while keeping her mobile as a warframe. Ascend combos with Pulse as the hitbox increase offsets the distance from your position in the air and together with Serenity keeps enemies off you. While the style promotes snipers any weapon will excel with no damage falloff. Headhunt - drastically increase headshot damage while reducing body shots to almost nothing. On landing the second consecutive headshot the projectile will ricochet once into another enemy's head plus 1 more for every consecutive headshot you've successfully made. This means high damage single shot weapon like snipers can quickly snowball into roomclearers but only with good aim. Combining Headhunt with Ascend sniper combos will not decay.
  13. I never got the sense the pistol was exclusive to twitch drops. Just that it was free with Hydroid (who hopefully is getting reworked).
  14. Give a choice and tie them to the air support - so Lotus gets hacking, Little Duck gives disruption buffs, Cy bombards from orbit, Teshin doubles enemy level but quadruples drops etc.
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